The Best Print-on-Demand Jewelry Dropshipping Companies

Are you looking for the best print-on-demand jewelry service? Though dropshipping and print-on-demand solutions are growing increasingly popular as a powerful business strategy, a lot of people still don’t understand the scope of what these services can offer. Print-on-demand companies can produce a huge range of products, including custom jewelry items.

As with most print-on-demand products, the kind of custom jewelry items you can create will depend on the POD company you’re working with. Some will offer personalized engravings for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, while others will add custom prints to vinyl or statement pieces.

If you’re planning on adding jewelry to your print-on-demand product list, finding the right company to work with is crucial. Here are some of our top choices for print-on-demand services.

1. Printful

Printful is one of the leading print-on-demand companies in the world today for a reason. The service provider is well-known for offering a huge range of products, ranging all the way from tote bags and phone cases, to socks and keychains. For print-on-demand jewelry requirements, Printful offers custom engraved jewelry for bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

You can choose from a range of attractive-looking jewelry products, including items in sterling silver, and allow customers to personalize the products on your store. There’s also the option to add your own special engravings to designs and sell them that way instead.

The cool thing about Printful Jewelry is, when paired with Shopify, you can add the mock-up generator within the system to your store, so people can actually see how their chosen design changes when they’re adding the text they want.

Pros 👍

  • Professional-looking jewelry designs
  • Custom engraving options with Shopify integration
  • Range of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • High-quality service with excellent customer support
  • Easy-to-use environment

Cons 👎

  • Only offers jewelry engravings

Best for ✅

Printful is an excellent choice if you want to add new products to your portfolio and you’re already selling various Print-on-Demand items. With Printful, you can create personalized jewelry with the same dropshipper service you use to create wall art and apparel. Everything is easy to use, and you get great mockups for use in your product pages and facebook ads.

If you need help learning how to link your Shopify and Printful accounts, you can find our behind-the-scenes advice here.

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2. Printify

Printify is another excellent print-on-demand company, well-known for its versatile selection of products. As a vendor network, Printify sources and prints products from partners around the world. This means your options for design will depend on the provider you choose. Compared to some alternatives, Printify’s selection of jewelry and accessories is somewhat limited. You can design things like dog tags and pendants, using custom engraving.

Printify also offers things like watch band customization, and the option to create jewelry boxes using your own designs too. However, you won’t have the wide range of jewelry printing options you can get from other POD companies more focused on accessories.

One compelling thing about Printify is its premium plan, which gives you 20% of all your orders. This is excellent if you’re planning on selling large volumes of products. You can use the premium plan to sell not just jewelry, but a range of other accessories like bags, face masks, and watches too. This is ideal for businesses looking to sell a wide portfolio of products.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent premium plan for discounts
  • Wide range of products
  • Convenient custom engraving
  • Ability to work with multiple vendors
  • Cost-effective shipping

Cons 👎

  • Not many jewelry options

Best for ✅

If you already have an extensive product line using the Printify environment, and you just want to add a few new items into the mix, this is the choice for you. Though the product catalog for jewelry is low here, you can add a couple of high-quality accessories into your offering to make your business stand out.

If you need help learning how to link your Shopify and Printify accounts, you can find our behind-the-scenes advice here.

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3. Shop3D

Shop3D might not be as well-known as Printify and Printful, but it’s an excellent choice for jewelry print-on-demand requirements. The Shop3D company offers an extensive range of jewelry personalization options, so you can capture customer attention through 3D-printed designs.

Shop3D has its own dedicated Print on Demand app for Shopify, making it super easy to add print-on-demand jewelry functionality to your store. While most companies in the POD space offer engraving for customization, Shop3D is one of the market leaders in high-quality 3D printed jewelry, thanks to its state-of-the-art 3D printing machines.

Shop3D is a great choice for smaller companies, because there’s no minimum order requirement. If you’re not a fan of 3D-printed products, you can work with goldsmiths and jewelry designers for unique creations too.

Unlike most standard print-on-demand companies, Shop3D offers a huge selection of jewelry products, including tie clips, necklaces, earrings, hairpins, bracelets, rings, and cufflinks. You can also choose between sterling silver, rose, yellow, and white gold, or even brass and bronze.

Pros 👍

  • High-quality materials for great jewelry
  • Stunning selection of custom design options
  • Fantastic for use with Shopify
  • Work with leading designer
  • Comprehensive finish options

Cons 👎

  • Can be expensive

Best for ✅

If you’re looking to create truly unique jewelry items so you can stand out from the crowd, it’s hard to go wrong with Shop3D. Designing your own 3D printed products is a great way to make your business stand out. Shop 3D creates quality products, and has no minimum order requirement for smaller businesses.

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4. Shineon

ShineOn is widely considered to be one of the most popular POD jewelry manufacturers available. The company creates and sells its own custom jewelry, while also giving other business leaders the opportunity to get in on the ground floor for extra profits.

Unlike most print-on-demand companies, ShineOn is one of the few to focus exclusively on jewelry and accessories. This means you can rest assured there’s going to be a wide range of products to choose from. Products include everything from custom keychains with engravings, to stunning silver and gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

One thing to keep in mind is ShineOn is a print-on-demand marketplace, rather than a print-on-demand traditional provider. Think Redbubble rather than Printify. However, there is a Shopify app so you can integrate ShineOn into your existing store. Interestingly, you can also add unique custom messages and gift-wrapping to your items to make them stand out a lot more.

