Best CRM Tools for WooCommerce in 2023

A CRM is a crucial tool for getting to know your target audience for your WooCommerce store. With a CRM solution, you can collect essential information about your customers, and use it to deliver a more relevant, personalized buying experience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are a popular resource among salespeople and marketing teams alike. They often form an essential part of the process of interacting with customers at any stage of the purchasing journey. CRM systems like Huspot CRM can even integrate with the website builders you’re using, to give you crucial information during the workflow.

The question is, how do you find the best CRM for WooCommerce?

Here are just some of our top picks.

The Top WooCommerce CRM Options

A WooCommerce CRM ensures you can synchronize the data you collect in your CRM with the data available on your ecommerce website. Without this essential link, you end up with two disparate sets of data, which can lead to confusion and knowledge gaps.

A WooCommerce CRM provides powerful engaging, and useful stats on every customer, from how much each of your clients spend on average, to exactly how they complete their orders. You can even use your CRM to score potential leads.

CRM solutions are becoming an essential tool for most business leaders, as they allow companies to understand what it actually takes to convert a lead into a recurring sale. In a world where customers expect more personalized and meaningful online experiences, CRM tools ensure you can deliver what your customer wants.

Here are our top picks.

HubSpot for WooCommerce

HubSpot is one of the better-known companies on the web offering CRM functionality today. The CRM solution is part of a comprehensive selection of capabilities from HubSpot for sales, marketing, and service support.

HubSpot’s CRM for WooCommerce is a specially-designed plugin (available for free) which connects to your WooCommerce store and allows you to take advantage of a range marketing and sales tools. The plugin comes with a host of ready-to-use reports, access to comprehensive customer profiles, showing email interactions, orders, and website history, and powerful segmentation.

You can track information about your contacts throughout the buying cycle and improve your chances of bringing customers back to purchase more when they abandon their carts. There’s also access to features like email marketing, and marketing automation features. HubSpot also has access to a range of other tools available through the various HubSpot hubs.

However, it’s worth noting the more functionality you want to access from HubSpot for sales, marketing and services, the more you’ll need to pay.


Pricing for the HubSpot CRM plugin starts with a free package for business leaders. You only pay more when you decide to implement additional sales, marketing, or service tools from the supporting HubSpot “Hubs”. These hubs start at around $45 per month for just the “Starter” tools. The “Professional” packages are $800 per month, while the Enterprise options start at $3,200 per year.

Pros 👍

Excellent range of marketing and sales automations
Access to various tools for segmentation and customer profiles
Access to abandoned cart data for revenue recovery
Insightful reports on a range of customers
Additional sales, service, and marketing tools available

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Specially designed to work alongside WooCommerce and similar ecommerce solutions, Metrilo is a “plugin” which sits within your website builder. The CRM solution is designed to give you all the information you need to ensure exceptional growth.

With Metrilo, you can learn what’s going on in your store in real-time, with a KPI dashboard, revenue breakdown, funnels, product performance, marketing channel reports, and historical data sync. There are also in-built filters to help you sort through your customers.

The integrated email functionality makes data more accessible and usable for highly targeted, relevant email campaigns. You can even use Metrilo CRM for capturing the information required to reduce cart abandonment rates.


Pricing for Metrilo starts with the “Essential” plan at $119 per month, with smart suggestions on how to improve performance based on your data, and ecommerce analytics. For $199 per month, you can upgrade to the “Pro” package, which includes everything from Essential Plus, including the ecommerce CRM, and customer lifetime metrics.

The “Premium” package costs $299 per month, with access to everything in Pro, as well as email marketing. All plans allow for unlimited team members.

Pros 👍

Designed to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce
Live chat and email support included
Secure and encrypted data storage on all plans
Unlimited team members on all plans
Abandoned cart recovery options

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A leader among ecommerce tools, Keap supports companies on social media, and with their own website, when it comes to converting customers and finding leads. Keap has everything business leaders need to connect with their target audience. There’s no need to integrate another tool like Mailchimp if you don’t want to, because you can access email marketing within the system.

