Best Fulfillment Centers in Texas (Specifically Dallas)

Everything is bigger in Texas, so it makes sense that ecommerce warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment have become commonplace in the Lone Star state. Not only is there an incredible amount of space for fulfillment companies to set up warehouses in Texas, but the state has its benefits when it comes to taxes and real estate costs. If you’re looking for the best fulfillment centers in Texas, this is the place for you, as we outline the top 5 fulfillment companies in Texas cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. 

Ecommerce fulfillment involves storage, picking, packing, shipping, and even smaller, intricate details like branded packaging inserts. During our research of fulfillment centers in Texas, we took all of this into account. We also factored in elements like pricing, extra fees, additional warehouses, and processing times. 

In general, Texas serves as a wonderful location for shipping to most places in the United States, particularly the southern region. Texas is also centrally located, so it works well for ecommerce store fulfillment to the Midwest and both US coasts. Furthermore, Texas provides direct access to Mexico and Central America. And we made sure that all the Texas fulfillment companies on this list provide rapid shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, the northern part of the US, Canada, and all other international locations. 

When it’s all said and done, Texas looks like a winner for ecommerce fulfillment across the US and around the world. So, keep reading to learn all about the best fulfillment centers in Texas. 

The Best Fulfillment Centers in Texas

The following list outlines our favorite fulfillment centers in Texas, starting with our top choices like ShipBob and Shopify Fulfillment Network

Keep in mind that the ideal fulfillment company isn’t necessarily in the same town or state as your business. Instead, it’s important to find a partner that works around the clock, provides reasonable rates, and delivers products fast. It’s a considerable bonus to have a vast distribution network and warehouses near customers, but shipping carriers already allow for speedy shipping pretty much anywhere in the world. 

With that said, let’s take a look at the best fulfillment centers in Texas. 

Best Fulfillment Center in Texas: ShipBob

ShipBob, an efficient, popular fulfillment company primarily located in the United States, offers world-class support, discounted shipping rates, and free packaging materials for all ecommerce store owners. They have fulfillment centers all over the United States, as well as internationally, in places like Canada, Australia, the UK, and Poland. Four of those fulfillment centers are in the state of Texas, all near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

As a tech-enabled 3PL, ShipBob merchants receive a sleek online interface for managing the flow of your product logistics, automatically sending orders to ShipBob, and running a cohesive shipment process from start to finish. The fulfillment company is fully capable of supporting a large volume of orders, helping your brand grow. 

They have a close to 100% accuracy rate when shipping out orders, and they partner with over 7,000 online businesses, making ShipBob one of the top fulfillment experts in the game. Not to mention, you can integrate with your favorite ecommerce platforms, link to various sales channels, and opt for branded packaging and inserts. 


  • They have not one, but four fulfillment centers in Texas. 
  • ShipBob integrates with a wide range of third-party selling channels such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart (and supports subsciption and B2B fulfillment). 
  • You can take advantage of the vast network of warehouses around the US and the globe, and your inventory gets distributed to the best warehouse depending on where your customers live. 
  • You can opt for special project solutions like kitting, and cross-dock at select fulfillment centers. They even have international fulfillment options. 
  • You can link to the top ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Square Online, BigCommerce, and Squarespace. 
  • They have an excellent onboarding process, along with streamlined movement of your product from their warehouses to the customer’s doorstep. 
  • There’s an advanced inventory tracking module for understanding every step of the fulfillment process, including access to shipping numbers and times, product bundling, real-time stock counts, and analytics that show you how you should split your inventory to save the most money and time to delivery. 
  • Give end customers the option to ship to their homes in as little as 2 days with 100% coverage across the continental US from even just 1 fulfillment center. 


ShipBob has fulfillment center locations all over the world, but the Texas warehouses are in:

  • Carrollton, Texas
  • Farmer’s Branch, Texas
  • Grapevine, Texas
  • And another in Grapevine, Texas

All the warehouses are near Dallas/Fort Worth, giving store owners plenty of real estate to store their products in Texas. 

You can also take advantage of ShipBob centers in:

  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Kentucky
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • And more

And here are the international fulfillment centers including in: 

  • Poland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom

You are welcome to view the entire list of ShipBob locations here. 


It’s never easy to figure out pricing for fulfillment services, but the whole point of 3PL is to cut costs and free up time for your own small business to expand. Luckily, ShipBob eliminates the guesswork when it comes to pricing. You still need to contact a ShipBob sales rep for a full quote, but they at least list some standard prices on their website. 

