Editor X vs Squarespace (Feb 2023): The Complete Guide

When it comes to choosing the right tool for building your own website, the choice between Editor X vs Squarespace can be tough to make. Both solutions are easy-to-use and powerful tools, designed to help you create the ultimate website with very little effort.

Editor X promises a professional website designing experience with a host of customization options. You can access custom breakpoints, which means it’s easier to go “outside the lines” with your website design. Editor X supports advanced responsive layouts, flexible creative components, and essentially gives you everything you need to make your website stand out.

Alternatively, Squarespace is widely regarded as one of the most reliable tools for building creative portfolio and artistic websites on the market. The solution comes with a host of customisation options to choose from too, as well as plenty of powerful templates to get you started.

In our Editor X vs Squarespace comparison, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the major differences between the two choices.

Editor X vs Squarespace: An Introduction

Editor X is a flexible custom website designing tool built by the creators of Wix. Relatively new to the market, the service only launched in 2021, and has been gradually gaining attention from business leaders ever since. What makes Editor X compelling is it’s approach to creative, flexible design.

Unlike the majority of leading website design tools, Editor X is all about giving you the complete freedom you need to make a website that stands out from the crowd, with custom breakpoints for the ultimate in responsivity.

You can access CSS grid support, flexible layout repeater tools, and a unique “Layouter” module which allows you to seamlessly adjust the components of your site for any view.

Squarespace has been around for a lot longer than Editor X, launching in 2004. The website building solution is perfect for those in search of ease of use, with a drag-and-drop building structure so you can quickly put various aspects of your site together without any coding knowledge.

Though Squarespace isn’t quite as flexible as Editor X, it does have a lot of options for business leaders looking to stand out from the crowd. The solution is feature-rich and easy to use, with tons of beautiful templates. In fact, many people regard Squarespace to be the ultimate tool for building creative websites for artists.

Editor X vs Squarespace: Features

Editor X and Squarespace have a lot in common from a broad perspective. They’re both feature-rich platforms capable of enabling everything from simple portfolio creation to complex website design. You can even create ecommerce stores with each solution.

Squarespace offers a host of award-winning pre-designed templates for your website, so you can create a beautiful looking site with minimal effort. You can build an integrated marketplace into your store, sell services, schedule appointments, and even manage various forms of taxes within your website builder. Some of the key features of Squarespace include:

  • Templates: The award-winning templates are some of the best features you’ll find on Squarespace. Excellent for grabbing attention and making you stand out in a creative environment; Squarespace will make your website look fantastic.
  • Blogging: If you want to create a blog for showcasing your industry knowledge, there’s an excellent blog manager to help you keep track of everything. You’ll also get advanced analytics and SEO tools, to help you strengthen your position on the search engines.
  • Portfolios: Squarespace is great for designing high-quality portfolios for your creative work if you’re an artist. There are great one-page designs, and plenty of beautiful templates to choose from.
  • Marketing: Aside from blogging, Squarespace allows you to build your website’s presence with a host of other marketing tools. You can access email marketing within your website building environment, and social media tools to share content online.
  • Video Maker: The recently introduced video maker for Squarespace allows you to create beautiful videos for your website, with excellent editing and free graphical components to make your content stand out.
  • Enterprise and expert solutions: If you need extra help building an enterprise site, or you want support from an expert in building your score, or connecting APIs, you can hire professionals through Squarespace.
  • Ecommerce: You’ll have complete access to a range of ecommerce templates, tools for selling products and services, a customizable checkout with multiple payment options, and tax calculation support.
  • Domains: You can also find and purchase a domain with Squarespace, or transfer an existing domain into your store.

Squarespace is great for combining customization with simplicity, whereas Editor X is a little more complex. You’ll still get a host of features for blogging, selling products, and more, but you’ll also be able to dive deeper into the coding behind your website with Editor X.

For developers with a desire for unique capabilities in their store, the bonus features of Editor X can be extremely useful. There’s also a bunch of unique features to help you customize things without too much code. Some of the features of Editor X include:

  • Ecommerce: Like Squarespace, Editor X will allow you to build your own immersive online store where you can except a range of payments for various products and services. The ecommerce functionality is just as advanced as what you’d get from Squarespace.
  • Blogging: The blog tools from Editor X are built on the Wix blog app, which gives you basic functionality for publishing content online. However, there aren’t quite as many as advanced features here as you’d get from Squarespace.
  • Collaboration: Editor X allows you to work together with other professionals on the development of the perfect website, with advanced roles and permissions, shareable design libraries and more.
  • Marketing: Editor X will allow you to access simple integrations to boost your marketing capabilities, as well as some basic SEO tools.
  • Advanced developer tools: Developer tools like the Repeater allow you to display unique content in multiple boxes with the same styling. There’s also the “Layouter”, which automatically creates responsive boxes for your content which adjust to each viewpoint. Smart docking automatically attaches the closest edges of designs to parent containres, and there are layers for viewing and managing various elements of your page.
  • Design components: Advanced design components like text scales, theme management, design asset libraires, custom menus, viewpoint control, stacks, and container padding all give you a lot more control over how your website looks.
  • CSS grid: The CSS grid within Editor X is perfect for giving developers and those with coding knowledge more control over how a website looks and responds in any environment. You’ll also find dozens of tools for JavaScript and APIs.

