Best Affiliate Management Services for 2023

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. To make money with affiliate marketing, all you need is to join an affiliate program from a merchant, and start promoting their products.

However, while it seems simple, there are actually quite a few intricacies involved. Affiliate networks, for instance, make it easy for affiliate marketers to create new partnerships and find high-paying affiliate programs.

Affiliate management services, or systems, are slightly different. Instead of helping affiliates discover brands, these management services help brands discover affiliates. Many affiliate management services allow companies to connect with affiliate partners to boost your business.

Working with affiliate management services allows you to find partners and affiliates that align with your business. They help with partner activation and take out the legwork from affiliate program management, thus allowing brands to focus more on growth and adopt a more data-driven approach to affiliate marketing.

Instead of hiring a marketing manager and bringing on a full marketing team, using an affiliate marketing service seems more sense, especially if your digital marketing focus is primarily on affiliate marketing.

Finding the right affiliates is quite difficult, especially for growing brands with limited budgets. With the help of reputable affiliate management services, you can quickly and efficiently maximize your revenue with affiliate marketing.

Many affiliate management services providers do the job that you’d expect from an affiliate management agency, though they cost considerably less. From top-down optimization of your affiliate programs to setting up multi-touch attribution or SEO-optimized links or tracking social media performance, affiliate management services providers help brands increase their reach and awareness with a cost-effective approach.

Keep in mind that affiliate management services are different from affiliate networks. Affiliate networks simply act as intermediaries, helping publishers connect with different affiliate programs. Publishers can easily browse through different affiliate programs and join those that best align with their niche.

Affiliate networks also offer a bunch of additional features, such as tracking tools and technological enhancements designed to help companies affiliates promote the merchant’s products and boost their affiliate sales.

If you are a growing brand and looking to boost your affiliate sales, working with an affiliate management services provider makes a great deal of sense. But, with so many different service providers out there, how do you choose the right one?

The 5 Best Affiliate Management Services

Here’s our roundup of the best affiliate management services in 2021.


Grovia is one of the best affiliate management services in the performance marketing industry. They are the ideal solution for brands looking to onboard and activate new affiliates.

Whether you are creating a new partner channel or looking for more partners that drive sales, Grovia can help you scale. Their service allows brands to identify and establish partnerships that help increase revenue. Essentially, it does the job of a marketing agency, helping your business find relevant influencers, blogs, and publishers in your niche.

Grovia can help businesses identify new opportunities and offers full-scale recruitment solutions to businesses to scale outreach and quickly bring on new affiliates on board.

They have a comprehensive Partner Discovery platform that you can use to identify content creators with primed audiences who’d be interested in your product. Since every brand has a unique niche and product, Grovia creates a tailored outreach marketing strategy for the outreach team to execute.

One of the best features of Grovia’s Partner Discovery tool is the ease of collecting the right contact at each company. Contact information is verified, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time.


Grovia offers five plans:

  • Lite – free
  • Startup – $47/mo
  • Pro – $97/mo
  • Growth – $297/mo
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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iAffiliate Management

iAffiliate Management is essentially an affiliate marketing management agency designed to help businesses grow. They have a highly experienced affiliate management team and have worked with numerous big names, including myFICO and Home Chef.

Whether you are in the process of creating an affiliate marketing program or already have one in place and need professional assistance from a reputable affiliate marketing management company, iAffiliate Management is an excellent choice.

From auditing existing affiliate channels to tracking PPC spend and tracking referrals from different affiliates, iAffiliate offers a range of services that can help businesses maximize their ROI while cutting down on needless spend.

They have a team of experts that can help you in many ways:

  • Maximize ROAS (return on ad spend) by optimizing existing affiliate channels or exploring new ones.
  • Develop a growth strategy that’s designed to help you boost revenue and grow your brand reach.
  • Streamline affiliate recruiting to help brands find affiliates and partners that align with their brand values and the company’s vision.
  • A dedicated affiliate partner management program.

They also offer an initial free consultation to businesses. If you feel that your performance marketing efforts are not up to the mark and you need professional assistance to improve results, iAffiliate management might be just what you are looking for.

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eBrandz is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in India. They specialize in paid search and performance marketing, helping businesses connect with new partners and affiliates to improve their online marketing efforts.

They offer several plans to help businesses find the top affiliates in their respective niches. From writing email content to recruit new affiliates to text link placements, they cover everything. eBrandz also helps businesses draft and complete agreements with affiliates, setup product feeds, and they will also write affiliate page content for their client’s websites.

They also work with partners to create and send affiliate newsletters on their behalf and track metrics closely to evaluate performance results. This is a great way of figuring out whether the marketing channel you’re exploring is bringing in new customers and its contribution to overall revenue growth.

eBrandz has a host of testimonials on its site, including lots of case studies about how they have helped large businesses like Tata Indicom, Reliance, and Mercedes-Benz grow. They often work with high-value clients, including many in the e-commerce space.

However, their affordable pricing plans make them a fantastic choice for businesses looking to hire an experienced team for managing their affiliate program.

Go to top, formerly known as Impact Radius, is one of the best influencer and partnership automation platforms in the industry. From helping you discover and recruit new affiliates to finding new opportunities, Impact offers a full suite of services packaged into one.

If you want to move away from conventional coupon or loyalty-based affiliate programs and streamline your workflows to maximize revenue, Impact can help you.

Impact doesn’t just work with merchants; they also help publishers, content creators, and influencers find relevant affiliate programs to partner with, in the same vein as popular affiliate networks like Shareasale.

If you don’t want to rely exclusively on organic traffic from search engines, working with a company like Impact could be just what you need. Impact’s services are ideal for growing businesses as well as established companies that find it difficult to manage a complex web of partnerships.

It’s a comprehensive partner solution that’s trusted across the industry. They also offer migration assistance, helping businesses seamlessly migrate from their existing affiliate solutions to Impact’s platform.

The marketplace is fairly expansive, and is regularly updated, which is another plus point.

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PartnerStack is one of the best partner platforms designed primarily for SaaS businesses in mind. It’s an all-in-one partnership platform designed to help businesses automate and scale their partnerships and reach.

PartnerStack is very similar to Impact as they also have their own Partner Program, which is essentially an affiliate network of sorts geared towards publishers and content creators. Through the Program, PartnerStack helps affiliates connect with different brands and gain access to new resources.

If your marketing team has difficulty in building a scalable process for recruiting, onboarding, and managing affiliates and partnerships, this might be a wise pick. PartnerStack allows you to create offers, including both flat rate and revenue share options, and manage conversions and payouts from a centralized dashboard.

You can also offer incentives and resources to motivate partners. It carefully tracks metrics across multiple platforms, allowing businesses to get granular details about their affiliate marketing campaigns.

They also have plenty of flexible integrations available for software, including Stripe, Slack, Salesforce, Recurly, Google Sheets, PipeDrive, and Chargebee.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to find affiliates that can help drive conversions and boost your revenue, working with an affiliate marketing services provider is an excellent idea. Many businesses who are new to affiliate marketing can benefit from their services.

In the list above, we have not just focused on partner platforms, but also listed digital marketing agencies that can help you identify new opportunities, drive cost efficiencies, and maximize your ROI. Bringing on an expert might be a wise idea if you have been trying your hand at affiliate marketing, but are unable to connect with experienced partners.

It doesn’t matter if you are running an e-commerce store or looking to grow a SaaS business, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do it. If you can connect with the right affiliates in the industry, you can generate a windfall of revenue. As your program gets more and more popular, it will automatically attract more reputable influencers and publishers!

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