  • Receiving fees – This is a flat-rate fee starting at $25 for everything received within the first 2 hours. Every hour after that costs an extra $40 per man-hour. 
  • Storage – You get charged $40 per month for basic mallet storage. Other storage costs include $10 per month for shelves and $5 per month for basic bins. 
  • Pick and pack – The first four picks come free with your membership. All picks after that cost $0.20 per pick. 
  • Standard packing – Free. Plain packaging such as dunnage, boxes, and tape come at no charge. Custom and branded packaging jobs have extra fees. 

Shipping fees – Variable, based on your carrier and product elements such as weight, size, and destination.

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2. Shopify Fulfillment Network

The Shopify Fulfillment Network caters to ecommerce businesses with Shopify stores. Shopify is one of the top ecommerce platforms in the world, so it often makes sense to merge your online store and fulfillment management tools into one dashboard. Overall, the Shopify Fulfillment Network offers quick picking and packing, two-day delivery to your customers, and simple pricing options to scale your business as it grows. 

You also benefit from smooth and complete supply chain management; Shopify lets you choose where to store your items throughout its network, and there are features to track products as they get shipped to customers. 

As for the locations, the Shopify Fulfillment Network has grown over the years from just a few locations in the US to a sprawling combination of warehouses, distribution centers, and shipping hubs. The state of Texas contains one of those major fulfillment centers, giving you direct access to a location in that area. 


  • Everything gets consolidated into the Shopify dashboard, from your ecommerce platform to billing, and fulfillment details to inventory management. 
  • Achieve fast, 2-day shipping for most customers, particularly in the US. Shopify Fulfillment also offers international shipping through a wide range of carriers. 
  • Distribute products across the entire fulfillment network, and use smart features to figure out the best places to store those products. 
  • Have customers send returns right back to the Shopify fulfillment centers in Texas, or whichever location makes the most sense. 
  • Shopify Fulfillment picks, packs, and delivers all of your products. 
  • Choose from simple pricing options and get free inventory management tools. 


Shopify has one fulfillment center in Texas, which covers most of the US for shipping, since it’s a centrally located spot. Here are all the Shopify Fulfillment locations: 

  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • Georgia
  • California


Shopify Fulfillment cuts out as much of the overhead cost as possible, and they allow merchants to plan for returns by sticking to simple return rates. 

Although you still have to talk to Shopify about your unique fulfillment needs, we know a few things about their pricing:

  • Affordable 2-day shipping: Shopify gives the same rates to all brands for rapid shipping, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a fledgling startup or a massive corporation, everyone pays the same rate for that 2-day shipping. 
  • Free storage for up to six months: Pay nothing for six months with Shopify Fulfillment. All items not sold after the six-month period cost $2.25 per square foot. 
  • Flexible contract option: Get out of the Shopify Fulfillment Network whenever you want. There are no long-term commitments. 
  • Flat rate returns: You only pay one return fee, which includes inspections, tracking, transportation, and labels. 
  • Product pricing by weight: Fulfillment prices get determined by the weight of each item. 
  • Multi-unit orders receive discounts: It pays to convince customers to purchase several products at once. 
  • No initial fees: There’s no cost to sign up for Shopify Fulfillment. 

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3. Shipping and Handling of Texas

Although not as prominent a name, Shipping & Handling of Texas boasts a 63 square foot facility for ecommerce fulfillment and warehousing. The fulfillment company actually offers four locations spread around the United States, but the primary distribution center sits in Sugar Land, Texas, not far from Houston. 

With B2B and B2C logistics, Shipping & Handling of Texas becomes your complete logistics provider for packing, picking, and shipping anywhere in the world. They offer affordable fulfillment fees, real-time inventory management, and a sleek online portal for examining everything from tracking codes to reporting, and inventory counts to shipping speeds. 

Overall, Shipping & Handling of Texas provides a central location in Texas, and excellent security to keep your products safe and intact while in storage. Not to mention, the fulfillment company integrates with over 70 popular shopping carts like Shopify and Bigcommerce. You can’t automatically download an app online to install on your ecommerce platform, but, once you’re a Shipping & Handling of Texas customer, they go through the onboarding process to ensure a seamless integration. 


