Jasper Review: Does It Cross a Creative, Ethical Line?

As you’re probably already aware, there’s AI on the market that can write your copy and content. 

Does this make you feel trepidatious? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. 

Jasper is one such AI solution created to help you manage and fine-tune your web content.

Technology and artificial intelligence doesn’t often threaten the creative industry. However, this leap in the writing sphere could alter the way we writers produce, feel about, and find our work. 

So, with that said, let’s take a look at Jasper in closer detail:

Jasper AI Review: Jasper at First Glance

The feel of Jasper‘s website is techy. The sleek, dark homepage invites you to explore its service via videos and punchy statements about the AI’s usefulness. The site introduces you to what Jasper is to an extent. However, you’ll have to do some digging to get a crystal clear explanation.  

Jasper Review: What’s Jasper? 

Jasper seems to be, essentially, an AI copywriting tool and content creator. Jasper can write pieces that may take you, let’s face it, hours with snack breaks, Instagram breaks, and … wait, did my dog just poop in my kitchen? Breaks. 

If you wish, you could make Jasper your new writing colleague whose job is to help you streamline the research process and give you a fresh perspective. Considering most writers work alone, sometimes getting a second opinion can be the reinvigoration you need to produce high-quality content, overcome your writer’s block, and simplify your content marketing workflows.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the features Jasper offers:

No Plagiarism

You can stress less with the assurance of Jasper’s no-plagiarism guarantee. Anyone in the content game knows how imperative it is to ensure you’re producing fresh content. Not only is it ethical to ensure you’re not accidentally stealing someone else’s work, but search engines hate duplicate content. As such, plagiarism-free content is essential for ensuring your copy is search-engine friendly. All in all, we think this feature is a huge bonus, providing users with much-needed reassurance. 

However, suppose you’re still worried that your content might sound too similar to someone else’s on the internet. In that case, Jasper’s higher tier plan (more on this below) integrates with Copyscape. This is one of the most potent plagiarism detectors on the market, so you can rest easy knowing that your content is 100% original. 

Content Templates

Jasper is designed to produce a wide range of content formats. For instance, you can generate long-form and short-form content for:

  • Product descriptions 
  • Ad copy
  • Bios
  • Recipes 
  • Outlines 
  • Google ads
  • Email subject lines
  • Headlines
  • Photo captions
  • Social media posts (including Facebook ads)
  • Video scripts and descriptions 
  • Homepages
  • Blog posts

…And many more. 

In fact, Jasper provides over 50 unique content templates for which its AI can create content. 

Write Your Blog Content

Depending on your chosen pricing plan (more on this below), Jasper can write your blog content in the tone of voice of your favorite celebrity. Now, this is nifty, right? However, other than the humor of it, what use is it? Interestingly, the example that even the Jasper video gave needed editing as it was too colloquial. This highlights something super important with any AI writer: you (a human writer) must proofread and edit accordingly. Unfortunately, AI technology isn’t sophisticated enough to create screeds of mistake-free writing. So although you can use it to speed up the writing process, it’s not a replacement. 

While we’re on the subject of writing blog articles, it’s worth noting that you can use Jasper’s Tone Detector template. This will help you discover your unique tone of voice, which Jasper can use to keep your writing in line with your style. For instance:

  • Funny
  • Casual
  • Excited
  • Professional
  • Witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Feminine
  • Masculine
  • Bold
  • Dramatic
  • Grumpy
  • Secretive

Jasper Review: Write Content for Your Niche

Jasper is niche-ready, having read 10% of the internet – which, considering how vast the web is, is pretty impressive! When researching and structuring the bulk of your writing, we can imagine that this would save you a ton of time and effort! 

However, the main crux of your fresh idea can only be written by you. As clever as Jasper’s AI writing is, it can’t predict where the unique pathways of your brain will take you. It can’t have the 2 am brain wave or the piece of gold 1000 words you can master in 30 minutes when you’re excited to write about a topic. 

It ultimately does produce relatively decent content but lacks the heart behind it. Your niche is your niche for a good reason – because you have a passion for the subject. Ultimately, Jasper AI won’t necessarily be able to capture and communicate in the same way that you might be able to organically.

Jasper Review: Compose and Command

The compose and command feature is the perfect solution for adding extra or new content when you can’t quite reach that word count. It allows you to expand on a specific topic or create a new paragraph. You just need to pick a template and instruct Jasper on the exact type of content you want it to write. For instance, ‘Write me a paragraph about traveling to New York.’ You can provide detailed descriptions of the content you wish to produce for any of the templates Jasper provides.

Jasper Review: SEO 

Jasper’s website has free training on writing SEO-driven content with an AI’s help. By the way, when we say training, we don’t just mean a quick 5-minute long ‘How To’…. no, no, no. This training is over 2hrs 10mins long, but it cuts straight to the point and provides visual guidance. 

Jasper Review: Community-Backed

Jasper has a community of thousands on Facebook, so if that’s your thing, Jasper could be where you find your AI content tribe! This Facebook group is a super helpful resource for anyone looking to network with fellow copywriters. It’s also a great place to raise questions or queries about Jasper and receive responses from fellow users. You’re also sure to pick up a few tips and tricks too for writing better content!

Jasper Review: Image Creator

If there’s one thing Jasper has going for it, it’s the sheer genius of Jasper’s Art. This feature allows you to ask its AI to create any image you can think of. Then, you just use a comma between descriptions and let the magic unfold. 

For instance, for a Giraffe standing on Mount Everest, in the style of Picasso, just type it, and it will appear. 

