How to Create a Custom Dropshipping Store in 2023

Dropshipping may not make you instantly rich, but it can be profitable if you’re prepared to put in the hard work. That’s probably why as many as 27% of online retailers use drop shipping to fulfill customer orders.

So, keep reading if you’re considering dropshipping as either a new business venture or a side hustle. This guide is for anyone without the time or expertise to set up their own dropshipping store from scratch. Instead, they can turn to a custom dropshipping store.

This begs the question:

What Exactly Is a Custom Dropshipping Store?

In a nutshell, a custom dropshipping store is an eCommerce website built on your behalf with dropshipping at the forefront. Such online stores are usually created by a knowledgeable and skilled team of web developers, designers, and marketing specialists. Their focus is on your individual needs and vision. On top of this, their work should be supported by research to ensure they create an end product that enables you to run a dropshipping business within a niche you’re familiar with.

But, of course, appearances aren’t all that matters. A custom dropshipping store has to be fully functioning with no technical glitches. That’s where a team of experts can help to deliver a headache-free solution. In light of that, we’ve recently launched such a service at eCommerce Platforms. It’s ideal for anyone interested in dropshipping. In fact, you can start an eCommerce business in just a few clicks. More specifically, all our custom dropshipping stores include the following:

  • A personal store manager
  • Shopify account set up
  • Brand building (including brand logo design and a style guide)
  • Web design customization
  • Product listings
  • Shopify setup
  • Store design
  • Access to reliable handpicked dropshipping suppliers
  • A .com domain
  • A starter guide
  • Email templates

Delivery time depends on which of our price plans you go for (we’ll discuss these in a bit). However, as a guide, anyone on the Starter Plan generally receives their store in around 48 hours, and those on the Premium Plan, in seven days. That said, sometimes you’ll receive all the above in as little as 24 hours.

Lastly, on our website, you’ll also find a handy calculator that you can use to estimate your monthly earnings on each product you sell. Simply use the slide tool to set your product’s base price, the estimated number of units sold, and the profit margin. With this info, the calculator should be able to predict your monthly revenue.

Traditional Ecommerce

If, after reading this and doing further research into dropshipping, you decide that the business model isn’t for you, fear not; we can still help. We also support entrepreneurs interested in more traditional eCommerce.

For example, this may be you if:

  • You want to redesign your existing ecommerce store
  • You want to sell your own products online
  • You want to launch your own eCommerce store
  • You want to sell online as well as offline

If you fall into any of the above categories but don’t have the time or the technical know-how to execute your eCommerce-related venture, we can help.

For example, you may want us to help you start your eCommerce brand from scratch or scale your business to the next level. As you may already know, using an agency can be prohibitively expensive as well as time-consuming. In contrast, eCommerce Platforms offer an all-in-one solution for:

  • Store design
  • Products listings (including product descriptions)
  • Brand development
  • The creation of legal web pages

In this case, in common with our dropshipping customers, you’ll similarly receive the following:

  1. A personal store manager
  2. Shopify setup
  3. Store design
  4. Reliable, handpicked dropshipping suppliers (if you wish)
  5. Pre-listed products
  6. A .com domain
  7. A starter guide
  8. Email templates
  9. Brand design

So far, more than 100+ stores have been created by us in 25+ countries, and 98% of our reviews are 5-star rated!

Why Buy a Custom Dropshipping Store From Us?

If your background is outside of IT, marketing, web design, programming (or other relevant skills), commissioning a team of experts to bring your dropshipping store to life is likely a huge time-saver. However, there are plenty of other reasons why buying a custom dropshipping store from us makes sense. Not least because you’ll get a high-converting starter store with a mobile-friendly design packed with features that maximize sales conversions:

It’s an All-In-One Solution

As we’ve alluded to, instead of building your own store from scratch, you receive a complete eCommerce solution when you purchase a custom dropshipping store. In other words, you benefit from a fully functioning online store with a digital shopping cart with products ready to sell. That way, you can get started near-on immediately.

On top of that, you’ll also get a personalized logo, style guide, and branded and engaging email templates. But, arguably, best of all, you’ll receive help from your personal manager. If you run into any issues, you can flag these with them directly and enjoy prompt one-to-one support. Your personal manager provides assistance and advice throughout your store setup. In addition, you can ask your personal manager to make any revisions you need, provided they fall under the scope of our service.

It’s a Cost-Effective Solution

Purchasing a custom dropshipping store is a one-time payment. The only added and recurring fees you’ll need to budget for are hosting payments and domain payments after the first year (your first-year .com domain is on us). You’ll also need to budget for your Shopify subscription plan.

The Store is 100% Yours

If you purchase a custom dropshipping store from us, it’s 100% yours. Unfortunately, some dropshipping store creation platforms retain control of the stores they make. However, that isn’t the case here.

This means you can decide:

  • The kinds of products you want to sell
  • How you advertise and market those products
  • How you grow your business

In addition, there are no sales volume restrictions. Plus, as the store belongs to you, you can edit it freely because you’re in control of your store’s content, not us.

Also, if once you’ve created a successful and profitable business, you want to then move on to new projects, you can sell your store to someone new.


Our team of experts will create your dropshipping store based on your design preferences. They’ll do everything possible to ensure your assets reflect your brand, including:

A Logo / Brand Kit

As you’ve probably already guessed, this kit includes a logo designed by us for your store. Once we’ve created your logo, we’ll send it to you – and the source files too. You’ll also receive a complete brand style guide alongside your logo.