  • Centrally located near Houston in Texas. 
  • Access to three other fulfillment center spread throughout the US. 
  • An intuitive online portal for managing elements of your business like logistics, inventory, and tracking. 
  • Integrations with the top ecommerce platforms for syncing your products and sending orders to Shipping & Handling of Texas. 
  • Expedited processing so that all orders that come in before noon get sent out to the carrier on the same day. 
  • Options to ship internationally. 
  • A massive, secure Texas facility so that your business can obtain more space as it grows. 
  • Access to customer support reps on the phone and email. 
  • Discounts and fast shipping speeds from carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, even internationally. 
  • Return processing. 
  • The option to use Shipping & Handling of Texas for Amazon fulfillment center orders, seeing as how the 3PL provider has quick turn around times and proven success with the FBA program. 


The main Shipping & Handling of Texas location is in Sugar Land, Texas. It’s a 63k square foot facility near Houston, with highly secure features, 8 dock high doors, conveyer belts, racking, 2,000 pallet positions, and even an area for products with climate control requirements. 

Other locations from Shipping & Handling of Texas include:

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Elm City, North Carolina
  • Rocky Mount, North Carolina


You must contact Shipping & Handling of Texas to receive a custom quote for your ecommerce fulfillment needs. 

Expect to pay for:

  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Assembly (if needed)
  • Light manufacturing (if needed)
  • Fulfilled by Amazon orders

The integration with your ecommerce platform is free, as is the inventory management software.

4. Selery Fulfillment

“You sell it. We ship it.” That’s the motto of Selery Fulfillment, but they actually do much more than that. Whether you sell subscription boxes or handle multichannel ecommerce logisitics, Selery Fulfillment takes the lead for your brand by offering wonderful inventory technology, various locations (included Texas), and personalized, multichannel ecommerce fulfillment for all shapes and sizes of businesses. 

Highlights from Selery Fulfillment include a close to 100% accuracy rate for shipping and picking, along with premier, white glove service to all clients, allowing you to contact the fulfillment company through live chat and the phone. In fact, all Selery Fulfillment customers receive one dedicated point person to keep in touch with. Along with real-time inventory tracking, same-day fulfillment, and a robust online interface that integrates with the likes of Amazon, ShipStation, Shopify, and WooCommerce, you can’t go wrong by partnering with Selery Fulfillment for ecommerce fulfillment in Texas. 


  • Efficient warehousing services and storage for multichannel stores. 
  • Same-day order fulfillment with an over 99% accuracy rate. 
  • Custom branding and packaging options like branded inserts and boxes. 
  • Real-time inventory tracking software that brings together all of your sales channels into one dashboard. 
  • Return management that includes rapid refunds and exchanges for customers. 
  • Unique fulfillment options for options like LTL freight and subscription boxes. 
  • All Selery Fulfillment customers get access to a dedicated account manager who they can call or email whenever they want. 
  • Integrations with common ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace, and with more unique business and ecommerce software/apps such as AmeriCommerce, 3dcart, and ShipStation. 
  • Instant connections to the most prominent online marketplaces like QVC, Amazon, Cratejoy, Walmart, eBay, and more. 
  • Transparent pricing to get an idea of what you have to pay long before partnering with Selery Fulfillment. 


Selery Fulfillment uses a network of warehouses and distribution centers, yet its primary location and fulfillment center is in Carrollton, Texas. This is where you’ll ship your products for centralized access to the entire United States. 


Selery Fulfillment lists general pricing on its website, making it one of the more transparent fulfillment options around. Pricing varies based on your fulfillment type, where you can choose from ecommerce, subscription box, or FBA prep fulfillment. 

Pricing gets broken down by the number of orders you have per month. For instance, an online shop with 0-499 orders per month can expect the following costs: 

  • Storage: $20 per month for a pallet, and $2 per month for a large bin. 
  • Picking and packing: $2.50 for the first item in each order. 
  • Extra items per order: $0.50 per item after the first item. 
  • Promotional inserts: Free. All marketing materials, cards, inserts, and flyers that go into the package cost nothing. 
  • Returns: $2 for every return, plus $0.50 for every extra item within a return. 

Keep in mind that Selery Fulfillment has a minimum $1,000 monthly expenditure, so all customers technically pay at least $1,000 per month. 

5. Shiphero

We like Shiphero as one of the best fulfillment centers in Texas because it has one full-service hub in Fort Worth, Texas, which is about a 20-minute drive from Dallas. The warehouse in Texas features 86k square feet of space, 14 foot ceilings, and top-notch security with cameras and an internal badge system. The fulfillment company allows you to send your inventory, after which, Shiphero makes an integration with your ecommerce platform to accept and fulfill orders. 

