Best Live Shopping Apps: Our Ultimate Round-Up

Do you fancy shopping from the comfort of your own living room? Or, are you looking for your next business venture? Either way, it doesn’t matter which side of the coin you fall on; our best live shopping apps round-up might be precisely what you’re looking for.

Described by Shopify as the future of eCommerce, live shopping apps provide a digitized, real-time shopping experience that consumers can enjoy from home. And by the looks of things, it’s taking the internet by storm. In fact, Core Insight research says this kind of shopping generated a whopping $60 billion in global sales in just 2019 alone, which has only escalated thanks to the pandemic.

So, in today’s post, we’re looking at some of the best live shopping apps on the market so that you can jump on this exciting trend too. There’s lots to cover, so let’s hop straight to it!

Best Live Shopping Apps: Bambuser

First up is a live streaming app that as well as being an end-to-end product streaming platform, also allows users to create, manage and publish video and photo content.

One of Bambuser‘s more unique features is that it enables users to easily embed their live shopping events into their websites. Additionally, the app provides customer engagement and sales stats and grants complete control over your transaction and customer data.

Bambuser’s pricing plans start at $599 a month (the Lite plan), for which you get one centralized dashboard, access to customer support, and you can register five users. Up from this package are the Standard and Enterprise programs – however, the price of these packages isn’t disclosed. However, what we do know is that with these plans, you unlock media editing and client management tools.

You can also add extra features as and when you please, enabling you to scale the app alongside your business’s expansion.  For instance, one such add-on is Bambuser’s live chat feature. Naturally, the price adjusts accordingly, depending on the add-ons your plump for.

If you’re wondering whether this app is worth the price, according to a case study, Samsung saw a 147% conversion increase in just their first campaign. That said, if you don’t have the cash to splash, this app probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Live Scale

Live Scale is another popular live shopping solution that’s proud of its in-video purchasing and integrated checkout features. Not only that, but it also enables you to create a fully branded sales experience by allowing you to stamp your live shows with your logo. You also get access to real-time analytics.

Like many other apps on this list, Live Scale also makes it easy to embed videos and other content onto your website.

Reportedly, prices start at $99 per month with a free 7-day trial option. In addition, Live Scale has worked with big brands such as Lacome, where one live shopping stream generated 46,000 viewers, garnering 200,000 likes and comments. Suffice to say; Live Scale provides everything you need to engage and sell live to customers, regardless of physical location.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Channelize

Channelize is a cloud-based, integrated eCommerce solution that leverages the power of live shopping and real-time engagement to boost sales and brand credibility. It promises to integrate seamlessly with your existing website and other apps you might be using, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

An added selling point is that Channelize comes with API and webhooks so that you can build scalable apps and customized features to extend Channelize’s functionality. The SDK and UI kits also empower you to tailor the UI (user interface) precisely the way you need.

Channelize has a free plan, then prices start at $49 a month depending on the features you add. Customers have praised the platform for its functionality, including its pinned messages, language translation, product spotlight, reminder emails, and the ability to show add-to-cart promotions during their live shopping events.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Smartzer

Smartzer is another app that allows customers to purchase directly from a live shopping video. It offers easy integration with Shopify, Salesforce, Woocommerce, and Magneto stores. Not to mention, it also provides video performance insights and an in-video add-to-basket functionality.

Another stand out feature is that Smartzer allows you to add a clickable pop-up with a clear CTA. This comes in handy for encouraging viewers to click through and learn more about a product – or even make a purchase. Smartzer calls these ‘interactive hotspots.’ Best of all, these ‘interactive hotspots’ ensure that no matter where users find your video, you can direct them back to your products.

The price of this subscription-based product depends on the level of integration and features you opt for. As such, you have to contact Smartzer directly for a custom starting price. That said, from the offset, the company boasts for its users a 55% increase in viewer engagement rate and a 25% boost in click-through rate as its standard level of service. If that’s true, that’s incredibly impressive!

