Best Free and Paid Companies for Selling Print on Demand Hats in 2023

Print on demand hats are one of the most popular items to sell after partnering with a POD provider. While clothing like T-Shirts may be slightly more common, hats stand out as one of the more affordable POD items, with minimal shipping and production costs. They’re also an excellent way to make sales, as they’re often less expensive than larger clothing items for your customers.

Print on demand hats come in a variety of shapes and styles, from the standard cap to the knitted hat for winter months. With POD brands, there’s also a huge selection of ways you can customize your hats, such as embroidery, screen printing and more.

Since one of the first steps in succeeding with a POD store is choosing the right company to work with, we’re going to be exploring some of the best POD companies for selling hats today.

Let’s get started.

Print on Demand Hats: How it Works

Before we begin looking at the best companies to help with creating and drop shipping your print on demand hats, let’s consider what it means to sell print on demand accessories. Print on demand selling is a form of dropshipping, which involves working with a manufacturer and fulfilment provider on growing your business.

With any kind of dropshipping, you don’t need to hold your own stock to send to customers, or send those items to customers. Instead, you leverage the services and partnerships of your dropshipping provider. Print on Demand solutions build on this concept by allowing you to customize high-quality items with a custom design.

With a POD clothing company, you can create a more unique range of products by changing everything from embroidery thread colors, to acrylic images. A good POD company will sell all kinds of custom print products, from hoodies to face masks.

With a print on demand hat company, you simply focus on a POD brand offering a wide range of hat styles, usually alongside other products like tote bags, trending sweatshirts, and so on.

The best POD companies for selling hats will offer a range of one size fits all products, from the panel cap or trucker cap to baseball hats, dad hats and visors.

What are the Best Companies for Selling Print on Demand Hats?

  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Redbubble
  • Gooten
  • Print Aura
  • Spreadshirt
  • Teespring

1. Printful

Printful is easily among the most popular tools for Print on Demand production worldwide. The company has facilities all over the globe, and it offers a huge selection of products for business owners to choose from, ranging from custom hats, to accessories, homeware, and more.

Printful makes it quick and simple to create all kinds of designs from scratch. You can hook your account up to your online store within a couple of clicks, thanks to integrations with tools like Shopify. Plus, Printful ensures you can check how good your hats are going to look with a mock-up generator, and discounted samples.

Looking at hats alone, Printful has a selection of styles to choose from, including baseball caps, snapbacks, bucket hats, beanies, and many others. You’ll also be able to deliver your custom creations all over the globe thanks to partnerships with leading shipping providers.


There are no monthly fees for selling with Printful. Like many POD tools, you’ll simply pay the price of the base product, plus the fees associated with shipping your item to your customers. The amount you spend on your hats will depend on the style you choose.

Pros 👍

  • Great range of hats to choose from
  • Good quality designs with various customization options
  • Integrations with leading website designer tools
  • User-friendly functionality for beginners
  • Helpful mock-up generator with discounted samples

Cons 👎

  • Shipping settings can be difficult to set

Who is this best for ✅

Printful is an excellent all-around tool for POD selling. It has plenty of great items to choose from, excellent fulfillment processes, and a wonderful mock-up generator too. You’ll be able to start your business in no time with this service.

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2. Printify

Another of the most popular print on demand companies available right now, Printify offers a range of great products, including hats. Printify’s range is excellent, covering baby beanies, knitted beanies, bobble hats, trucker hats and many others. There’s a fantastic selection of third-party manufacturers to work with, so you can build a unique portfolio of products.

With Printify, you’ll also be able to add your own customizations quickly and easily to your hats, using things like screen printing, direct to garment, embroidery, and many others. You can order samples of your products to check the quality, and there’s also the option to save a significant amount of cash if you choose to use the Printify Premium method.

Printify integrates with a range of website builders and other platforms, so you can sell your products across multiple channels. What’s more, the back-end is extremely easy to use, so even if you don’t have a lot of experience as an ecommerce retailer, you should be able to generate some great sales opportunities in no time.


The free version of Printify works similarly to most other POD solutions. You don’t pay a monthly subscription, but instead manage the costs of the base products you want to buy, their customizations, and shipping to your target audience.

