The Complete BetterCommerce Review (Feb 2023)

Welcome to our ultimate BetterCommerce review. The ecommerce space is extremely competitive and without access to the best solutions, your brand may suffer. Large scale enterprises are in the same competing space as midsize and small businesses and this makes the competition a lot more difficult to overcome. However, BetterCommerce offers a solution that disrupts this narrative. The eCommerce service is an omnichannel commerce platform that provides the power of large-scale businesses to mid-size brands.

The solution doesn’t just present itself as a platform but also as a means to assist you in boosting sales via its features.

So in this BetterCommerce review, you will find out if this platform is as great as it presents itself, its primary features, ease of use, pros and cons, pricing, and frequently asked questions about the platform.

Let’s get started.

BetterCommerce Review: What is BetterCommerce?

BetterCommerce is a large-scale enterprise-grade omnichannel solution for eCommerce built to empower retailers to maximize revenue, stay ahead of the competition, and be more efficient.

BetterCommerce provides users with features required for sales management, purchasing, merchandising, inventory, customer marketing and experience, operations, and logistics. So the platform goes beyond being just a solution that helps you set up your online store but assists you in boosting sales, managing your business, and customer experience.

Simply put, Better Commerce is an eCommerce platform that does way more than assist you in setting up a store.

BetterCommerce Review: Overview

BetterCommerce was founded in 2015 and focuses on building headless tech solutions for mid-market retailers and brands. With regards to APIs, customer intelligence, and platform functionality, BetterCommerce offers the kind of functionality you would expect with a solution tailored to large-scale organizations. However, its focus is primarily on mid-sized businesses.

The primary reason most brands would want to opt for BetterCommerce is the out-of-the-box advanced features, ability to boost conversion rate (this is actually one of their strongest selling points), and amazing flexibility of the tool. The solution provides self-service features and even inbuilt tools that assist you in running and establishing your business with little to no workload and few in-person staff.

The solution is relevant to both B2B and B2C brands and can seamlessly replace or enhance your current integrations, processes, plugins, and systems.

Also, BetterCommerce runs with a 100% API-first philosophy. This means that with BetterCommerce the power is given to the user to decide how the commerce platform can be customized or implemented. The solution is based on an entirely open rest API architecture so the tool provides ample opportunity for innovation creativity without the limitations of development or technology. With their API you can easily extend any aspect of the tool, integrate fresh technologies, and customize your online store however you choose.

BetterCommerce Review: Ease of Use

BetterCommerce is built to easily and quickly integrate with your current systems. This is a major consideration when it comes to ease of use. If your business is already working with a specific model and system it’s extremely draining to have to overhaul all of it when you want to migrate to a new platform. However, with BetterCommerce this isn’t an issue as the setup is extremely fast. Plus, once your store is live BetterCommerce hands you the driver’s seat, as there are tons of self-service capabilities that cut down on developer dependence and a sizable set of enterprise tools via the platform’s intuitive BusinessHub.

Also, as we’ve already stated BetterCommerce is built on an entirely open REST API architecture. In addition, the solutions architecture is language-agnostic as well as compatible with all front-end code. The implication of this is that if you want to develop the front-end you can use whatever language that’s easier for you; JavaScript, PHP, .NET, or whatever.

That said, a major factor determining ease of use when it comes to BetterCommerce is the insane control that they give you as the user. So if you consider being in control of everything even to the minutest of details as easy-to-use then BetterCommerce satisfies this. For instance, while the BetterCommerce platform is hosted in Azure, they offer businesses that require additional control a ton of hosting models such as a hybrid of cloud and on-premise, cloud hosting, and on-premise.

BetterCommerce Review: Features

The standout factor with BetterCommerce is that the platform offers certain features and functions that other eCommerce platforms provide as advanced features as standard. You get access to tons of advanced out-of-the-box features right from the get-go with BetterCommerce. Also as we have already mentioned BetterCommerce is built with headless API-philosophy, which means that most of its features shine with regards to the customization of an eCommerce platform and are flexible to your specific needs.