Best Live Shopping Apps: InstaConnect

InstaConnect is a Shopify integration that empowers Shopify store owners to host live videos showcasing their products. However, unlike the other apps on this list, it isn’t a traditional live shopping platform. Instead, it focuses more on providing product demonstrations and customer support via live video chat.

Customers can ask questions from the convenience of your product pages by clicking the ‘live help’ button. This instantly connects your website visitors with one of your customer service reps over video chat.

InstaConnect also comes with a classroom and slideshow feature. Here, the app retrieves images and product descriptions from your Shopify store and generates an automatic slideshow. You can then upload accompanying notes to share with your viewers. How handy is that?!

The app is free for up to 30 video conferences a month, making it a good starting point for anyone looking to try out live product demos and video-based customer service for the first time.

However, it’s worth noting that unlike some of the other products discussed here, InstaConnect is only available for Shopify – so if you’re not a Shopify user, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Best Live Shopping Apps: ShopShops

ShopShops is a Chinese-based live streaming app that’s gradually making its way into the western market. In fact, it’s been praised as the up-and-coming live stream app by Harper’s Bazaar.

This app is excellent for social influencers and brands alike who want to interact with customers live and attract new shoppers worldwide.

In addition, the app promises onboarding for new brands where you’ll receive training on how to expertly host live streams and efficiently collect and ship orders.

With ShopShops, hosting streams is free. Instead of paying an upfront fee, about 20% of each sale goes to ShopShop.At the time of writing, there’s a waiting list for new brands and hosts.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Brandlive

Brandlive enables you to create private and branded online showrooms for your products and events. You can host single-day and/or multi-day events, complete with online product catalogs that are both shareable and secure. Best of all, attendees can view your products before and after the event.

Your ‘showroom’ has everything customers need to engage with your live shopping event. In essence, it’s a contained platform that enables customers to access your products, live stream, and agenda. That said, you can modify the features utilized by your showroom according to the type of live event you’re hosting.

In addition, Brandlive comes with interactive chat tools, analytics, and you can organize and tag each video and session. Lastly, Brandlive also permits you to conduct surveys and submit event questions during your live streams for even better audience engagement.

Brandlive’s pricing is divided into single packages for one-off events, which start at $3,500, with annual pricing schemes starting at an eye-watering $15,000. The price is exorbitant, to say the least. But, for your money, you’ll get access to a green room production tool built to handle complex shows across live, pre-recorded, and mixed formats. Even so, we still reckon the price point’s a tad steep!

Best Live Shopping Apps: NTWRK

NTWRK is a live video shopping platform that allows you to take your watchable and shoppable video content worldwide from the convenience of your phone. In addition, it makes orchestrating exclusive product reveals, festival-style events, and interactive product panels a breeze.

In addition, NTWRK hosts daily episodes featuring the best brands and most prominent names in pop culture. There’s no set price for sellers using this app. But as it’s designed for high-quality artists and influencers, NTWRK has to review you first before you’re granted access.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Liveby

Liveby is another live-streaming shopping app enabling you to host live product videos. Users can join a live stream where they have the option of making in-video purchases, and there’s also a chatbox where they can ask questions during the stream.

You can coordinate all your revenue from the convenience of the Liveby app. By this we mean you can see what sales you’ve made and easily share that data. However, at the time of writing, the Liveby app is only accessible on Apple/iOS devices.

It’s free to host videos on Liveby, and you have the option of hosting the live shopping event yourself or accessing Liveby’s network of influencers and requesting one of them to host the stream for you. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t detail if there’s an additional cost for this.

If you want to become a Liveby creator, you need to send an application to their team and fill out a questionnaire. If you’re successful, they’ll send you an approval code to get started.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Instagram Live

Instagram live shopping is a relatively new function on, yes you guessed it, Instagram’s app. Here, you can tag products from your Instagram store and showcase them during a live stream. But, best of all, customers have the option of in-app purchasing.

Needless to say, to get started with Instagram live shopping you need to have your Instagram store set up and have uploaded your product catalog. Then, you can use this catalog to group products into collections to feature on your live streams.