Unlike many other POD solutions, however, Printify also has something called “Premium” which allows users to access unlimited designs and get discounts on the base price of their products. Premium costs start at $29 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Lots of global vendors to work with
  • Access to global shipping options
  • Fantastic range of wholesale selling opportunities
  • Hundreds of product options
  • Great for selling at a higher volume

Cons 👎

  • Can be difficult to brand your product
  • Some vendors are more reliable than others

Who is this best for ✅

If you want a flexible and cost-effective option for POD hats, Printify is one of the top competitors. The solution is a perfect partner for sales, particularly if you’re selling at high volume, thanks to the Premium option.

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3. RedBubble

One of the most popular solutions available right now for print on demand selling, RedBubble has taken the world by storm with its ease-of-use, and variety. The marketplace-style website makes it quick and simple for business owners to get active online, and start selling a range of products. Redbubble has a selection of over 70 products to choose from, including various hat styles.

Hats and caps include everything from baseball caps to dad hats, and you can find inspiration from thousands of companies already selling their own design on the platform. RedBubble will allow your customers to choose what kind of color they want for their hat, as well as other features, so you can provide a more personalized experience for shoppers.

One of the best things about RedBubble is access to an existing community, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time marketing your products and find people to sell to. Unlike many print on demand companies, Redbubble also offers access to free exchanges and returns in case anything goes wrong with the products you’re selling.


It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and start using RedBubble. There are no monthly fees to worry about, but you will need to pay for the cost of RedBubble to create your product and ship it to your customer on your behalf. The good news is that costs for shipping hats is usually quite low, but it will depend on where you’re sending your item to.

Pros 👍

  • Plenty of customization options for business owners and customers
  • Excellent range of hat designs and choices
  • Easy-to-use for people who are new to POD
  • Great for finding new customers instantly
  • Community support is excellent

Cons 👎

  • Some issues with quality control
  • Shipping can be slow

4. Gooten

Another well-known and popular tool for print on demand selling, Gooten is a market leader in successful online selling. The scalable solution gives companies a wide range of products to choose from, including a host of hats like snapback caps and baby beanies. You’ll be able to browse through the convenient product catalogue to find what you need in a few minutes.

Gooten gives today’s would-be entrepreneurs various ways to make money, including the option to sell their own designs, or sell the designs of someone else. Like most POD providers, Gooten will handle the tough stuff on your behalf, like printing your products and getting them to your customers. You can also improve the number of channels you’re selling from with integrations to tools like Etsy.

Easy to use and suitable for all kinds of business owners, Gooten can bring your business to life in no time. You can link Gooten to your existing website or sales page on various marketplaces, and start selling in no time.


Gooten follows a similar pricing structure to many Print on Demand providers. There’s no sign-up fee required, and you simply file your details with the company to start selling. You’ll also get a handy calculator within the Gooten ecosystem, so you can figure out how much you’re likely to pay for a product, and how much of a profit you can make.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent range of products and customizations
  • Simple user interface for beginners
  • Integrations with a range of ecommerce platforms
  • Various designs to choose from via artists
  • Automated order tracking
  • Predictable pricing

Cons 👎

  • Pricing can be high for some items
  • Not much marketing support

Who is this best for ✅

Gooten is a great, flexible solution for POD selling, suitable for integration with a wide range of popular platforms, including Etsy and eBay. There’s a huge range of products to choose from too.

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5. Print Aura

A company gaining a lot of attention in the Print on Demand space, Print Aura is a fantastic solution for selling all kinds of custom apparel. You can create hats in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including children’s beanies and snapback caps. Plus, you can add your branding in a variety of different ways, with sublimation and custom tags.

The Print Aura environment gives you a lot of freedom for making your designs look great. You can go beyond the basics of standard T-Shirt design and cover your products in unique art, or you can just use something simple. The average turnaround time for the company is pretty great too, usually ranging between 3 to 5 days, depending on your item.

To help you check the quality of your POD products, Print Aura has a mock-up generator, where you can see what your products might look like after printing. There’s also no setup or monthly fees to worry about, so anyone can get started easily.


Like the majority of POD companies, there’s no set monthly price for Print Aura. Users pay only for the products their customers want to buy. You’ll pay for the base price of the item, plus the cost of customizing and shipping it. Because you set the price for your customers, this also means you can control your profit margins.

Print Aura’s prices are somewhat variable for base items. While some products are great value, others can be quite expensive.

