Best Ecommerce Website Templates for 2023

Nowadays, creating a unique website with no coding skills is easier than ever. The best ecommerce website templates provide visual editors and intuitive, sophisticated web design features that make customization a breeze. With fluid layouts, multiple colors, and fonts – website design freedom is seemingly limitless.

But if you aren’t design-savvy, the best ecommerce templates are readily equipped with preset designs and nifty features to enhance your customer experience. For instance, dynamic filtering, built-in blogs, upselling tools, popups, discounts, pixel-perfect mobile optimization – the list goes on!

So with that said, here, we’ll take a sweeping look at the best ecommerce website templates from across the board. More specifically, we’ll cover ecommerce templates for the following platforms:

  • Shopify 
  • WooComemrce 
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce 
  • Squarespace 

Intrigued? Good. There’s lots to cover, so let’s get straight to it!

Best Ecommerce Website Templates for Shopify


Crave is a vibrant Shopify 2.0 theme for restaurants and food-based retail stores created by the Shopify team itself. It’s packed with personality and advanced customization tools. 

With a drag-and-drop website builder that makes tailoring your store’s layout, pages, and look a breeze- we think it’s safe to say that its UI is pretty intuitive.

More specifically to restauranteurs, Crave enables you to:

  • Offer customers in-store pickups
  • List ingredients in product descriptions
  • Give customers various filtering options to find the item they want.
  • Provide a quick buy option that directs customers to your checkout page as soon as they finish ordering.


Dawn is a minimalist Shopify theme perfect for media-rich brands like online clothing stores. Since it’s another Shopify 2.0 theme, you can play with sections, arrange content easily, and customize these layouts with the intuitive drag-and-drop builder – no coding required.

It allows shoppers to zoom into high-resolution images and browse your brand’s lookbook. You can also include a size guide and enable customers to narrow their search by selecting multiple product categories simultaneously. For example, color, style, price, etc.


Roxxe is a Shopify 2.0 multipurpose ecommerce theme created by Zemez, suitable for any type of retail or dropshipping brand. 

It has 90 preset layout homepage designs, which we think is a pretty impressive selection! 

It also boasts plenty of marketing tools. For instance, you can add floating social media buttons, shopping cart popups, wishlists, and discount offers. You can also let your customers compare products, subscribe to your mailing list, and search using multiple filters. You’ll also benefit from a built-in blog page.


Vendy is a fashion-forward Shopify 2.0 theme by Zemez. It’s classy and minimal, making it ideal for luxury fashion stores. Like other Zemez themes, Vendy benefits from dynamic multi-category filtering, product comparison features, wishlists, and flexible drag-and-drop customization. 

It has 12 modern-looking homepage layouts and a range of modern skins. For example, a white lookbook for fashion and a lingerie skin in beige for showcasing underwear. Plus, you can utilize several pre-designed web forms, including contact, subscription, and newsletter sign-up forms. Furthermore, Vendy comes with several blog layouts and configurable headers and footers.

Best Ecommerce Website Templates for Woocommerce


Astra is a popular, lightweight WordPress theme compatible with Woocommerce; it’s the perfect skeleton for any website layout. With its drag-and-drop builder, you have considerable flexibility over how you arrange your web content. You can also turn off page sections to customize each page’s width.

You can play around with typography, colors, headers, and footers to bring your brand to life. Astra also has a ‘drop-down cart’ functionality, where customers can easily see the products they’ve added to their cart. Plus, you can insert attractive sales bubbles on your products to prompt quick purchases.


Divi is one of WordPress’s most popular themes, with its impressive visual editor and extensive layout library. You can edit pages in bulk with Divi and add animation and scroll effects. 

Divi also offers various exciting styling options like background gradients, drop shadows, and the ability to tinker with your website’s hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, opacity, etc.,

ecommerce merchants will likely be interested in the theme’s a/b page testing functionality and social media integrations. You can also add behavior-based popups, discounts, and sale countdowns.


Flatsome is an excellent theme for showcasing products within its clean and modern design. More specifically, it’s ideal for eCommerce brands wanting to sell multiple variations of the same product. Flatsome makes it easy to list color, size, and fabric variants. 

Flatsome uses WordPress’s 5.0 visual builder so you can see your edits in real time. It’s also speedy and lightweight, running at 98/100 Google page speed. Lastly, you can choose from over 300 pre-designed layouts and access various eCommerce features, such as a form builder, live search, and customer user profiles. Impressive, right?


