Best POS System for iPad Users in 2023

The best POS system for iPad users is a comprehensive software offering, specially designed to work on an iPad or similar tablet. Intended for the modern and flexible world of commerce, a Point of Sale for your iPad can save you a lot of stress and money as a business owner.

With the right POS solution, you can use your iPad as your primary source of hardware, so there’s less need to spend a fortune on things like readers and scanners.

A POS solution for iPad is flexible and mobile, so business leaders can conveniently share technology among their team members or take their POS with them to a range of locations.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the most effective POS systems for iPad users, chosen for their simplicity, functionality, and affordability.

Our pick

Shopify POS

Ease of use

Try Shopify POS

Shopify POS Review

For most companies in search of the best POS for iPad, the purpose of their solution will be to supplement an existing online store. If this is the case for you, Shopify POS is a fantastic choice. Shopify is ideal for building online websites and it can help you track inventory across channels.

Runner up

Square POS

Ease of use

Try Square POS

Square POS Review

A fantastic tool for modern retailers, Square POS combines inventory tracking with a variety of powerful features, like collaboration and team management tools. There aren’t any expensive set-up fees, and you only pay when someone’s buying an item.

Best POS for iPad #1: Shopify POS

Perhaps the ultimate tool for companies looking to sell online, with the flexibility to sell offline too, Shopify has it all. If you want to build a comprehensive ecommerce environment, but you also want the freedom to be able to take your goods to customers wherever they are during festivals, pop-up shops, and events, Shopify POS is a fantastic choice.

This all-in-one ecommerce system is brimming with functionality, ranging all the way from extensive inventory tracking to comprehensive analytics. Shopify even has its own payment processing service. Some of the features which make this choice great for iPad users include:

  • Simplified omnichannel sales: You can easily sell across a variety of channels with Shopify, using everything from mobile POS tools to QR codes.
  • Inventory tracking: A centralized dashboard and a host of analytics tools help you to keep track of everything, including your inventory across online and offline sales.
  • Payment processing: Shopify has its own built-in solutions for payments, capable of accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and a range of other options.
  • Marketing tools: Shopify offers various marketing tools to help you excel online and offline, including the option to collect email addresses at checkout.
  • Employee management: It’s easy to keep track of any employees you might have on your team with unique PIN identification for every staff member.


To use the mobile POS functionality available with Shopify, companies need to have a Shopify ecommerce plan. This means you’ll need at least the $9 Lite plan or the Basic plan at $29 per month. However, there’s also the cost of transaction fees to think about, starting at 2.2%.

There are various additional tools and costs to consider too. For instance, Shopify POS Pro costs around $89 per month for each location.


  • Online and offline support for quick and simple transactions
  • Fantastic built-in tools for customer relationship management
  • Customer service and support is great for small business owners
  • Built-in payment system can help you to reduce transaction fees
  • Easy to set up and use for most business owners


  • Requires a Shopify plan to use the POS system

Who is it best for?

If you already have an online store, or you want to sell primarily online, Shopify will give you the tools you need to thrive on the web, while ensuring you can still sell a range of products offline.

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Best POS for iPad #2: Square POS

One of the most versatile and well-known tools for point of sale management, the Square ecosystem has something for virtually every kind of business. Square helps companies of all sizes to accept payments quickly and effectively in a host of different environments. The company has supported more than 2 million businesses worldwide already.

While you can buy hardware for your POS directly from the Square company, you can also access the software on your existing tablets and iPad technology. There are even tools to build your own website with Square, so you get the best of both worlds. Features include:

  • Inventory management: Comprehensive inventory management so you can keep track of your stock wherever your business takes you.
  • Team management: Keep track of all the information you might need about your employees, including when they take breaks and when they’re available to work.
  • Customer profiling: Use built-in customer relationship management tools to collect valuable information about your audience.
  • Reporting and analytics: Leverage extensive reporting and analytics tools to help you understand your target audience and sales strategies.
  • Integrations: Access a variety of powerful integrations with leading tools to make your business sales strategy more effective.

