How to Drastically Improve Sales With the Help of Blogging

It doesn’t matter whether you run a website with ecommerce functionality, or a simple business website with some of your services and contact information listed on there. The whole goal of a website is to use the platform for converting regular folks into paying customers.

Now, this may mean that you’re trying to get more email subscriptions. Or maybe you’re interested in getting people to call you on the phone. Regardless of your overall goal, a blog is going to help you out more than you could ever expect.

We all know that blogging is a way to give a nudge to the search engines. If your content is solid, and you’re not stuffing keywords into every paragraph you create, Google is bound to notice and move your search rankings up a bit.

This in itself is going to bring more sales along to your business.

However, what are some of the more unique ways that you can drastically improve sales with the help of blogging?

Incorporate Internal Links to Sales Pages in Your Blog Posts

Getting started with a blog requires you to seek out a website builder. Many businesses turn to services like WIX, where the drag and drop builder is far more advanced than others, and you can get a beautiful website and blog up and running within minutes. Managing an ecommerce website is no problem, and the templates are pretty great as well. The next step is to start an awesome blog, which is not a problem with a tool like WIX, considering all of the website templates have an area for managing your blog content and publishing.

Once you have that blog configured it’s time to start looking at ways to boost sales with your content. The first method is by linking internally to sales pages. For example, you may have a landing page for your eBook or a few product pages for items. Avoid making unnatural links, but whenever you see a chance to refer people to your sales pages, go for it!

Occasionally Talk About Your Products or Services in Blog Posts

Along with linking to your sales pages, it can be great storytelling if you naturally include references to your products and services. These are real life case studies. For example, it’s not uncommon for authors to talk about the process of writing a book, or what they learned while marketing the book. It makes sense to reference the book they actually wrote to bring in more sales.

Have a Related Products Module at the End of Your Posts

If you have an online store you should have the ability to insert a related products module on some parts of your website. This combines well with some of the other points in this article. For example, the Write Reviews header below is going to talk about how it’s not a bad idea to have someone write compelling reviews about your products. Well, much like your ecommerce shop, there are going to be other items that relate to the one getting reviewed.

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This is fairly easy with WIX, considering they have something called Wixstores, which is for generating a full ecommerce store. After that, inserting a blog only takes a moment, where you can then play around with related product modules.

Write Reviews

It seems a little strange to write reviews about your own products and post them on your own blog. I doubt anyone is going to take them seriously since it’s not exactly an unbiased look at the product. However, reaching out to a guest blogger solves this problem. We recommend having someone write a review on another website or finding someone who has already written a review on your company. This way, you can pay them to come back to your blog and cover what it is they like about it.

Make Use of Landing Pages When Linking to Products and Services

Mentioning and linking to products and services is one thing, but what happens when users actually click through? Landing pages have shown to improve conversions by quite a bit, so it makes sense to utilize them when internal linking on your blog. This is a common practice when posting Google Ads, so why not implement the same technique with your own blog? You can find many different templates on to create your own landing page, so you don’t have to worry about spending time on the design or technical aspect.

Link to Relevant Blog Content from Product Pages

It’s common for companies to try to gain sales by funneling from blog posts to product pages. But what about the other way around? Since many of your product pages are also listed on the search engines, it’s possible that a user lands on a product page that doesn’t quite satisfy all of their questions.

However, if you include a few blog links from that product page they may be able to find the answers they need. For example, an online store that sells sneakers could link to a blog post with videos of people walking around and modeling the sneakers. You may even have a blog post about how to maintain the shoes to make them last longer.

Write a Tutorial and Include a Shopping List

Tutorials are huge in the blogging world, and they make even more sense when combined with a business website or online store. Let’s say you run a hardware store and you’d like to get more people walking through your doors. A tutorial on how to build and paint a fireplace mantel might grab the attention of some of your users.

The only problem is that they may go to a different store to buy the supplies!

To solve this, provide an easy shopping list at the beginning or end of the tutorial. State the exact brands they should buy, and link to the product pages if you have them.

Over to You

Now that you’ve had a chance to understand the best ways to drastically improve sales with the help of blogging, feel free to drop a line in the comments section. Tell us how you’ve boosted sales with blogging, and explain what else you plan on doing in the future.

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