Instagram live is free to use, and you benefit from more marketing capabilities than the average live shopping app. Namely, because in addition to live shopping you also get access to all of Instagram’s preexisting advertisement tools.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Amazon Live

Amazon Live is available to influencers enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program, professional sellers registered with Amazon, and retail vendors using Amazon vendor central.

In short, Amazon Live enables all of the above to host live-streamed videos from the convenience of Amazon’s Live Stream app. From this same app, you can also sync your Amazon product inventory and tag products in your lives. Beneath the live stream sits a carousel where shoppers can browse your product details and make purchases.

The app is still in development, but it can be accessed via Google Play and the Apple store. It’s free to use. However, you’ll still need to pay the Amazon fees associated with being a seller or vendor. There’s also the option of paying for a ‘boost’ to make your streams more discoverable. The price of which ranges anywhere from $0.05 to $10 per click depending on the budget and length of your campaigns.

Best Live Shopping Apps: Shoppee

Shoppee is an online shopping platform with a live stream function. Here, users can interact with you in real-time via live chat to learn more about your products and purchase them directly from you while watching your live stream.

When it comes to tagging products in your live streams, you can either select up to 500 products from your shop or use a list of your favorite items. The app also makes it easy to add promotions and discounts to live products, and there’s a seller’s education hub where you can find out more about how to sell on the platform.

The platform is free to use, although it’s not yet available in some countries including the US and UK.

Best Live Shopping Apps: CommentSold

CommentSold is a social media selling tool that enables you to make sales via live streams and comments. Once you’ve sold a product on a live stream, you can use the comment selling feature to further your sales efforts. It automatically generates answers to messages on threads, pages, and emails using preset comments. It can also send invoice reminders and tell customers when their cart is going to expire.

With CommentSold you can also build your own website and app, from which you can host live streams. Alternatively, you can set up live videos across pre-existing Facebook pages using a stream key that redirects your live Facebook video to the CommentSold app. Once set up, you can simultaneously stream across your web store, app, and Facebook profile- all while maintaining a single, centralized inventory across all sales channels. These videos are overlaid with clickable product information and in-stream purchasing.

Once the 30-day free trial ends, the basic plan starts at $49 a month. After that, prices increase depending on the features you add. That said, CommentSold integrates with all the popular social media platforms regardless of which plan you choose, which is a huge bonus!

Best Live Shopping Apps: TalkShopLive

TalkShopLive is a social selling network, similar to a traditional QVC shopping channel. Here, you can create a channel on the app to broadcast and share your shows and build your own audience. You can embed your products into the video using third-party integrations like Shopify and other popular product managers. Once you’ve done that, customers can then make in-stream purchases.

The videos are shareable across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Stories where customers can also make purchases within the social platform’s in-app browser. In addition, Lives streams come with an interactive chat box where you can answer customer questions and boost engagement.

The platform gained popularity once A-list stars used it to sell their merchandise. Some notable names include Matthew McConaughey, Dolly Parton, Alicia Keys, and Julie Andrews. It’s free to join; you only pay 10.25% plus $0.30 on the sales you make (This fee is built into the retail cost of the product).

Best Live Shopping Apps: Conferwith

The platform is designed with retailers in mind looking to create a completely virtual shopping process. For starters, Conferwith empowers you to provide customers with real-time advice on your products. In addition, it also has options for video sharing, demonstration, and product promotion.

Conferwith promises to increase your direct-to-customer sales by up to ten times with their live shopping experiences. Prices depend on your company’s requirements, but you can contact the Conferwith team to set up a demo. The platform also says they provide training, seamless tech integration, and forecasting for better implementation.

Are You Ready to Start Using Some of The Best Live Shopping Apps?

As we’ve seen, there are many live shopping apps on the market. No matter which you choose, live shopping is a great way to meaningfully engage with customers. Here, you have the perfect opportunity to address customer concerns, demonstrate products, and inject some fun into online shopping. This can only mean more sales for your business. Live shopping is a trend that’s here to stay, so now’s the time to cash in on this lucrative and popular approach to e-commerce.

Which of these live stream shopping apps caught your attention? Tell us all about it in the comments box below!

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