FatJoe: Streamlining Link-Building for SEO Success

Link-building is a key factor in achieving high search engine rankings, as it indicates the quality and relevance of a website. However, building these links can be an arduous process, requiring a significant investment of time and resources. FatJoe, a UK-based company founded in 2012, offers a convenient and efficient solution to this challenge.

In this article, we will explore the services that FatJoe provides, and how they can benefit two types of customers: business owners seeking to improve their own SEO performance and SEO managers or agencies looking to enhance their service packages.

Link Building & Blogger Outreach

For most businesses, link-building through guest-blogging can be an exceptionally time-intensive process with many touchpoints and nurturing needed for any links to come to fruition. FatJoe offers a streamlined dashboard for this entire process, including content writing services, which simplifies the process significantly.

To place an order, simply select the number of placements required across the range of domain authority rankings available, choose the length of the content (articles are by default 500 words but can be expanded in length as an add-on), and write the anchor text for the link to be included in the article. FatJoe recommends varying the length and quality of placements for optimal results, and their sales dashboard makes it easy to adjust orders based on specific needs.

Content Production and Promotion

As an add-on to their blogger outreach service, FatJoe also offers on-demand content writing and infographic creation services, split by content length. For businesses looking to improve their SEO performance, FatJoe provides competitively priced content writing packages for blogs, educational articles, press releases, page copy, and reviews.

To commission an article, select the type of content required, set the word count, briefly describe the title or concept, explain the website or target audience, suggest some keywords or phrases to rank for, and select the writing style. Articles are typically completed within three days, but this can vary depending on the length of the content ordered. If revisions are needed, a simple process allows managers to “Request Amendments,” which are forwarded directly to the writer and typically returned within two days.

Infographic Design

Infographics are a popular way of presenting branded findings and research as they are eye-catching, communicate data effectively, and are easily shared and amplified through social media channels. FatJoe’s in-house design team creates branded infographics to order, with pricing scaling according to the complexity of the order. Their content team can also carry out research against the brief. It’s worth noting that revisions are only available at higher price tiers, but infographic deliverables are fully editable if required.

FatJoe’s infographic design service can be coupled with their outreach service if businesses are interested in promoting the content outside of their own channels without much leg-work.

SEO Tools & Resources

FatJoe provides a range of SEO tools and resources to help businesses track their ranking and generate ideas for their blog posts. FATRANK is a free tool for checking how various sites are ranking for specific keywords and allows users to export this data as a CSV for analysis. It’s a zippy tool that’s easy to use but only checks for the first 100 results.

The blog title generator is another helpful tool that generates a list of potential blog-post ideas from a single phrase or keyword. While not always perfect, the output is immediate and consistently helpful.


FatJoe’s services simplify the link-building process, making it easy for businesses to improve their SEO performance. With their user-friendly dashboard and efficient processes, businesses can focus on other important aspects of their operations while FatJoe takes care of their link-building needs. Their range of tools and resources also provides valuable support to businesses looking to improve their SEO strategy.

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