Pros 👍

  • Lots of brand customization options
  • Various ways to label and enhance your products
  • Zero setup and monthly fees
  • Simple manual order options
  • Easy tracking of customer shipments

Cons 👎

  • Can get quite expensive for some items
  • Customer service is slow

Who is this best for ✅

If you’re looking for plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing POD products, Print Aura is probably the best choice. There’s lots of great customization options from this company, and you get a handy mock-up generator too.

6. Spreadshirt

A pretty well-known name in Print on Demand selling, Spreadshirt is best known for it’s wide range of apparel options, which does include baby clothing and hats. The service is available all around the globe, with 12 language options to choose from. You also get the added benefit of knowing you’re buying from an ethical and eco-friendly brand, committed to good working conditions.

There’s plenty of different ways to get involved with Spreadshirt, including making your own products from scratch with full customizations, or selling your artwork. You’ll set the prices for your products, so you can control your product margins. Plus, there are things like shop examples to get you started too.

Due to a global presence, Spreadshirt can be quite quick at getting your orders to customers, but the exact speed you can promise will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of your design and where you’re shipping to.

Pros 👍

  • Simple sales process with marketplace and independent stores
  • Excellent range of customization options
  • Good support and guidance for beginners
  • Existing marketplace for help with promotion
  • Eco-friendly production

Cons 👎

  • Can take a while to build your brand
  • Some designs can be quite expensive

Best for: Spreadshirt is an excellent tool for companies in search of a quick and convenient way to get started online. You can design a host of different products without having to worry about a negative impact on the planet.

7. Teespring

Although you could only make custom t-shirts with Teespring when the service first began, this isn’t the case today. Now, you’ll have no problem building a wide range of excellent products for your portfolio, including attractive hats. Teespring has it’s own mockup generator, so you can see what your designs are likely to look like before you spend any cash.

Unlike some POD companies, Teespring also works hard to get your products to your customers as quickly as possible, and you can even track the orders of clients in real-time in some cases. Another major advantage is you don’t need to start from scratch with promotion.

Teespring has its own marketplace, as well as a “Boosted Network” option, which allows you to benefit from additional promotion to an existing range of buyers. You can significantly improve your chances of getting sales this way.


The services of Teespring don’t come with a monthly subscription cost, so you pay just for the base price of your products, the costs of customization, and shipping to your audience. You’ll be able to choose the price of your finished products, so you have complete control over your profits.

Teespring also offers some helpful guidance for beginners on how to price products if you’re new to selling online.

Pros 👍

  • Existing marketplace and boosted network for promotion
  • Lots of product options and customizations
  • Straightforward and simple ordering process
  • Intuitive interface for business owners
  • Mockup generators to show you your designs

Cons 👎

  • Lots of competition on the marketplace
  • Each product needs to reach a sales cap to earn a profit

Who is this best for ✅

Though Teespring can be a little unusual to get used to for some, thanks to things like sales caps, and deadlines, it’s great for getting started online. You’ll get an existing audience to sell to, which can save you a lot of promotional headaches.

How to Choose a POD company for Selling Hats

There are plenty of companies out there offering a range of adjustable clothing products for modern entrepreneurs, the key to success is figuring out which features matter most to your chances of success online. Some factors to consider include:

  • Minimum order requirements: Some companies will require you to buy a specific number of hats every time you make a purchase. This can be problematic if you’re a smaller brand only getting a few orders at a time.
  • Fees: Print on demand companies can offer a range of different pricing structures. For most, you’ll need to pay for the base cost of your snapback hat or aprons, the cost of customizing the item, and prices for shipping. Some companies have monthly subscription fees too.
  • Range of product options: A wide range of product options is crucial if you want to sell a lot of different items. Look for companies selling everything from women’s caps to twill hats and beanies. The more custom caps you can create, the better.
  • Printing options: Whether printing one hat at a time or focusing on bulk orders, you want to be able to create high-quality images. Look for companies offering everything from digitization to cut and sew or embroidery.
  • Shipping costs and times: The faster you can get your products your customers, the happier and more loyal they’ll become. Look for quick shipping in a few business days.

You can also think about things like low-profile packaging and labelling, templates to help you with your designs, and mock-up generators.

Finding Your POD Hat Company

If you love the idea of selling custom hats, but you don’t want to spend a fortune setting up your own business, finding the right POD hat brand is essential. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there for today’s creative entrepreneurs. Take your time to explore your options carefully, and make sure you know exactly what kind of products you want to sell before diving in.

Don’t forget to look beyond the possibility of selling hats too. You may find you want to expand your product portfolio at a later time. 

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