Storefront is a WordPress theme brought to you by Woocommerce. So, unsurprisingly it’s very ecommerce focused. It lets you display product categories, recent additions, featured products, on-sale products, and top-rated products on your homepage. In addition, Storefront boasts a fully mobile responsive design and has built-in SEO features. Also, since it’s a Woocommerce theme, you can use any of Woocommerce’s child themes and plugins.

The downside of this theme is that many features are add-ons – they don’t come built-in. Plus, some of these come with extra price tags. For example, you’ll need an add-on to create a hamburger menu, pricing tables, customer reviews, and more. But, on the plus side, these extensions are explicitly built for the Storefront theme, so they won’t slow your ecommerce site down or need additional coding.


Developed for fashion and clothing retailers, Galleria is one of Storefront’s child themes (as discussed above). As a result, you get all of Storefront’s features smoothed over with a minimalist and product-focused design.

Although Galleria is a child theme and therefore leans on WooCommerce’s Storefront parent theme, it brings its unique flare to the table, including layouts, typography, and colors. Once you’ve added Galleria to the parent theme, you can customize banners, content, and graphics throughout your ecommerce store without affecting the theme’s underlying architecture. 

Best Wix Ecommerce Templates

Jewelry Store

If simple elegance is your style, this theme might be your go-to – even if your focus might be on fashion or accessories rather than jewelry. While you can fully customize the theme using Wix’s editor, the jewelry store template displays luxurious gold and silver accents on a white backdrop. In addition, a full-width header slider is available for setting your products into the scene and keeping visitors engaged while they browse. 

This theme lends itself to all product photography styles. It has a simple collections page layout where you can dynamically display products with an on-hover product image swap. For the uninitiated, this means when the mouse hovers over the image, the displayed image is exchanged for another. This is usually done to show the product from another angle. In addition, product pages display sale prices and come with customizable buttons in the same elegant style.

Stationery Store

The stationary store template embraces a more vintage style with its typography reminiscent of traditional typewriters. In addition, it uses black accents and dividers that vaguely remind you of a newspaper and encourages shoppers to engage with your wares with its on-hover product zoom feature. 

The simple black-on-white keeps your customer’s attention on your products. Everything is in its box where it belongs, so visitors will be able to navigate your site with ease. While this old-fashioned style and black-bordered product images aren’t for everyone, it certainly offers something unique and stationary-specific. 

Electronics Store

Electronics and gadgets are some of the most high-value ecommerce products you can sell. The profit potential is high, and because of the associated price tag, it’s imperative your site looks high-end to build credibility and trust with prospective customers.

Wix’s electronics store template certainly achieves this. Pairing black with electric green offers a modern-looking, tech-themed color scheme. A parallax scrolling effect adds further excitement and innovation. You can also show off large graphics on plain white sections so that your imagery speaks for itself.

Accessory Store

Wix’s accessory store is excellent for showcasing accessories like tote bags, hats, belts, etc. The design is super simplistic, with borderless product images that zoom in when the user hovers over them. This is great for giving customers a better idea of the texture of your accessories.  

Its simple black-and-white color scheme offers minimal distraction, so your product photos get all the attention they deserve. As such, in addition to accessory stores, we reckon this theme would suit most brands, including those still trying to find their own identity. It’s nothing too adventurous, yet simple and effective.

Best Ecommerce Website Templates for BigCommerce

Austin Light

Austin Light is a multi-purpose theme that comes in three styles: Light, Vogue, and Night. Each template is professionally made by a team of UX (user experience) experts. It features dynamic filtering features, multi-tiered navigation, and various cart options, including a one-click add-to-cart that takes customers directly to the cart. From there, they can fill out their details on one page.

This theme comes with free theme upgrades and customer support, and a customized checkout. Also, thanks to its wealth of ecommerce features, it’s well suited to businesses with large product catalogs and retailers wanting to advertise their sales and discounts.

Austin is fully compatible with BigCommerce’s page builder and all Enterprise plan features. This means you can customize this theme using Bigcommerce’s drag-and-drop visual editor and change the style, fonts, and colors as you wish.  