That said, let’s look at some of the major features of this solution.


This function allows you to connect all of your sales channels to build a seamless customer experience, strengthen your customer support center and also provide contemporary shopping options like buying online and pick up in-store with your data on all channels synced. This is extremely powerful as it allows you to control and manage different segments of an online business from one location. So your support team, for example, we’ll be able to gain access to vital data as well as work in sync with marketing and every other department. This helps in building customer experience and service.

Contemporary customers demand targeted, relevant, and intuitive experiences when they opt for engaging with a particular business and brand on any front or channel. BetterCommerce provides you with a responsive and dedicated website, mobile app, and an in-store hub to cover all bases that customers may reach you on.

The solution ensures state-of-the-art device responsiveness by central management of all channels. So regardless of the device of your audience, the content and design will adjust automatically to provide them with a top-quality customer experience.

BetterCommerce also receives and captures data across all your channels and enables your team to create a personalized performance for a top-notch customer experience. Be it seamless checkouts, reminders, or customized promotions.

SEO Functionality

BetterCommerce provides the necessary tools needed to boost your store’s search engine performance with functions like improved page ranking, URL rewrites, site map, shopping feeds, and customizable meta-rules. If you are advanced in SEO these may not matter but for beginners and middle-level users, these functions can go a long way in helping you manage and organize your search engine optimization processes.


When consumers are going to be making transactions in your store security is an important feature and BetterCommerce delivers here. BetterCommerce provides a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for security. Beyond this, the platform takes advantage of the inbuilt security features of Azure it’s hosting service. The hosting service is known for frequent scans searching for new and known threats. The safety features are also contained within the solution and it doesn’t rely on third-party plugins for security.

Flexible Multi-Store

BetterCommerce allows you to run multiple stores from one interface and even share your content across several stores that you manage, as well as define a worldwide catalog that you can use across particular stores.

But that’s not all. BetterCommerce allows you to take your business global by enabling you to run different domains for unique locations from one centralized hub. Further, it enables brands to go multi-currency and multilingual, which maximizes and enhances the quality of your reach. You also can have location-specific pricing listed and can control and build additional stores, brands, and country-specific stores from the centralized hub.

API-First Philosophy

This is one of the most powerful features that BetterCommerce offers. The API-first philosophy allows your business to stay agile in an ever-changing digital and eCommerce landscape. The possibilities are endless with how you can manage and control your store due to this function. Because of this feature, you won’t be limited in using BetterCommerce due to development or technological restrictions.

B2B Commerce Functions

If you run a wholesale business, BetterCommerce has a bunch of functions that enable you to boost your wholesale operations such as custom pricing quote management, corporate account management, the ability to accept many payment options inclusive of offline payment and credit check.

AI Capability

Artificial intelligence is a major feature that makes BetterCommerce stand out from its competitors. With their AI functions, you will be able to deliver an enhanced personalized customer experience and even save expenses on manpower as these functions can carry out predictions, computations, and decisions all stemming from artificial intelligence in a bid to boost your business growth.

Analytics and Marketing

The solution provides business analytics to help your business grow such as scheduled reports, alerts, and real-time performance analytics designed specifically for eCommerce.

It will also aid your marketing processes. BetterCommerce offers an in-depth toolset that excels in enhancing web traffic and boosting sales. It is one of the few eCommerce solutions that provide advanced marketing and conversion tools for business growth acceleration. The tool supercharges your marketing promotions with the help of their merchandising tools that seamlessly align adverts, content, and goods.

They even help you in delivering campaigns at the appropriate time. You get access to customer insights that help in creating personalized ads based on real-time data. Their customer insights are from a behavioral analysis mixed with an integrated analysis.