You gain access to powerful warehousing and inventory software, which also helps with making intelligent decisions on where to store products. Shiphero picks and packs all orders, while offering discounted shipment rates and options to brand elements like package inserts and boxes. The pricing is easy to understand, you can play around with automation rules, and all returns get processed back into the Shiphero warehouses. 


  • Robust fulfillment software with inventory management, reporting, direct support options, and integrations with your favorite software. 
  • Syncing with popular ecommerce platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento. 
  • Multichannel support for marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. 
  • Integrations with business apps such as Channeladvisor, SureDone, CartRover, and Returnly. 
  • Return processing with smart warehouse routing and automation rules. 
  • A mobile picking and packing infrastructure that cuts error rates by 99.9%. This includes automatic batch creation, individual logins, and user data reports. 
  • Rate shopping for you to save on shipping rates with all the carriers. 
  • Reports for sales, efficiency, shipments, operational elements, and inventory. 
  • Unique 3PL offerings like dynamic slotting, kitting, and an open API to combine the warehouse management software with your workflows. 


Boasting over 800k square feet of storage space, Shiphero operates several fulfillment centers in the US, and two in Canada. Here’s where they are:

  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • 2 warehouses in Jacksonville, Florida
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Vancouver, Canada


Shiphero is another Texas fulfillment company that shows its base pricing online. This way, you can get a feel for what you might pay for things like storage, picking, packing, and returns. 

Here’s a look at the standard pricing for the warehouse management software (WMS):

  • Essential WMS: $499 per month
  • Standard WMS: $1,850
  • Enterprise WMS: Custom quote required

Here’s the 3PL pricing:

  • $1,995 per month

The software pricing includes everything from returns to automation rules, and discounted shipping rates to potential warehouse routing options. Pricing increases based on user seats and the number of features. The 3PL pricing is a more feature-rich, all-in-one offering with customer portals, marketplace listings, training, and a sandbox account. 

Choosing the Right Fulfillment Centers in Texas

From ShipBob to Shiphero, the best fulfillment centers in Texas range from small, customer oriented operations to the more automation-focused 3PLs where you’ll get close to 100% accuracy rates but less customer service. We’ve tested and approved all of the suggestions on this list and believe that any of these fulfillment centers in Texas work well for small and large online stores. This is especially true since you receive inventory software, return processing, and reasonable pricing from all of them. 

Partnering with a fulfillment center in Texas makes for lower costs, a centralized location, and direct access to most of North America. We also made sure that each of our suggestions provides international shipping as well. 

With all of that said, which is the appropriate fulfillment center for your business? 

Here’s a list of our final recommendations:

  • ShipBob – Perfect as an all-around solution. Not only does it have Texas locations, but a large network of warehouses to go along with that. Not to mention, ShipBob provides incredible software and top-notch pricing. 
  • Shopify Fulfillment Network – We like Shopify for those brands already using the Shopify ecommerce platform (or those who plan to in the future). The software makes for a consolidated dashboard, and you can take advantage of rapid shipping, automated distribution suggestions, and rock-bottom pricing. 
  • Shipping & Handling of Texas – This is the option to consider if you want hands-on customer support, and a real person to speak with around every corner. The fulfillment company integrates with all top ecommerce platforms, and the warehouse is right in the middle of Texas. You will, however, need to contact them for a custom quote. 
  • Selery Fulfillment – Consider Selery if you want transparent fulfillment rates, discounted shipping, and support for multichannel tools. It’s ideal if you sell on more than one marketplace, and you can opt for more unique fulfillment methods, like for subscription boxes. 
  • Shiphero – Think about Shiphero if you’d rather pay for fulfillment as an all-in-one price per month, rather than walking through some customized fee based on factors like storage space and bins. They offer simplified pricing at its finest, and you still get return processing, beautiful inventory software, and integrations with key marketplaces and ecommerce platforms. 

Overall, we recommend you research and contact each Texas fulfillment center individually. It’s easy to look for the lowest price and go with that, but you’ll often find that having a quality relationship with the fulfillment company, and access to state-of-the-art systems, means more to your business than the base price. And you may actually find that a great partner ends up making everything more price efficient eventually. 

If you need any clarification about fulfillment centers in Texas, or you’d like to share your experience with other fulfillment companies, let us know in the comments section!

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