The Best Ecommerce Courses for Business Owners

The best ecommerce course could be a valuable tool for you if you’re planning on launching a new store online. Already the size of the ecommerce market is expected to reach a value of beyond $7.5 trillion by 2030, and new entrepreneurs are making their way into the space at a rapid pace.

With so many amazing tools available to help you build an online store of your own these days, it’s easier than ever to get started with your new venture. But just because anyone can design an online store, doesn’t mean yours is guaranteed to be a success.

As the marketplace grows, it’s also becoming increasingly competitive, making it hard for beginners to stand out and get sales. Fortunately, an ecommerce course can provide the guidance you need to transform your idea into a lucrative opportunity.

Why Do You Need an Ecommerce Course?

The chances are you’re keen to start your new ecommerce store as quickly as possible. So, you might be wondering whether you need to spend the extra time on taking a course. If you already have a lot of retail and online selling knowledge, you might be able to dive in without any initial guidance. However, for most people, a course will be well-worth the effort.

Ultimately, the ecommerce space is a competitive one, filled with challenges to address. You’ll need to figure out how to choose the right products to sell in your store, how to monitor and track your inventory, and how you’re going to deal with things like shipping and fulfillment. Plus, there are extra points to think about too, like how you’re going to market your store and optimize sales.

Ecommerce online courses can teach you everything you need to know to boost your chances of making your business a success. They provide a behind-the-scenes look at how to use some of the most common ecommerce technology, as well as offering tips on things like:

  • Store design and improving user experience for extra sales.
  • Tracking your store’s results and optimizing revenue opportunities.
  • Targeting the right customers with your sales and marketing tactics.
  • Finding the right products and suppliers for your stores.
  • Setting up order fulfillment strategies and working with delivery companies.
  • Measuring metrics and responding to analytics.
  • Establishing marketing strategies like SEO and content marketing.

An ecommerce course can also give you an opportunity to network with other business owners, which is a great way to get extra inspiration on how to fine-tune your store. You might even interact with business owners who you can partner with on promotions and marketing campaigns in the future.

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Course

Once you’ve decided an ecommerce course is the right strategy for you, the next step is figuring out which one you should take. Do a quick Google search and you’re sure to find endless courses promising to teach you everything you need to know about ecommerce. However, not all ecommerce training options are created equal.

If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some points to look at:

  • The instructor: Research the instructor to make sure they have expertise and experience in what they’re teaching. Your instructor should have a relevant degree to the sales and retail landscape, and they should have experience running their own ecommerce business. There are also some fantastic course platforms like Udemy, Alison, and LinkedIn learning worth exploring for the fundamentals of ecommerce.
  • Course structure: Different people learn in different ways. Make sure your chosen course adheres to your style of learning. You might opt for something with real-time webinars and question-answer sessions. Or you might prefer a course with pre-recorded videos, downloadable resources, and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Topics covered: Make sure the course you choose addresses the topics you’re most interested in when it comes to running a store. This might include how to set up your new store, how to use common technology, where to get started with SEO, and how to target the right customer. You could also get tips on how to use tools like Google Ads, Google analytics, and social media marketing for your ecommerce store. Most courses will include a list of the modules or lessons covered on their website.
  • Cost: Pay attention to how much you’re going to pay for your course. While some options are available for free, they might not provide the most advanced learning opportunities. If you’re going to pay for a course, make sure you know how much you’re going to be paying for your subscription to the service, and whether you can download materials once the course is complete.
  • Reviews: It’s worth checking out whether the course has any reviews from prior students. This will give you an insight into the quality of the course content, and whether it’s really going to be beneficial to your needs. Avoid anything with no reviews, or a negative rating. Make sure the reviews are relevant to the course in question too.

What are the Best Ecommerce Courses for 2023?

There are plenty of great ecommerce courses out there. For the purpose of this list, we’re focusing on a range of options designed to cover some of the most important topics for an ecommerce store owner. We’ve looked at various free and paid options to bring you the best of both worlds.

Foundr’s Ecommerce Masterclass

Foundr is one of the better-known companies in the marketing and ecommerce world, with years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals. The new Ecommerce Masterclass from Foundr covers everything a store owner needs to know about finding the right idea for their online store.