The Keap CRM integration for WooCommerce comes with a host of tools for customer support, automated emails with email templates, checkout support and more. The CRM features also include access to a range of reporting tools, and a mobile app for checking your WordPress WooCommerce details on the move.

For a strong WordPress CRM which also integrates with Shopify, Salesforce, Magento, Zapier, Ninjodo and a range of other tools, this could be the software for you. There’s even access to a text messaging solution so you have more than one way to reach your target audience. If you have any issues with your technology, exceptional customer support is available from a dedicated team.


There’s a 14 day free trial for Keap which allows you to explore some of the features of the software before signing up for a paid plan. Beyond the free package, the price you pay depends on features like how much functionality you need, the number of contacts you have, and so on. There’s a lite package for $79 per month for 500 contacts an d1 user.

The Pro package starts at $169 per month with access to landing pages, automations, and sales pipelines. The “Max” package is $199 per month and offers features like recurring upsells, lead scoring, and engagement analytics.

Pros 👍

Exceptional integration options with Zapier
Tons of ecommerce tools for lead nurture and capture
Excellent support and service
Convenient range of payment options
Automated marketing features

Sendinblue CRM

Sendinblue, like Drip, is a marketing automation solution, with additional access to crucial tools for segmentation and customer management. One of the most popular email marketing software solutions around, Sendinblue makes it easy to build immersive marketing automation strategies which connect with your customers across multiple channels.

A free WooCommerce CRM plugin will automatically sync your WooCommerce store with Sendinblue, which means you can manage everything with a single tool. There’s access to custom automated sequences, which trigger according to your specific needs. You’ll even be able to send transactional and marketing SMS messages from your dashboard.

The WooCommerce plugin also offers a range of other features besides CRM support, such as custom sign up forms, Facebook ads, retargeting features, and more. There’s also access to Sendinblue as an SMTP service, for sending transactional emails like order receipts, password reset emails, and more.

Sendinblue is wonderfully easy to use and packed with features which keep evolving to suit the needs of modern audiences.


There’s a free version of Sendinblue available if you only want to send up to 300 emails per day. The Lite plan starts at $25 per month if you need access to more messaging freedom. The Premium plan for $65 per month adds more advanced marketing automation features.

Pros 👍

  • Email marketing and SMS built into WooCommerce
  • Excellent backend environment for beginners
  • Easy-to-use retargeting features
  • Custom forms and landing pages
  • Transactional SMS and emails

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Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another excellent, flexible tool for those in search of a CRM for WooCommerce. Designed to integrate into any ecommerce website or platform, Agile CRM has a specific solution just for WooCommerce users. This unique integration makes it quick and simple to manage customer information, intelligent workflows, and more.

The powerful Agile CRM plugin comes with an extensive customer management system, where you can get to know your clients, segment them based on relevant tags, and add tasks/events, and labels into the mix. You can access smart campaigns based on behavioral information and follow up with online shoppers automatically.

Agile CRM has its own helpdesk environment, with canned responses and reports. There’s a Chrome extension, so users can find information wherever they are, and tools like pop-ups to help with engaging your target audience. The more features you can use to collect and engage leads in the same place, the easier it is to start earning conversions.


Users can access the basic features of Agile CRM for free for up to 10 users. The free package comes with everything from helpdesk access, to lead scoring, and appointment scheduling. The next step up is the “Starter” package, for $8.99 per month, with extra contacts and companies to track, 2-way email integrations, and advanced support.

The “Regular” package is available for $29.99 per month, and the “Enterprise” package starts at $47.99 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Lead scoring and email marketing integration
  • Helpdesk built in for managing issues
  • Form builder and popups for engagement
  • Contact analytics and excellent reports
  • Easy-to-use backend environment


Drip defines itself as an “ecommerce revenue engine”. More than just a CRM, the platform offers a host of tools for automating your marketing strategies across multiple channels and connecting with your audience. There’s also a WooCommerce integration, so you can collect more information for your multi-channel campaigns.