Mobile App

In today’s consumer market mobile phones are the choice and most preferred shopping medium for shoppers. So with the unavailability of easy-to-use mobile applications, shoppers may stop using a particular brand or choose another. To tackle this BetterCommerce provides white-labeled iOS apps alongside its customizable source code. So you can seamlessly customize the mobile app’s design and include fresh dimensions to the offers.

Enhanced Business Functions (Integrated PIM and OMS)

BetterCommerce allows you to build an eCommerce store beyond limitations and offers some powerful business functions such as automated order fulfillment that allows for multi-channel shipping inventory and order and accurate inventory in all channels. There’s a PIM (Product Information Management) feature that allows you to set up your products with rich and powerful product information as well as an OMS function that enables you to ship, track, and automate your fulfillment. This is all possible via headless and composable commerce that ensures your eCommerce build remains dynamic and above changing limitations always.

We’ll focus on these two below (PIM and OMS).

PIM (Product Information Management)

BetterCommerce offers more than 80 features that will help boost your product information management capacity. Some of such features include the following:

Enhanced Product Data Organization and Enrichment

This enables you to seamlessly import from an Excel CSV and link up to your ERP to create your central product repository. Plus, with this feature, you can enrich your product data with rich content video links, and unlimited images.

Product Data Unification

With this feature, you can have unified data for all your teams as well as sell your offers from anywhere with real-time accurate information across every channel. You can even share your product catalog with upstream and downstream partners.

Integrated Visual Merchandising Tool

This function enables you to manipulate your product display for simply aesthetic purposes or aligning with your business’ Key Performance Index. All of this can be done with a basic drag-and-drop feature.

Central Product Repository

The central product repository feature ensures that you can seamlessly translate and adapt your product information to different international standards as well as marketplace requirements as you have one source of truth for everything and all data types.

Extendable Custom Attributes

With this PIM ability, you can extend the attributes of your product based on their categories to offer relevant product data to shoppers as well as enable your merchandising team to control product information effectively.

Multilingual Content Management

With this, you can control multi-lingual rich content, meta information, product reviews, YouTube videos, and multiple images, all within the PIM.

n-level Product Classification

BetterCommerce’s PIM offers this function that enables you to build n-level classification to design category landing pages.

Unlimited Variants

You can create unlimited variants and maintain SKU-level content and inventory which makes it easier for your team to manage data.

Beyond these, there are more features of the PMI function such as personalized bundles, bundle products, Lookbooks, etc.

OMS (Order Management System)

BetterCommerce offers a headless OMS app that is used to support multi-channel shipping, stock, and order management that ensures you unify the whole order lifecycle and don’t lose out on any revenue opportunity. Some of the features of the OMS function include:

Multichannel Shipping Order and Inventory

This allows you to automate and streamline your order fulfillment inventory, warehouse, and everything in between. Plus, you can integrate over 20+ couriers including FedEx, Royal Mail, DP Hermes, and much more.

Accurate Inventory on All Channels

With this too you can have real-time inventory sync on all your sales channels. And even complete visibility of your stock across every location.

Paperless Warehouse

The OMS function provides a mobile app to help you have control of the goods received, pick-pack ship, put away, and the returns process. You’ll be able to automate and boost your warehouse operations efficiency.

Smart Routing

Your orders will be automatically routed to the most optimized delivery location based on the destination postcode, which cuts down on overall shipping time and costs.

Stock Valuation

One of the toughest values to get in business is the current value of your stock. However, BetterCommerce enables you to get a clear picture of your stock value to the cost of goods sold.

Loyalty Program Functions

Customer loyalty is one of the most powerful aspects of eCommerce business growth. And with BetterCommerce, they provide a membership function that allows you to run both tiered and paid membership plans to boost customer loyalty and lifetime value.

You can also offer discounts and promotions to specific customer segments based on BetterCommerce’s artificial intelligence-driven capabilities, particularly the RFM algorithm.

PreBuilt Templates

You can launch a new eCommerce store very fast using this solution as they provide a pre-built storefront with every feature out-of-the-box.