If you’re struggling to figure out where to get started with your new business, Foundr will help you to analyse different product options, build your business plan, and create a “repeatable idea framework”, which you can use to add to your business portfolio going forward. The course includes real-world examples of products that really work with growing businesses, as well as behind-the-scenes insights into how you can avoid common mistakes.

The course is taught by Gretta Van Riel, who managed to generate $600,000 per month from her first ecommerce business within the first 6 months. Gretta has seen multi-million dollar sales days over the years, and she shares all of her best tips in this end-to-end course. The instruction even comes with access to a fantastic downloadable eBook. Here’s what you’ll learn from this free course:

  • How to find the perfect product idea with real-life actionable tips
  • How to create a repeatable idea framework to stay competitive
  • Which million-dollar mistakes you need to avoid
  • Where you can transform your idea into a leading brand

Shopify’s How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product

Shopify is one of the better-known ecommerce website building tools on the market today. Offering a host of solutions for business leaders looking to reach their ideal target audience, Shopify makes ecommerce simple for anyone. The company also has a fantastic range of educational resources available through the “Shopify Learn” ecosystem.

The simple “How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product” course from Jason Wong is less than an hour long, making it ideal for busy beginners. The lessons will guide you through the process of choosing and procuring a product to sell online. There are tips into finding the right manufacturer, and you’ll also receive guidance on managing complex concepts like shipping your products to customers.

Jason Wong has plenty of experience to share in this free course. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Wonghaus Ventures, a firm specializing in brand development, as well as global manufacturing, fulfillment, and logistics. He’s already helped to build 7 different ecommerce brands, and developed a range of fantastic products for his customers. By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Research and find credible manufacturers for your store
  • Develop your ecommerce idea into a winning product
  • Manage the logistics of shipping products to customers
  • Manufacture your own products when necessary

Shopify’s Ecommerce Email Marketing 101

Another excellent solution delivered by the Shopify Learn ecosystem, the Ecommerce Email Marketing 101 course looks at how companies can nurture visitors to their online store into paying customers. After all, most of your prospects won’t turn into customers the first time they visit your store. Most will need time to convert.

This course will guide you through the process of developing a valuable email list, building your audience, and finding new ways to generate conversions. There are a total of 38 lessons spread over around 2 hours of education. Throughout the courses, you’ll cover topics like designing newsletters, announcing new products, and sending thank you emails.

This course comes from Drew Sanocki, an ecommerce leader with more than 20 years of experience. Drew is the CEO of, and he’s well-known for helping to transform the Karmaloop company back into a successful brand after it reached bankruptcy. If you’re looking for a marketing course specific to ecommerce platforms, this could be the tool for you.

This free course will give you all the guidance you need to:

  • Understand the benefits of email marketing for ecommerce
  • Design different types of email marketing solutions
  • Build an engaged email list from scratch
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns for a huge ROI

Shopify’s Build a Print-on-Demand Empire

This course from Shopify focuses on a very specific area of ecommerce – the print on demand landscape. The “POD” strategy for ecommerce has grown increasingly popular in recent years as an affordable way for organizations bring custom products to clients. With Print-on-Demand vendors, companies can quickly white-label printing for products like pillows, t-shirts, phone cases, and more.

The great thing about Print on Demand is you don’t need to purchase any inventory or warehousing resources. Instead, you’ll focus on marketing and designing your products, while a fulfillment company handles the rest for you. This course comes to learners from an experience entrepreneur name Adrian Morrison, who offers step-by-step guidance for print on demand success.

Adrian Morrison is best-known for starting his first print-on-demand business while he was still on a family vacation. He managed to surpass seven figures in sales, and has opened a range of print on demand stores since then. This free course covers topics such as:

  • How to discover your niche and validate a product idea
  • How to choose an effective POD app for your business
  • Where to start building a Shopify Store from Scratch
  • Tips for generating sales and traffic with email and Facebook

HubSpot Ecommerce Marketing Training Course

Another course from a company with plenty of experience in the ecommerce industry, the HubSpot Ecommerce Marketing training course focuses on helping you reach your target audience. This engaging educational experience teaches beginners how to build an ecommerce strategy grounded in the inbound marketing method. This means you find ways to bring your customers to you.