Drip offers access to a host of features you wouldn’t find from most CRM providers, including intelligent marketing campaign tools, advanced email segmentation, and even pre-built ecommerce playbooks. The playbooks allow you to automate aspects of your WooCommerce store strategy.

With access to fantastic targeting tools, and rich profile-building solutions, Drip has plenty of features to take your sales to the next level. Fortunately, the additional features don’t cause excessive confusion or complexity. There are even courses to help you get started, which makes Drip excellent for beginners who don’t have a lot of experience with lead nurturing and management.


You can try the basic features of Drip for free. After that, pricing starts at around $19 per month, depending on the number of contacts you need. The more people you have on your list, the more you’ll pay. You can also upgrade to email and SMS support. The cost for the packages with SMS marketing built-in are naturally a bit higher than for the email marketing alone.

Pros 👍

  • Multi-channel automated marketing campaigns
  • Easy-to-use interface with plenty of guidance
  • Pre-built ecommerce playbook
  • Segmentation and easy profile creation
  • Convenient WooCommerce integrations

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One of the top CRM solutions available today, Pipedrive supports companies all around the globe. Designed to work seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce, Pipedrive will ensure you can safely collect and leverage customer data.

If you’re looking for the best WooCommerce CRM, Pipedrive has a lot to offer, from ease of use to a wide selection of reports. The CRM software is packed with functionality, so you can enjoy the benefits as a beginner, or an expert. What’s more, the Pipedrive CRM tool integrates with a host of other apps and tools outside of WooCommerce, including marketing tools like Drip.

With an all-in-one environment for marketing and sales tools to suit any online business, Pipedrive can make it easier to understand the customers that visit your online store. Small businesses can even unlock features like quotes, proposals, and lead scoring.

Pipedrive is an excellent pick for all kinds of business owners looking to learn more about their customers.


The initial “Essential” plan from Pipedrive will cost your ecommerce business £12.50 per month when you pay annually. The “Advanced” package costs £24.90 per month, and the Professional package, with additional performance-boosting tools for your ecommerce store is £49.90. The Enterprise package starts at £99 per month. Free trials are available too.

Pros 👍

  • Great range of integrations and automation options
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Enterprise-grade governance and security
  • Premium support with tailored onboarding
  • Multi-level analytics and permissions

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the top, most reliable tools for customer relationship management. One of the most popular products worldwide, Zoho offers an integration for the world’s leading WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, so you can keep track of the information coming from your ecommerce platform. There’s even access to a host of developer options with API access.

Zoho CRM makes it easy to keep track of everything from order status to new customers, so you can improve your chances of audience retention. The solution will give you a behind the scenes look at customer activity and allow you to create reports with custom fields.

As a leading CRM platform, Zoho CRM is great for customer segmentation, automatic payments, and access to a range of payment gateways. Store owners can even access a range of automated workflows with their WooCommerce customer relationship manager, depending on which package they choose. A branded customer portal is available too.


The customer relationship management tools from Zoho CRM start with a free package, which supports one user with payment pages, multi-currency support and a range of other features. Store owners can also leverage the “Basic” package for £49 per month for up to 500 customers.

The “Standard” package starts at £79 per month for automated workflows, modules, and a range of other tools. There’s also a Professional package for £199 per month with Twilio integrations, branding, and subscription metrics.

Pros 👍

  • Wide selection of features to track customer activity
  • Access to various integrations and APIs
  • Great range of packages for new customers
  • Automatic workflows and payments
  • Convenient notifications and customer tracking

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Finding your WooCommerce CRM

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the best WooCommerce CRM for tracking customer behavior. The good news is that WooCommerce can work with a huge range of add-ons and plugins for the WordPress landscape, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right tools.

WooCommerce CRM solutions range all the way from simple plugins to comprehensive tools with extra features like WP ERP and reporting built-in. Hopefully, this guide has given you a useful starting point for tracking down the ultimate solution for WooCommerce customer relationship management. Don’t forget, many of these tools include free demos, so you may be able to test some of the functionality before you commit to a long-term solution.

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