Polaris Home

Polaris Homes has four styles: Hemp, Beauty, Home, and Fashion. It’s the perfect choice for dropshipping and online retailers looking for a grid-like design with responsive effects like minimalist product carousels and mouse-over product zooms. You can also opt for suggested products to appear in the cart area to encourage cross and up-sells.

Polaris comes with all the features mentioned above for Austin Light. To recap, this means you can access complex product filtering, a one-page checkout, quick add-to-cart, and stylish product pages.


Sneak is a great eCommerce theme for sporty retailers looking for feature-rich and highly customizable designs. Its focus lies on retailers selling sporting goods, footwear, apparel, and more. Sneak uses the Bootstrap framework for superior responsiveness. Rest assured, the theme displays just as well on tablets and phones. 

The theme allows for unlimited color schemes but comes with three primary colors: Orange, grey, and black. It also supports advanced mega menus, newsletter popups, product image swaps, Instagram and lookbook modules, and a layout for your FAQ page. 

Next Furniture

As its name implies, Next Furniture is a theme explicitly designed for furniture stores. But, that’s not all – it comes with three styles for three specific niches:

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Bags

The theme is minimalist, showing off your products against a simple white backdrop. The clean grid is interspersed with eye-catching full-width images and banners. You can also display on-sale items with hover effects and access features like advanced quick view, mega navigation, one-page checkout, and persistent carts. The latter keeps track of your customer’s purchases and saves their information for their next visit. You also benefit from product comparison tables, cart product recommendations, and more.


If you’re looking for a stylish and modern fashion theme, Brooklynk is an excellent option to explore. The theme offers full-width slide-show banners to immediately wow your customers, is fully responsive and comes with a clean and professional look.

Like any good ecommerce theme, Brooklynk is packed full of features. For instance, it offers FAQ page layouts, login popups where users can log in or register for an account on your website, an Instagram module, and newsletter popups. In addition, you can create product color variations – the list continues…

More specifically for fashion, Brooklynk comes with a lookbook page and size chart popups. While Brooklynk doesn’t come with different skins for different industries, its developers say that in addition to fashion, it would also suit stores selling luxury jewelry and accessories, shoes, bags, etc.

Best Ecommerce Website Templates for Squarespace


Alameda works wonders for creatives that want to sell their own work. It displays each product in a clean and minimalist style and comes with many ecommerce features. For instance, highlighting promotions on your homepage, showing off related products, and loading lazy to ensure your site loads quickly when users click on it.

Alameda is best for creatives that want to let their work speak for itself. For example, it’s well-suited to selling paintings. You can show a preview and headline of the item on the homepage and then display a larger product image with a description when visitors click on the product to learn more.


Mariana is a theme for fashion retailers. It comes with a simple color scheme that provides something special and eye-catching without being overwhelming. The key color is a hot orange, offset by a more calming green. This combination makes Mariana a superb fit for vintage clothes and leather products. 

Like any native Squarespace theme, you can rely on in-built ecommerce, SEO features, blogs, popups, sales and discounts, and more.


Manor is a free ‘coming-soon’ template. It’s ideal for landing pages advertising a future launch and online shops that want to create excitement about an upcoming collection. 

The theme comes with a simple call-to-action button prompting visitors to sign up and register for updates, so you’ll have interested customers lined up on release day. 

Of course, Squarespace’s landing page templates are customizable, so you can edit the design and content according to your brand’s needs.


The Wesley theme is an endearing template specifically designed for pet stores. The theme exudes a cozy and affectionate vibe with soft pastel color backgrounds. Hopefully, this will resonate with pet owners looking to treat their four-legged loved ones.

Wesley comes with unaffected and straightforward typography, keeping the focus on your photography and products. It’s a style that goes hand in hand with illustrations and brand-focused iconography. Wesley is an excellent continuation of your social media presence if cute and quirky photography is your go-to.

The Best Ecommerce Templates: Our Final Thoughts 

Although revamping or designing a site from scratch can be intimidating, many brilliant preset designs exist. Most are geared towards simplifying the editing and customization process without coding knowledge. 

With ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix and Squarespace that focus on portfolios and general business sites alongside ecommerce, there’s a range of free templates designed for various uses. 

In contrast, Shopfy and BigCommerce templates tend to go further by offering additional functionality, useful widgets, and sometimes even bonus integrations.

It’s always worth comparing what a theme offers and carefully evaluating its value for its price. We hope our list of the best ecommerce template is a good starting point for your search!

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