Taught by Groove Commerce, the course includes advice on how to set goals for your ecommerce business, attract new people to your online store, and guide them through the path to purchase. There are 4 lessons and 10 videos in total, with insights from the founder and CEO of Groove Commerce, Ethan Giffin.

The course includes an introduction to ecommerce inbound marketing, tips for getting started with your own plan, and how to leverage the HubSpot integration for Shopify. Like the Foundr course, this option is completely free to access. However, you might find it doesn’t cover quite as much detail as some of the more in-depth, or advanced online marketing courses. By the time you’ve finished all the lessons, you should know how to:

  • Establish goals for your ecommerce business
  • Develop an inbound marketing strategy to bring people to your store
  • Engage your customers on the path to purchase
  • Optimize your marketing strategy over time

BigCommerce B2B Sales Masterclass

Designed to support business owners looking to scale their wholesale B2B business, this course from BigCommerce focuses heavily on tips for efficiency and growth. The masterclass series combines insights from industry-leading experts from brands like BigCommerce, Adyen, and Acumatica, so you know you’re going to get plenty of different perspectives and insights.

Throughout the simple and engaging course experience, you’ll be able to manage your own learning pace, with videos accessible on-demand. The course covers topics ranging from how to design a B2B portal for your company, as well as a PIM and back office. There are also tips on how to choose the right products and suppliers for your new company.

The course is free, though you will have to register with BigCommerce to get started. It’s also specially focused on the B2B industry, so it’s best suited for business owners who want to get started developing a store to sell to other brands. Topics covered include:

  • How to master and manage B2B shipping processes
  • Account management for your online store
  • Field quoting, pricing, multi-level purchase approvals and more
  • Digital procurement strategies and choosing suppliers

Sillshare’s E-Commerce Essentials: How to Start a Successful Online Business

Channels like SkillShare offer a phenomenal environment for business owners looking to expand their skills in a range of different ecommerce marketing and sales techniques. The E-commerce essentials course is a beginner-level learning experience focused on the initial steps of building your online business. The course includes 34 projects in total, and is taught by Tracey Wallace, the Editor in Chief at leading website building software company, BigCommerce.

Throughout just over 1 hour of video lessons, students will learn about the basics of ecommerce, how to find a product niche and evaluate market viability. There are tips for conducting an effective competitive analysis, so you can strengthen your chances of standing out in a complex environment. Plus, a hands-on project teaches you how to draft your website and share it with the community.

The resources from this class are fantastic too. You’ll have ongoing access to the class workbook, and gain a downloadable competitive analysis template. There’s also guidance on how to use various popular apps for ecommerce marketing, sales and analytics. The course can be accessed for free with a 7-day free trial to SkillShare, and covers topics like:

  • Finding your product niche and evaluating market viability
  • Conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Setting up your online store
  • Making your business more profitable

Shopify Power: Build an Ecommerce Website

Today’s would-be ecommerce store owners have a multitude of ways to bring their business idea to life. However, Shopify usually stands out as one of the most straightforward and effective tools for developing your own website. In this “Shopify Power” course, students learn how to design an effective ecommerce store with the Shopify platform.

More importantly, you’ll also learn how to add functionality to your store using the Shopify app marketplace, how to collect money through Shopify, and how to integrate Social Media into your Shopify website. There are tips on how to design a powerful ecommerce website quickly and convenient, and you’ll have guidance on integrating marketing and purchasing tools into your store.

The course is taught by award-winning CEO and professor, Jason Miles, who has years of experience delivering educational experience for the Northwest University. This educational experience will cost you around £64.99 to take, but comes with full lifetime access to all of the resources, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Some of the information covered includes:

  • How to collect money and make a profit using Shopify
  • How to set up your Shopify store quickly and easily
  • How to integrate with Amazon, Etsy, and social media
  • Tips for building email marketing automation strategies
  • Guidance on Shopify reports and third-party analytics

How to Create Make Build an Online Ecommerce Store Website

Another of the top online courses available for beginners today, this Udemy course requires no prior knowledge of web design, social media marketing, or even ecommerce to begin. You’ll learn everything you need to know to design a custom store from scratch, from how to choose the right business strategy and plan, to where to look for product suppliers. There are even tips on how to leverage the power of dropshipping to run your business from anywhere.