Since there’s quite a lot of additional complexity to deal with on Editor X, the solution also comes with access to Academy X, which is essentially a learning landscape where you can discover how the different tools work.

Editor X vs Squarespace: Performance

From a performance perspective, you’ll get a pretty consistent experience from both Squarespace and Editor X. To begin with, Editor X is very easy to get started with. Opening an account only takes a couple of minutes with both services. Neither platform will ask you for any credit card details to use the free versions either.

Editor X welcomes you into the interface with 28 flexible templates to choose from, or you can start with a basic blank canvas and start building from scratch. The templates will give you a bit of a kickstart, but the blank canvas is great for flexibility. You’ll also be able to filter through multiple choices to help find the one best for you.

Squarespace has a lot more options to choose from when you’re first getting started, so you’ll be able to browse through tons of templates to find what you need. Just keep in mind these templates are a little less flexible in regard to customization. If you don’t have a lot of time or developer knowledge for editing, it might help to stick with Squarespace.

When you reach the point of actually editing your new site, this is where you’ll begin to see some of the most significant differences between the two builders. Editor X is definitely a lot more advanced, and a bit more complicated to get started with. You may need at least some basic coding knowledge to make the most out of this service.

Squarespace can be a little tricky to pick up at first, but it’s overall a lot easier to use for beginners than Editor X. Everything you need is already built into the ecosystem, and there’s a drag-and-drop system for your website design.

While both of these tools perform very well, it’s worth noting the developer-friendly editor X is likely to be much harder to use, and better suited to those with advanced tech and coding skills.

Editor X vs Squarespace: Customer Support

Subscriptions to website building tools generally come with some manner of customer support included with all regular and ecommerce plans. This support ensures you can make the most of your web design tools with minimal stress.

Editor X allows you to reach out to the customer service team by requesting a phone call back, or sending an email. The integrated chatbot within the service makes it easier for any small business leader to reach out for tutorials and tips on everything from SSL to HTML.

Squarespace doesn’t offer any phone support, but live chat and email support are available if you have issues with the drag-and-drop editor. A relatively small learning curve should mean you don’t have too much trouble figuring out how to do most things on your own anyway.

Self-help resources are available for both digital products, where you can find more information about website plans, ecommerce features, and more. There are FAQ answers, step-by-step guides, and even helpful videos to get you started.

While neither app offers the best user experience when it comes to accessing the support team, the service isn’t terrible either. Just expect to have to spend a little time learning how to use your site builder on your own.

Editor X vs Squarespace Pricing Plans

Pricing will always be an important consideration when it comes to accessing user-friendly website creation.

Editor X Pricing

Editor X offers a free forever service, as well as a range of paid plans. Similar to the Wix.com eco-system, the pricing for Editor X will depend on whether you’re looking for ecommerce platforms for taking online payments, or you just want to build a basic website.

Pricing options for a standard website include:

  • Essential: £15 per month: Free domain for a year, no branding, SSL certificate, and 10GB of storage space with 1 hour of video.
  • Extra: £24 per month: All the features of Essential plus 20GB of storage space, 2hours of video, visitor analytics for a year and social media logo files.
  • Ultra: £35 per month: All the features of Extra, plus 35GB of storage space 5 video hours, visitor analytics, and dedicated customer care.

All packages come with a £75 ad voucher. If you want to upgrade to ecommerce functionality, options include:

  • Launch: £20 per month: Secure online payments, plans and recurring payments, customer accounts, custom domain, free domain for a year, and no branding. 20GB of storage space and 5 hours of video.
  • Boost: £45 per month: All the features of Launch with 35GB of storage and 10 hours of video.
  • Scale: £150 per month: All the features of Boost with 50GB of storage and unlimited video, with customized reports for analytics.

Squarespace Pricing

Pricing for Squarespace starts at $16 per month with a free custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, SEO features, and video storage. This is the only package without access to ecommerce functionality. If you want to be able to accept payments, you’ll need:

  • Business: $16 per month for all the features of the personal plan, plus premium blocks and integrations, professional email from Google and fully integrated ecommerce.
  • Commerce: $23 per month for all the features of Business, plus no commerce transaction fees, and checkout for your domain, with customer accounts.
  • Advanced Commerce: $27 per month for all the features of Commerce, plus gift cards, subscriptions, and abandoned cart recovery.

Prices above, are available for annual plans.

At a glance, Squarespace seems like a more budget friendly option, but it’s worth remembering you get more fonts, custom code, and other unique responsive design features with the Editor X solution provided by the Wix website team.

If you’re a freelancer looking to take PayPal payments and experiment with plugins, Squarespace may be one of the more affordable providers on the market. However, if you want the best website builder for freedom and creativity, it may be worth spending extra on the Editor X Wix app.

Editor X vs Squarespace: Verdict

With a range of premium plan options to choose from, and countless ways to expand your store through tools like app market access or Wix editor code, both Editor X and Squarespace are great for a wide range of companies. With both tools you can access your own domain name, although Editor X is the only option with a free plan.

Ultimately, Editor X is ideal if you want more freedom, like you’d expect with an open-source solution like WordPress. Alternatively, Squarespace is ideal if you want to access creative website building with all the tools you need built-in, like you’d get with Shopify.

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