The Best Wix Apps to Use in 2023

The best Wix apps are a fantastic way for business leaders and website owners to enhance the functionality of their sites, with minimal effort.

On its own, Wix is a fantastic ecommerce website builder for creating a powerful online presence, with a range of phenomenal built-in features for sales, marketing, and customization. You don’t need any design skills to get started with Wix, and you can expand your website as much as you like, selling products and services, or producing blog posts and content on-demand.

However, as versatile as Wix is as a standalone solution, you may eventually discover a need for a new functionality within your website. That’s where the Wix “App Market” comes in.

The app market offers easy access to a range of different tools and solutions you can add to your Wix website with a couple of clicks. There’s no coding required, and many of the apps are even free to install.

The question is, which Wix apps are going to deliver the most value for your business?

What are the Best Wix Apps?

Here are some of the top options to consider in 2023.

  • Printful
  • DSers
  • Wix Chat
  • LiveChat
  • Wix Stores
  • Omnisend
  • WhatsApp
  • EasyBill
  • 123 Form Builder
  • Constant Contact


Printful is one of the most popular tools for “print on demand” dropshipping. If you’ve ever wanted to sell your own custom products without having to build an inventory and manage fulfillment yourself, Printful is the perfect solution. You can add your designs to over 340 premium products, ranging from apparel to accessories and homeware, and even create amazing mockups for your website.

The Printful integration for Wix ensures you can focus on building your brand, while the Printful team handles manufacturing and order fulfilment. Plus, there are a ton of ways to make your brand stand out, with custom packaging, pack-ins, and slips too.


  • Hundreds of print-on-demand products to choose from
  • Inventory syncing for tracking your orders
  • Customizable packing slips and branding elements
  • Help with returns and refunds
  • Built-in design tools for ads, mock-ups and more
  • Instant uploads to your Wix store
  • Worldwide shipping from a global network


It doesn’t cost anything to add Printful to your Wix store. There’s no monthly subscription for the service, so all you need to do is pay for your Wix subscription, and the cost of making and shipping your items. The exact price you’ll pay for each product will vary depending on the item you choose, your customization choices, and your shipping requirements.


DSers is another fantastic option for business owners interested in the dropshipping industry. Unlike with Printful, you won’t be adding custom designs to products here. Instead, you’ll simply choose from a range of pre-existing items from various global suppliers, which you can list and sell on your store. The DSers app connects you directly to the AliExpress marketplace, where you can find thousands of different products across virtually every category you can imagine.

The DSers app for Wix plugs directly into your online store, so you can quickly search for suppliers without leaving your admin portal. Once you’ve found a supplier, you can place batch orders or single orders with a couple of clicks. You can also automatically upload the products you want to sell to your website, along with images, product descriptions and pricing details.


  • Huge supplier network from AliExpress
  • Instantly automate orders between Wix and your suppliers
  • Worldwide shipping with various shipment options
  • Instant updates from suppliers
  • Order tracking numbers to keep customers up-to-date
  • Automatic selection for the cheapest costs and fastest delivery times


The free service for DSers is free to use, so you’ll only pay for the base cost of the product you’re going to be selling. The free package comes with access to inventory tracking, automated tracking numbers, unlimited orders, and product splitting options.

Wix Chat

As customers increasingly search for more streamlined ways to connect with ecommerce companies and store owners, chat has grown more popular. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need a complex chat system to start offering this feature to your clients. Wix Chat is a convenient tool which allows you to add your own custom chat widget to your website in a couple of seconds.

With Wix Chat, anyone who visits your store will be able to send your team a message and start a chat. You’ll receive all of the messages on your back-end, and you can respond using either your desktop or the mobile app. The simple solution can even send notifications to your phone directly when someone gets in touch.


  • Custom chat widget
  • Lead capture forms integrated into chat
  • Saved replies for rapid answers
  • Notifications for every message
  • Automatic greetings to proactively engage customers
  • Visitor info included with each message


The Wix Chat app is free to install to your website, with no monthly fees on top of your regular Wix subscription. However, it might be worth thinking about your budget for customer service if you want to have a team member on-hand at all times to respond to conversations.


If you like the idea of adding chat functionality to your website, but you want to take your digital customer service strategy to the next level, LiveChat could be the perfect solution. LiveChat is more than just your average chat app for Wix. It allows companies to combine various forms of messaging and consumer conversations into a unified backend for easy CX management. You can integrate your web chat functionality with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and more.