Square has access to a host of efficient and effective tools for payment processing, with support for EMV compliant cards of all kinds.


The software for Square POS is free to use, making it an easy choice for a lot of small business owners. All you need to pay for is your iPad, and the transaction processing fees, which start at around 1.75% for processing chip and contactless payments. Orders and invoices can be charged at around 2.5%.


  • Support for easy online and offline selling strategies to suit your needs
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive environment, perfect for beginners
  • Fantastic range of reporting features to help you understand your audience
  • Free plan with no contracts or commitments to tie you down
  • Lots of useful customization options to make your business stand out


  • Can get expensive if you choose to add hardware and tools over time

Who is it best for?

The Square POS solutions are excellent for small business owners, with various fantastic tools to help you sell both online and offline. The whole experience is very simple and straightforward.

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Best POS for iPad #3: Lightspeed POS

Easy-to-use and brimming with great features, Lightspeed is a reliable tool for companies in need of a quick and convenient point of sale system. You can either use Lightspeed hardware from the company, or you can access the software within your iPad or tablet.

Lightspeed includes all the tools you might need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, including inventory management systems, and powerful marketing tools to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting customers. Features include:

  • Flexible: The Lightspeed POS is a fantastic and flexible solution for businesses in search of easy tools for selling quickly offline.
  • Multichannel selling: You can easily sell both offline and online at the same time, without spending a fortune on various tools and services.
  • Appointments: You can use your Lightspeed ecosystem to access a range of bookings and appointment features to expand your business.
  • Marketing: There are various tools for advertising your business to new potential customers, including local ads with Google.
  • Easy interface: Lightspeed is brimming with features, but that doesn’t mean it has to compromise on ease-of-use. The interface is very intuitive.


Prices for Lightspeed plans are offered on an annual basis, making it an excellent solution if you want to plan costs in advance. You can start with the Basic plan at $69 per month and continue with the standard plan at $99 per month. There’s also the Advanced plan at $169 per month, and the $229 Pro plan available too. Online selling requires investment in at least the Standard plan.


  • Fantastic for multi-channel selling if you’re trying to sell offline and online.
  • Wide range of marketing tools available to increase chances of sales
  • Lots of support with one-on-one onboarding sessions for beginners
  • Appointment and booking features available
  • Great range of analytics and reports for business insights


  • Can be quite expensive for some of the packages
  • Only available for Mac products

Who is it best for?

If you’re looking for a convenient POS solution with a focus on Apple products, Lightspeed could be the perfect choice. It’s easy to use and flexible, but can be a little expensive.

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Best POS for iPad #4: Revel POS

One of the very first POS solutions designed specifically for iPad use, Revel POS is a leading, cloud-native tool for managing sales. This iPad POS system is brimming with features, ideal for restaurant owners, retailers, and any other business looking to take credit card and debit payments.

Offering all the flexibility of a mobile point of sale system, complete with a single dashboard for managing customer data, online order, loyalty program data and more, Revel POS is a great choice for all kinds of business owner. This point of sale system is particularly useful for tracking employee information too. Features include:

  • Cloud native platform: Comprehensive solution for companies looking to move past the cash register checkout, with online order and unified reporting.
  • Self-service kiosk: Support for self-service, drive-thru interactions and more all on the same software solution.
  • Employee tracking: keep track of countless pieces of employee data, including hourly sales, order history, and other metrics.
  • Inventory tracking: Convenient and customizable inventory tracking features without the need for any extra add-ons.
  • Specialist solutions: Access restaurant POS solutions specifically designer to help track sales in a food based company


For processing alone, you simply play a flat fee for processing, which you can learn more about by contacting the company. For POS software, there’s a $99 monthly fee, and onboarding and implementation costs start at $674.


  • Great for tracking all kinds of customer loyalty information and gift cards
  • Excellent iPad POS software based in the cloud
  • Lots of tools for restaurants and specific retail businesses
  • User-friendly environment for tracking card payments
  • Inventory management built in


  • Expensive monthly fees for some businesses

Who is it best for?