Of course, the nuance of freehand drawing can’t be replicated, and Jasper’s art does have a slightly artificial feel. Its detail is so sharp that it’s obviously computer generated. However, you need no artistic skill to make your creative whims come to life.

Jasper Review: Customer Service 

The speed at which you’ll receive customer support depends on your chosen pricing plan. However, regardless of which package you opt for, everyone can access online chat support from Jasper, 9 am to 5 pm CST, Monday to Friday. When you leave a message, the team endeavors to respond within ten minutes. They also offer weekly Q and A sessions where you can join a live video with co-founder Chris Hull, which we think is pretty neat!

All Jasper members also have access to a training boot camp that provides courses on how to use Jasper. This includes video lessons and information explaining Jasper’s features and functions. Plus, there’s an online help center and blog where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and other tutorials. 

Jasper Review: Jasper AI Pricing

The ‘Starter’ Pack has limited features and starts at $24 per month for the generation of 20,000 words, which equates to around $0.0012 per word. To put this into context, that’s equivalent to 10 x 2000-word articles a month. Also, you’re restricted to manually adding just 600 characters after Jasper’s produced its content for you. As such, this plan best suits designed for hobby writers and novice bloggers who want to improve their existing content or generate short-form content for ads, product descriptions, etc. 

With that in mind, you also get the following:

  • Over 50 AI content templates.
  • Multilingual copy: You can create AI content for up to 25 languages.
  • Chat support: Get help from the Jasper team via live chat within 10 minutes.
  • Team access: You can register up to five users.

While the Starter pack is geared towards short-form content, in contrast, the ‘Boss Mode’ is Jasper’s all-singing, all-dancing package, which is better suited for those looking to create short-form content. It starts at $49 per month for 50,000 words, which works out to be $0.0010 per word. 

Based on the figure, the better value pack is the ‘Boss Mode.’ Not only does it offer a lower price per word, but it also unlocks more features.

The Boss Mode plan offers ‘everything in ‘Starter’ plus:

  • Google Docs style editor: This lets you generate copy within Google docs or your word editor of choice.
  • Compose and command features.
  • Increased input limits: (I.e., the length of what you can tell Jasper’s AI so that it has better context on what to write, this goes from 600 characters in the Starter packages to 3,000).
  • Grows with your team: You can add additional user logins (custom price applies).
  • Priority chat support: Get help from the Jasper team within one minute.

You can also add the Copyscape plagiarism checker to your ‘Boss Mode’ account for an additional $.030 for the first 200 words and $.010 for each additional 100 words. Alternatively, you can add plagiarism check credits to your account, starting at $10.

There’s a five-day satisfaction money-back guarantee. I would recommend giving it a go yourself, trusting your judgment, and if it works for you, fantastic!

There is, additionally, a Business plan which is offered at a custom rate. If this interests you, you’ll have to contact Jasper directly for a quote. The Business plan allows you to create a bespoke package based on how many words and users your business needs. It also includes:

  • Personalized onboarding and training for your team.
  • Advanced technical support
  • A dedicated account manager 

At this point, it’s also worth noting that the Image Creator- ‘Jasper Art’ (as mentioned above) is an additional $20 per user per month on top of your chosen monthly subscription plan. 

Jasper Review: Ethics

Okay, in this section, we’ll get a bit more candid. Jasper is a brilliant and innovative invention filled with exciting potential. However, there’s an arguable ethical dilemma due to its infiltration into the creative industry, a sector that often prides itself on harnessing individual talent.  

That said, even those who feel threatened by its presence will likely be interested in learning more about what Jasper offers. The time-saving appeal is enormous, but the literal, artificial nature of the end product may be too visible to some who value an organic approach. 

Jasper Review: Jasper’s Pros and Cons

We’ve covered lots of ground, so below, we’ll try and condense what we’ve discussed into a quick pro-cons list:

Jasper’s Pros:

  • Jasper can help you streamline your content creation.
  • Jasper can help you create a broad range of content formats and in numerous tones of voice.
  • Ease of use is at Jasper’s heart – it’s simple and intuitive to use.
  • They provide extensive training on how to use Jasper and improve your copy.
  • The Jasper command feature makes it easy to specify the type of articles you want to produce.

Jasper’s Cons:

  • Jasper’sAI-produced copy still requires editing. AI content writers rarely produce content that’s 100% relevant to your needs and grammatically correct. 
  • It’s unsuitable for technical content; you’ll often have to flesh out Jasper’s copy with your research.
  • You can’t use the compose and command feature on the Starter plan to create additional paragraphs after the AI creates your content.
  • There’s no free plan available.

Jasper Review: Our Final Thoughts

All in all, we think Jasper is worth a shot if you need help with your writing workload but have limited time. It’s a great writing assistant for business owners looking to expand their original content writing and digital marketing efforts using AI software.

It’s a subscription service, so if you want to say, ‘see ya later, Jasper!’ You can. And they will respond in their weird robot voice, ‘No worries! Have a wonderful life!

I’m kidding; they won’t do that… I think. 

Nothing is better than finding the golden ticket to leveling up your writing and work capacity but bear in mind the ethics. It’s essential to follow your gut, so if something is telling you this isn’t quite right, you wouldn’t be the first person to think that… and you won’t be the last. 

Isn’t that right, Jasper?

‘Yes. It is.’

What are your thoughts on this AI-fuelled content writer? Tell us your opinions in the comments box below! Or are you considering alternative AI writing tools like Jarvis AI or conversion.ai? Either way, let us know your thoughts!

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