Created by Clinton Gorman, this phenomenal course is great for anyone who wants to start a dropshipping business or typical ecommerce site. You’ll discover how to build websites and landing pages without code, as well as how to connect your store to other channels like Amazon and eBay.

There are tips on leveraging WooCommerce, accepting payments, and setting up WordPress. Plus, you’ll get behind-the-scenes insights on how to take your own business to the next level with marketing tactics and promotional techniques. With insights into the strategies already used by successful small businesses and startups, you’ll have no trouble creating the ultimate plan for your online store. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to build a website without coding and design your own logo
  • How to design opt-in forms and landing pages
  • Tips for affiliate marketing and advertising
  • Tracking your visitors with Google analytics
  • Payment gateways and sales opportunities
  • SEO and the basics of standing out online
  • Dropshipping and other ecommerce business models

Get a Business Online

Created by Google as part of the Google Digital Garage, “Get a Business online” is a straightforward learning solution for beginners in the ecommerce space. The experience is split into 7 modules taking around 3 hours to complete, and it requires no prior knowledge or experience to take part. Throughout a series of video tutorials, assessments, and resource readings, students will gather valuable and easy-to-implement tips to get their company started online.

This free course covers all the basics of launching your own business strategy in the digital world, from how to master search engine optimization, to where to build your own store. You’ll discover advice on how to develop your digital presence, whether you’re using Shopify or WordPress, implement ecommerce tools, and even protect your organization from hackers.

The modules start with an introduction into the online opportunity for business owners, and how you can set successful goals for your store. You’ll learn about building and marketing your online presence, as well as how to leverage analytics from Google for meaningful insights. By the time you finish the free course, you’ll know how to:

  • Develop an online strategy for taking your business to the web
  • Understand customer behavior and differentiate your brand
  • Build an online store and take payments online
  • Promote your products and use retargeting methods for ecommerce
  • Strengthen your web presence with marketing and local ads

Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

One of the top premium courses for ecommerce store owners, the Digital Marketer Ecommerce Marketing Mastery course teaches you everything you need to know about turning products into profit. This easy-to-follow course includes 6 modules, and is designed for people with a basic knowledge of online business and ecommerce.

Throughout the learning experience, you’ll discover how to copy a well-known marketing and sales methods to turn your clients into life-long customers. The course focuses on various core concepts of ecommerce marketing and growth. You’ll start by learning about the Ecommerce tree of life, and how to validate your product options. There’s also guidance on product market fit, ecommerce strategies, and the customer value journey.

As you progress through the learning experience, you’ll develop your own proven ecommerce marketing campaign, with templates, checklists and swipe files to guide you. There are clear tips on what to do or not do to develop your business and earn 6-7 figures fast. Plus, the course comes with a ton of resources like handouts, Facebook Ad worksheets, Growth score cards and more.

This course costs $495 to access, but it does come with a downloadable and shareable certificate you can use to enhance your resume. Throughout the lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design your own dedicated ecommerce marketing plan from scratch
  • Create the perfect positioning strategy for your offer
  • Use email marketing to achieve consistent sales
  • Create a powerful offer stack and ecommerce avatar
  • Optimize your store for success with design principles
  • Set up a range of different promotional campaigns

Leveraging the Best Ecommerce Online Courses

Starting a store of your own in today’s digital world often isn’t as simple as it appears. As countless case studies and reports have shown, there are plenty of business owners who fail to make their venture a success, due to a lack of planning and education.

With the right tutorials, an ecommerce marketing course, or a behind-the-scenes guide to setting up your store, you can access more of the guidance you need to ensure your business is as profitable as possible. Fortunately for today’s business leaders, there are no shortage of options available with a specialization in the ecommerce space. The challenge is finding the right option for you.

Make sure you take your time to assess the topics covered by each of the online ecommerce courses you consider, and the benefits they might be able to bring your business. Remember, you don’t have to narrow your options down to just one course. There’s nothing stopping you from accessing all of the training solutions you need to develop your business and your confidence.

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