The LiveChat app for Wix makes it easy to grab customer attention with “Eye catcher” graphics and animations, designed to encourage conversations. Plus, there are a ton of customization options available, so you can make sure your chat app blends with the branding and themes for your website. Live Chat also comes with access to valuable analytics and insights about customer service and team performance, so you can optimize over time.


  • Eye catcher animations and visuals
  • Multiple customization options for your chat widget
  • Proactive chat greetings to help you close more deals
  • In-depth analytics and insights
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Ticketing system to track offline queries
  • Integrations with leading messaging apps and tools
  • Convenient back-end environment for agents


There’s a 14-day free trial available for Live Chat. After that runs out, you’ll need to choose one of the premium packages, which start at $20 per agent per month when billed annually for a 60-day chat history, basic widget customization, ticketing systems, and data security. There are also more expensive plans available for extra reporting tools, security features, and customer support.

Wix Stores

If you’re hoping to take your Wix website to the next level with your own dedicated ecommerce store, Wix Stores is the perfect solution. The powerful application allows you to add all of the store functions you need to your website. You can create a unique professional storefront, and customize your design, product pages, cart page, and more.

Plus, Wix Stores allows you to manage fulfillment form end-to-end, with inventory monitoring, order processing, and tools for setting custom shipping rates. You can also print shipping labels, track packages, and automate sales tax calculation all within your Wix admin dashboard. Wix Stores comes with a multitude of tools to help you increase sales too, such as support for omnichannel selling across Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, and custom SEO.


  • Custom product pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages
  • Display shipping and tax estimates at checkout and automate sales tax
  • Custom SEO plans and advanced SEO tools
  • Multi-channel selling for platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Secure online and offline payments with Wix Payments, Stripe and PayPal
  • Monitor inventory, process orders, print shipping labels and track packages


It’s free to install the Wix Stores app into your online store. However, if you want to enable ecommerce on your Wix store, you may need to upgrade to one of the Business and eCommerce plans offered by Wix. These start at an average of £15 per month for “Business Basic” which allows you to accept online payment, and increase your bandwidth and storage space.

Omnisend: Booking Emails and SMS

Staying connected with your clients and customers is an important part of running a successful online business. Fortunately, Omnisend can help. The Omnisend Booking emails and SMS app provides companies with a convenient way to automate and customize booking notifications via both SMS and emails. The product allows you to send automated emails and SMS messages when bookings are confirmed, scheduled, or cancelled.

What’s more, you can also send reminders to customers at specific times, to ensure you don’t miss out on an important conversation. The product comes with access to tools for building email lists and connecting with website visitors at the right moment. However, you will need a Wix Bookings application to get started.


  • Automated notifications for confirmed, cancelled and scheduled appointments
  • Reminders via SMS or email
  • Personalization for all booking messages
  • Custom domain signature for emails and custom number for SMS
  • Smart list-building tools like popups and promotions
  • Ready-made and customizable templates


While there is a free plan available for Omnisend, it will only give you support for reaching up to 250 customers, with 500 emails and 60 SMS messages per month. You’ll also need a Wix Bookings app and a Wix premium plan. The standard plan for Omnisend starts at $16 per month for up to 500 contacts, 6,000 emails per month, 60 SMS messages and unlimited web push notifications.

WhatsApp Contact Us

If you’re looking for a convenient way to give your customers more ways to reach out to your business, the WhatsApp Contact Us app for Wix could be a great choice. The solution allows you to add a simple “contact us” button to your website, which enables users to send direct messages to your team through their existing WhatsApp application.

You can customize the experience according to your customer service strategy, determining whether you want messages to be sent to a single individual, or multiple team members. In fact, you can add everyone in your company to the system if you like. There’s also a range of different customization options available for the WhatsApp button too.


  • Direct integration between Wix and WhatsApp
  • Customizable “contact us” button
  • Options to send automated promotions and updates through WhatsApp
  • Connect as many team members as you like to your WhatsApp app
  • Unlimited traffic options


The price you pay for the WhatsApp Contact Us button will depend on what kind of functionality you want. The “free” plan allows you to show your WhatsApp option on your homepage only, and the widget also includes a “Powered by Smartarget” message.