Email Templates

You probably already know that when you set up a Shopify store, you receive email templates for things like order confirmations, cart abandonment emails, shipping detail emails, and so on. However, although perfectly usable, these templates are pretty generic and aren’t always the most attractive.

In contrast, when you use our custom dropshipping store service, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive beautifully designed templates that can be uploaded to your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

Pre-listed Store Products

Each of our pricing plans includes a set number of pre-listed products. By ‘pre-listed products,’ we mean that with your guidance, we’ll select and add these products to your dropshipping store for you to sell. Of course, we’ll also write the descriptions for these products too.

Although we’ll discuss pricing in more detail in a sec, we’ll quickly give you an idea of the number of pre-listed products you can get. For example, if you opt for our Starter Plan, you’ll receive five such products; in our Premium Plan, it’s 15. However, there’s no limit to how many products you can add yourself once you take over the reins of your store.

That said, if you want us to list more products on your eCommerce store, we can do this too. Simply speak to your personal manager, who can provide a custom quote and upgrade your plan.

Reliable Suppliers

We’ll connect you with our list of carefully chosen dropshipping suppliers.

Obviously, you want the reassurance of knowing that your suppliers are trustworthy. That’s why we vet every supplier we work with to ensure they conform to your high standards.

For example, we scrutinize the following:

  • Product quality
  • Shipping times
  • Refund policies
  • Their track record
  • If they provide packaging
  • Packaging quality
  • The number of warehouses they have
  • Warehouse locations
  • General reviews
  • Our personal experience of working with the suppliers on our list

It’s important to note that each supplier works independently of us. This means they’ll have their own terms and conditions and acceptance policies. It’s the supplier’s decision whether to work with your business; as such, it’s not something we have any control over.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Prices are a one-time fee, and we offer a 30-day 100% full refund guarantee.

There are two plans:

  1. Starter
  2. Premium

The Starter Plan costs $299 and is aimed at entrepreneurs looking to set up and launch a store quickly.

The following is included in the Starter Plan:

  • eCommerce Platforms’ store setup service
  • Basic store design
  • Email templates
  • Logo kit
  • Details of product suppliers
  • Five pre-listed products
  • A .com domain
  • A starter guide
  • A personal manager

The Premium Plan costs $899 and is aimed at entrepreneurs who want a fully customized store design. Included in the Premium Plan are all of the above, plus 15 pre-listed products. However, the main difference is that if you go for the Starter Plan, we’ll use a specific template to create your store based on your vision. As such, the basic design of the template will remain the same, but we’ll adapt the images, colors, and so on to match your store’s requirements.

Conversely, in the case of the Premium Plan, you’ll benefit from a fully customized store from scratch – without you doing any of the design work yourself. But, of course, your store’s design and layout are based entirely on your preferences. So, just explain your vision to your personal manager, and we’ll do the rest!

However, at this point, it’s worth stressing that the following aren’t included in either price plan:

  • One-to-one support once the official transfer of store ownership takes place
  • Account creation on any of our supplier websites

Our goal is to create a community of happy, thriving dropshipping and eCommerce entrepreneurs. However, if you’re unhappy with our service, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us, and we’ll do our best to resolve any issues you have. If we cannot resolve your problem, you’ll receive a refund.

But, if you’re past the 30-day time frame, have bought a plan in error, or have changed your mind about your plan; unfortunately, we’re unable to refund you. In addition, you aren’t entitled to a refund if the supplier doesn’t approve you or you have low store sales. You must also be prepared to subscribe and use Shopify to work with us.

What Happens Once I Decide to Sign Up?

There are ten simple steps to follow once you’re ready to purchase a custom dropshipping store using eCommerce Platforms:

Step 1 – Visit Custom Store by Ecommerce Platforms

Step 2 – Head over to the pricing page

Step 3 – Scroll down to explore the pricing plans

Step 4 – Click on WHAT’S INCLUDED to compare the plans

Step 5 – Pick the plan that best suits your needs

Step 6 – Click on GET STARTED to select your plan

Step 7 – Create your Custom Store account

Step 8 – Enter your card details

Step 9 – Congratulations, your account is now created!

Step 10 – Check your inbox for an account activation email

Step 11 – Click on VIEW PROJECT to login to your dashboard

Step 12 – Now the work begins! Your personal manager starts working on your store and helps you to launch it

Store Management

If you’re a dropshipping and/or eCommerce newbie, you may be worried about managing the newly created Shopify store.

Fortunately, Shopify’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to manage. You’ll also receive a handy and easy-to-understand user guide that walks you through everything you need to know to successfully manage your store.

At the time of writing, we can’t offer a store management service or ongoing support. However, we work continuously to improve our services and can’t see why we can’t provide such services in the future – so watch this space!

That said, we offer online support in the form of the following:

  • Dropshipping Hub
  • Ecommerce Hub
  • Shopify Hub
  • Print on Demand Hub

You’ll find plenty of handy resources in the above hubs to help you get started. Just visit, and you’ll see that in each of the above hubs, there are articles on a range of related topics. For example, in the Dropshipping Hub, there are articles on starting an online business, finding the best products to sell, and so on.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of this blog post! If you’re interested in setting up a dropshipping or a traditional eCommerce store and don’t have the expertise or time to launch one, get in touch today.

You’ll receive one-to-one support throughout the store creation process, enjoy 100% store ownership, and benefit from a starter guide that walks you through all the details of dropshipping, ecommerce, and Shopify.

Are you ready to start your own dropshipping store? Then, let us create the perfect store for you for a one-off payment.

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