If you’re looking for a solution for quick customer experience and sale management in a restaurant or retail environment, Revel is a good choice. It’s easy to use, and comes with various unique management tools.

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Best POS for iPad #5: TouchBistro

A point of sale software solution designed specifically for the restaurant landscape, TouchBistro allows you to run an effective food service company, without all the POS hardware. In addition to a mobile, tablet-centric point of sale system, Touch Bistro also come with everything your business needs to manage tables, reservations and menus.

There are various customer support tools, loyalty rewards, and options for different kinds of business models, with features like online ordering, and remote restaurant management. Features of TouchBistro include:

  • Multiple customer service options: Online ordering and delivery options available within the same restaurant management system.
  • Scalable: Expand your POS system across multiple iPads to create a more fast-paced environment in a larger restaurant.
  • Employee management: Lots of employee management tools built-in to keep your staff on the right track with floor plans and tables.
  • Reporting and analytics: in-depth insights into how to make your business more lucrative and improve customer service.
  • Integrations: Integrations with a range of tools so you can access all the functionality you need in one pane of glass.


The TouchBistro pricing structure is simple and transparent – excellent for small businesses. Your costs start at $69 per month, but it’s best to contact the company to get a comprehensive quote based on your requirements.


  • Easy integrations with Quickbooks and other tools
  • Kitchen display tools and other ePOS solutions for restaurants
  • Excellent range of features for tracking employees
  • Convenient reporting insights for food trucks, cafes, and coffee shops
  • Customizable environment for tracking important information


  • Can be expensive for some businesses
  • Slight learning curve to get used to all the features

Who is it best for?

TouchBistro is an ideal solution if you want the best iPad POS system for restaurant management. You can deal with all kinds of restaurant demands, from loyalty program options to table management, in one place.

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Best POS for iPad #6: Clover POS

Clover is another mobile point of sale system, suitable for iOS and Android, with fantastic potential for the restaurant business. The solution can integrate with a range of customer management tools and accounting systems, like QuickBooks. Clover was specially designed to deliver exceptional ease of use above all else, for fast-paced businesses.

Clover is also wonderfully customizable. You can transform the system with a range of integrations and apps. While some apps are free, others come at an extra price. Features include:

  • Tracking and reporting: You can track everything from employees to customer loyalty in the same place. This makes understanding your business easier.
  • Online ordering: The POS app enables online ordering with in-store pick-up and contactless payments, ideal for the modern world.
  • One touch tipping: This retail POS comes with simple one-touch tipping to help you process tips and other transactions (like refunds) fast.
  • Lots of payment options: You can accept payments using the smart retail system with gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, and mobile wallets.


As with many POS solutions, pricing is based on what you need from the Clover ecosystem. Basic pricing starts with 2.3% plus 10 cents transaction fees. You can also pay more if you need extra hardware like an iPad stand for your iPad point of sale, a cash drawer, or barcode scanner.


  • Easy-to-use: Excellent intuitive environment for beginners
  • Highly adaptable: Lots of convenient apps and integrations to choose from
  • Scalable: Set Clover up for multiple locations or one location
  • Lots of unique features: Lots of iPhone and iPad features for loyalty
  • Various small retail hardware options available


  • Can be expensive compared to competitors
  • Complex initial setup

Who is it best for?

Clover is ideal for smaller restaurants and retail companies, but it was primarily designed with service-based businesses in mind. Small companies can definitely benefit from this tool.

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Choosing the Best POS Systems for iPad

As flexible businesses continue to evolve, there’s no shortage of premium and free POS solutions available. From Lightspeed retail to Vend, there’s something to suit everyone in today’s point of sale landscape. We’ve covered just some of the options above, ideal for a range of small businesses hoping to set up their transactions as quickly as possible.

Remember, the ideal system for you will depend on your specific needs. Think carefully about the kind of real-time reporting features and management tools you need. Don’t forget to set extra budget aside for other hardware requirements too, like receipt printers.

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