ShineOn is best suited for companies selling products in the US, as products ship from a factory in Tampa Florida. However, if you are located in America, you should benefit from pretty speedy shipping.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent range of jewelry products
  • Lots of ways to customize your portfolio
  • Marketplace already exists to help you find customers
  • Fantastic high-quality items
  • Quick shipping in the US

Cons 👎

  • May be problematic for global sales

Best for ✅

ShineOn is a good option if you need an initial boost to help you find customers to sell jewelry too. You can create a product page for an existing audience in the ShineOn marketplace, rather than having to do all your promotional work alone.

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5. Beeoux

Beeoux is another well-known print on demand company focused specifically on jewelry. The popular service has integrations with leading ecommerce environments like Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Similar to other top POD ecommerce platforms, Beeoux has an extensive product catalog including everything from custom engraved products, to freeform sterling silver.

You can add all kinds of products to your Shopify store with Beeuox, including print-on-demand jewelry with full-color options, like watch bands and pendants. Although Beeuox primarily has fulfilment centers in the United States and Germany, the company can ship worldwide if you want to start selling to international customers.

A major benefit of Beeuox is, unlike most print on demand solutions, you won’t pay extra for shipping additional products to the same place. This is ideal if you generally sell a lot of products in bulk to customers.

Beeoux is one of the most diversified solutions for selling jewelry online, with tons of way to transform your brand through eye-catching accessories. Unfortunately, you will need to use another supplier if you want to sell t-shirts and other common print-on-demand products, as the service focuses exclusively on jewelry.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent range of jewelry design options
  • Integration with leading ecommerce tools
  • Affordable shipping worldwide
  • Great for selling in bulk
  • Regularly adds new products

Cons 👎

  • Only suitable for selling jewelry

Best for ✅

Beeoux is one of the best options for selling print on demand jewelry in a range of styles. There’s a wide selection of products to choose from, so you can build a huge catalog for customers. You’ll also get affordable shipping to connect with customers around the globe.

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How to Sell POD Jewelry with Shopify

Finding a company to design your jewelry, create your product mockups and send your items to customers is just the first step. Once you’ve chosen your POD service, you’ll also need a platform where you can display your items and attract customers.

Many of the POD solutions mentioned above come with integrations to help you easily link your designs to your online store. While there are all kinds of integrations for tools like Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce, the most popular choice is usually Shopify.

Shopify simplifies the process of adding print-on-demand products to your website. You can create a branded store quickly and easily with the use of convenient templates and a simple drag-and-drop builder. Once you’ve got your store, integrating with POD services, email marketing tools, and other crucial services is quick and simple.

Visit the app marketplace on Shopify to add the app for your preferred POD service. You’ll need to check there’s an integration available first – but a lot of the top providers do connect with Shopify. You should also be able to link your POD solution to Shopify from the other end, loading product images and content into specific pages for your site.

Make sure you check out this guide for linking Shopify with Printful for a guide to how you can connect a leading POD supplier to your store.

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Tips for Selling POD Jewelry

Selling print-on-demand jewelry with the help of the right dropshipping company is an excellent way to launch a profitable business with minimal initial investment. However, just like running any business, you’ll need the right strategy to make your efforts a success. Whether you’re looking tools like Gearbubble to sell trending accessories, or you’re trying to make a name selling high quality jewelry under your own brand, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Get the pricing right: If you’re selling the right quality of personalized jewelry, you should be able to make a decent profit on it. Make sure you know exactly how much of a profit margin you can expect from each item.
  • Expand your product catalog: Start with something simple, like custom necklaces and earrings, but gradually introduce new kinds of products for your customers. This is a great way to expand your sales potential and improve your brand image.
  • Make the most of seasonal demand: During certain days of the year, like mother’s day and valentine’s day, people are more likely to buy a piece of jewelry as a gift. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities with Facebook ads, promotions, and even discounts.
  • Know where to showcase your jewelry: If you want to sell jewelry online, you need to know how to get eyes on your pieces outside of your product page. Consider looking at visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram as a way to show off your wares.
  • Get samples: make sure you check you’re selling quality products by asking for samples of the items you’re going to be selling upfront. This will also allow you to take high-quality images for your product page. If you can’t master the photography yourself, pay for a professional to do it.
  • Commit to constant growth: Just because POD selling can be simpler than building a business from scratch, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be constantly working on your company. Make sure you’re exploring new marketing techniques, experimenting with SEO, and offering amazing customer service to help your business grow.

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Selling POD Jewelry

Selling POD or white label jewelry is an excellent way to build a name for yourself as a growing business. The jewelry market is growing increasingly popular among entrepreneurs, but there are still opportunities for companies to swoop in and take advantage of the vast sales landscape.

With the right POD solution, you’ll be able to select from a range of jewelry items, and watch your business grow in real-time. Remember to keep an eye on your sales statistics as your business evolves, so you can learn what kind of jewelry products your customers are most drawn to.

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