Jotform Review: Optimizing Your Ecommerce Data Collection

In the modern era of Ecommerce, understanding your customers is crucial to the success of any business. One of the best ways to gather valuable insights is through online forms. Jotform is a freemium form builder tool that offers an extensive, versatile feature set, allowing merchants to create a wide range of forms from quizzes to customer service questionnaires. This tool is particularly useful for Ecommerce users since it can take payments, greatly extending its functionality.

Jotform offers over 10,000 templates to choose from, making it easy to collect valuable customer or client information in a vast array of formats. From classic forms, which present all questions in one place, to card forms where questions are delivered one at a time to optimize engagement, finding the right template for your purposes and audiences is easy.

With Jotform, merchants can add their entire product catalog or select products to a form, making it fully shoppable. The respondent can then select their size, color, variant, and easily add to cart and buy straight through Jotform. This tool’s search functionality is basic but available, meaning customers can easily search through the products linked to the form they’re completing without having to wade through an entire catalog.

Jotform also allows merchants to create and bill subscriptions to customers, a particularly useful feature if you’re looking to create customized orders that apply specific preferences. Moreover, if you’re selling digital products, Jotform can attach PDFs to automatically triggered emails, making digital delivery a seamless process. Additionally, Jotform’s forms can be put on the site as lightboxes or pop-ups, encouraging engagement and maximizing data collection.

Jotform also allows the collection of digital signatures through Docusign and Adobe integrations. They even have their own e-signature tool, making it a helpful feature for your enterprise.

What sets Jotform apart from its competitors is its ability to provide elevated forms of data collection, making it an essential tool for merchants who care about conversion rate and flexibility. Jotform’s extensive template library makes it easy to scroll, click, and be up and running in minutes. It also allows for conditional logic to be applied, changing your questions based on real-time feedback from your customers.

Furthermore, Jotform can improve your lead capture rate and increase the percentage of email or SMS leads you’re getting from your website traffic. Jotform can also increase the conversion rate on your site by providing a more unique shopping flow or experience, with personalized recommendations that a quiz can help customers achieve, building trust, and improving product discoverability. Jotform can also build custom reports that are easily exportable as PDFs or slides, enabling you to automatically distribute them to agency clients or your suppliers.

Anyone can manage Jotform, and it is easy to set up, especially with their massive template library. Users have the option to build from scratch, adding in logic, custom graphics, and shoppable products. The flexibility of this tool means its use can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

In conclusion, Jotform is an excellent tool for merchants of any size and any stage of business. Its functionality is especially well-suited to compliance-oriented brands within health and medical, childcare, or legal verticals. It also offers a lot of potential for businesses operating on an agency model who may want to build forms for their clients and become a reseller of the tool.

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