Subscription-based Capability

BetterCommerce provides a subscription module that enables you to offer extremely flexible subscription models to consumers which aid in boosting customer loyalty.

Sell on Other Marketplaces

With BetterCommerce you can sell on many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and others right from the platform. You will also have the ability to manage your data in BetterCommerce and transfer them to every connected marketplace.

In-store Sales

Ecommerce goes beyond just selling and fulfilling online. If you run a physical store but confirm sales online you can connect your POS and boost your in-store experience. With BetterCommerce’s API-first headless philosophy you can provide an omnichannel experience on mobile, in-store, or online. You can just connect your POS and gain access to a customer 360 view, which implies a connection of data like online transactions, behavior, etc. to all channels to increase customer engagement.

Product Functions

BetterCommerce allows you to improve your conversion rate and offer personalized product recommendations. And you can also set your pricing and stock with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop capability.

BetterCommerce Review: Customer Support

A major perk of the BetterCommerce solution is their top-notch support from experts. The brand provides you with assistance from a team of experts who offer support during the whole project period (when you start building your store) from answers to technical questions to advice on advertising on various platforms and query resolutions. They even extend support to post-launch of your website if required.

Beyond the spectrum, BetterCommerce provides technology companies with system integrations and a community of digital agencies that aid in delivering flexible and powerful eCommerce solutions. So at every stage of your eCommerce journey, they offer help; at the start of your project, during the process, and after launch.

BetterCommerce Review: Pricing

BetterCommerce offers a unique pricing model with no fixed prices. The cost for access to the service is completely custom. You just have to pick a module that suits your particular need, fill out a form about your business and they’ll contact you regarding the cost of the solution.

BetterCommerce Review: Pros and Cons

Every solution no matter how great has its pros and cons. So in this BetterCommerce review, we’ll be looking at some of such for the platform.


  • BetterCommerce allows you to run multiple stores from a single location and even share content across them.
  • You can offer multi-currency options depending on the location of your audience.
  • This solution provides you with AI capability that enables seamless customer service.
  • BetterCommerce has omnichannel functions and allows you to sync data across various channels; mobile, in-store, and website.
  • The features provided aren’t just for building and designing your eCommerce store but enable you to boost your business, make more sales, amplify customer service and experience, and lots more.
  • The solution is extremely flexible and customizable.


  • BetterCommerce offers a pricing structure that isn’t fixed. And for brands that need a clear pricing model for budget allocation, the custom quote feature may be a problem.
  • The commerce solution offers so many features that it may get a bit confusing for newbies.
  • To carry out in-depth customization via their open API you will require a bit of technical know-how.
  • BetterCommerce may just be way too much for beginners to handle due to all the many features and functions.

BetterCommerce Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Utilize 3rd Party Apps to Enhance my Website’s Ability?

Yes, you can include services like payment processes, maps, and shipping without having to code.

How Much Does BetterCommerce Cost?

Their pricing models are built to match the size of your company as well as your specific requirements.

Does BetterCommerce Add Payment Gateway Fees in Pricing?

No, the fees of payment gateways are not included in the price per order.

Does BetterCommerce Support Bulk Data Migration?

Yes, the platform supports bulk imports and with AI, it maps the data to categories and brands.

BetterCommerce Review: Conclusion

BetterCommerce stands out completely from what you’d expect from a regular eCommerce platform in so many ways. For example, it provides an open API that allows you to customize your store however you choose. There’s also no set pricing structure, you get a custom quote based on the size of your business and your specific requirements. And it doesn’t just focus on providing a platform to help you build your store but offers enough functions to facilitate business growth. These features and more make BetterCommerce unique. But is this uniqueness right for your brand?

The Verdict

BetterCommerce is an excellent choice for mid-sized businesses who want maximum control over their store and require not just a drag and drop platform but other functions for their business growth. This may not be the best choice for small businesses as the features may simply be overwhelming.

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