Alternatively, if you want to eliminate the Smartaget branding, access unlimited traffic, and experiment with a wide range of custom designs, you can opt for the paid plan, starting at £5.12 per month, when paid annually. The paid plan also allows you to add WhatsApp contact buttons to all of the pages of your website.


Easybill is a popular WhatsApp application, designed to help with invoice generation, and shipping data exporting. The online invoicing software enables business leaders to create a huge range of different invoices, quotes, and offers, quickly, and without design or coding knowledge. You can use the software to send recurring invoices automatically, and also remind your customers when they still have a balance left to settle.

With Easybill, you can also keep track of important data, like how many invoices you’ve sent in any given month, and how your cash flow is looking. The Wix app comes with a range of reports to download and access, as well as a host of tools to help you manage your tax strategies.


  • Send automated recurring or one-time invoices
  • Offers and quote generation
  • Reminders for unpaid invoices
  • Custom delivery notes and confirmations
  • Automated supplier orders
  • Credit note generation and business correspondence
  • Reports and analysis for cash flow


There are a few pricing options available for Easybill, starting with the free plan, which allows you to test all the features and automate various invoices. However, there are limitations on the number of customers you can send documents to, and there’s no support for recurring invoices.

The paid plans start at £12.98 per month on an annual plan, with no limits on your customer numbers, recurring invoices, 10 API requests per minute, and support for importing up to 500 sales per month.

123 Form Builder

Forms are an important tool for any ecommerce business owner. They’re crucial for collecting important information about leads and prospects for your company. However, in the past, building and implementing your own forms into your website has been a somewhat complex process. The 123 Form Builder and Payments app helps to streamline this process.

With this convenient app, you can build reliable and custom smart forms for volunteering, event registration, job applications, orders, surveys, bookings and newsletters, among a range of other things. The solution not only integrates with Wix, but also a range of other valuable tools like Mailchimp, Google Drive, and HubSpot, so you can instantly transfer data from your forms into the other tools you’re using.


  • Automatic file and payment collection
  • Autoresponders and notifications via SMS and email
  • PDF reports and upload fields
  • 1,900 templates for countless form types
  • Form and field conditional logic rules
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Google Drive, HubSpot, Dropbox and more
  • 5/24 human chat and email support
  • Drag-and-drop shareable survey builder
  • Support for managing transactions


There’s a free version of the 123 Form builder available which allows users to create 5 forms with up to 10 fields per form. You can also receive 100 form submissions per month, and access free live chat and email assistance. Plus, you get access to custom designs and 1800 templates.

The paid plans start at £2.77 per month for 8 forms per site with 30 fields per form, 1000 submissions per month, third party app integrations and rule sets, and no 123 Form Builder branding.

Constant Contact Form

Constant Contact Form is a simple add-on by Digioh, designed to help companies capture and convert leads. This powerful tool from the Wix app market integrates with your website builder with an automatic lightbox pop-up form. You can customize the form to suit your Wix site however you choose, changing font options, colors, and more.

Plus, to help increase your conversion rates and ensure you generate high quality leads, you can even choose your own powerful targeting rules to determine which users see your contact forms. The tool even integrates with the Constant Contact email marketing service, so you can automatically send emails to your potential customers to build trust.


  • Convenient and customizable forms for ecommerce websites
  • Trigger and targeting rules
  • Works with arrange of other marketing tools
  • Easy-to-use design elements
  • Integrations with email marketing for your site visitors
  • User friendly free plan


There’s a free plan available for up to 100 submissions, with powerful built-in targeting rules and extreme customization included. The Premium plan starts at £2.44 per month for unlimited email submissions and leads. Plus, you also get priority support and the option to remove constant contact branding from your site.

Choosing the Best Wix Apps

The best Wix apps can be a phenomenal addition to your small business website. You can use these tools for everything from enhancing your site search with a custom search bar, to tracking heatmaps for visitor analytics, creating FAQ posts, collecting customer reviews, and even converting prices into different currencies.

With the right Wix apps, companies can increase sales with a countdown timer, enhance their Wix blog with search engine optimization, collect insights for CRM optimization, or simply offer customers a wider range of coupon options and purchasing choices, such as different credit cards or Amazon checkout for payment.

With a simple button to add new functionality to your Wix site in real time, you’ll be driving increased sales, leads, and social media shares in no time.

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