MailPoet Review (Feb 2023): A Complete Guide

In today’s MailPoet review, we’re going to be looking at a unique solution for companies hoping to enhance their approach to email newsletters. MailPoet isn’t an all-in-one email marketing platform, like some of the more popular tools on the market today. Instead, it’s a simple way to build email marketing into your existing online website environment.

With MailPoet, you can avoid having to jump between multiple applications to track email newsletters and manage customer communications. Instead, you simply plug the technology into your WordPress user interface and create beautiful emails instantly.

WordPress is still the most popular CMS in the world for building and managing websites, and the value of email newsletters has helped MailPoet to evolve into one of the most popular plugins for the WordPress ecosystem.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at MailPoet, how it works, and why it’s such an effective solution for WordPress newsletters.

What is MailPoet?

81% of B2B marketers say their most common form of content marketing is email newsletters, and 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers. The email newsletter is one of the most effective forms of email marketing, designed to keep customers updated about important information associated with your business.

While there are a number of SaaS solutions out there for building comprehensive email marketing campaigns, many require users to navigate between multiple sites to keep track of everything. MailPoet takes a different approach, by allowing users to manage their email strategy within their WordPress dashboard.

As a dedicated plugin for WordPress, MailPoet slots into your existing environment for website management and creation. More than 300,000 websites are already using this plugin to keep in touch with subscribers. What’s more, everything in the MailPoet environment is designed to be as straightforward and simple as possible, to keep complexity to a minimum.

With MailPoet, companies get access to a range of well-crafted templates, so they don’t have to design their newsletters from scratch. You can even manage contact lists. MailPoet will allow you to create registration forms on your site, collect subscribers, and build simple email campaigns for various segments of your audience.

Crucially, you can also automate email deliveries to send your business time and track the performance on your email efforts.

MailPoet Review: Email Types

While MailPoet identifies itself first and foremost as a newsletter plugin, it’s a versatile tool for WordPress which allows you to send a variety of different emails. The first thing to keep in mind is that MailPoet allows you to access templates for all the various types of email you want to send. What’s more, there’s a drag and drop interface, so you can customize the messages.

The pre-built email templates (more than 50), allow you to announce new products, share updates, and organize content however you choose with custom drag-and-drop sections.

Your email options include:

WordPress Newsletters

Newsletters are an excellent tool for keeping customers up-to-date about the products you’re offering and the changes in your business. MailPoet allows you to create unique newsletters as quickly as you like. You can also send these messages immediately, or plan to have them send automatically at a specific time.

Newsletters on MailPoet are all automatically GDPR compliant and designed to reach the inbox every time. You’ll also have access to in-depth analytics to show you how many people are opening and interacting with your newsletters too.

Last Post Notifications

Last post notifications are perfect for your content marketing efforts. Once again, you’ll have complete access to the drag-and-drop email editor with these messages, so you can design the email that makes the most sense for your brand.

There’s no need to set up any RSS merge tags or leave the WordPress dashboard, as the automatic “latest content block” will simply pick the latest posts from your WordPress database and send notifications to your audience. You can also decide whether you want the messages about new posts to be delivered to your audience immediately or sent at a specific time.

Like with all MailPoet emails, you get GDPR compliance built-in, best-in-class delivery rates, and a comprehensive dashboard where you can track your metrics.

Welcome Emails

Welcome messages represent one of the most valuable tools in your kit as a business owner. They’re an opportunity to form a crucial initial connection with your target audience. You can set your MailPoet welcome emails up to send when someone subscribes to your newsletter campaign.

The automated system will immediately send newsletters designed to suit your brand according to the schedule you choose. You can even send automated “thank you” notes for subscription or provide your audience with a discount code to welcome them into your community.

If a single email isn’t enough, MailPoet also allows you to add multiple emails to your schedule, which can help you to provide your audience with more information, spread out over a specific amount of time.

Once again, with your welcome emails, you’ll be able to build a template from scratch, use one of the many templates already offered by MailPoet, or you can just customize something you find within the MailPoet library. With comprehensive reports on all of your automated messages, you’ll also be able to make better decisions about how to progress with email campaigns.

MailPoet Review: Signup Forms

Part of what makes MailPoet so special, is it doesn’t just give you the tools you need to send emails, it also ensures you can collect email addresses for your contact list too. MailPoet’s dedicated WordPress signup forms ensure you don’t have to rely on additional plugin when you’re trying to connect with a list of potential customers.

The customizable sign-up forms can adapt to suit your specific needs. You’ll be able to choose between a range of options for how to capture subscribers too, like showing a pop-up, fixed bar, or widget area. You can also place sign up forms at the bottom of pages.

MailPoet also allows users to add their signup forms to web pages using PHP, or the Gutenberg blog for WordPress and WooCommerce.

MailPoet Review: Segmentation & Deliverability

Ensuring you get the most out of your email list means investing in list segmentation. Fortunately, MailPoet has you covered. You can send emails based on who might have opened your messages in the past or choose to send messages based on who visited certain pages. Oh, you can also upload contacts to your subscriber list from CSV files.

MailPoet also allows you to ask your subscriber when they want to receive emails from you. This means you’re more likely to get people actually opening your messages, and fewer people hitting the unsubscribe button.

MailPoet also offers behavior based segmentation. For instance, if people haven’t been engaging with you and your website for a while, you can simply remove them from your email campaigns. This is an excellent way to avoid sending your emails to a number of subscribers who aren’t going to open them.

Filtering your emails by behavior and who might actually interact with your messages can also protect your sender score, so you can avoid being filtered out by the algorithms of email service providers.

Speaking of deliverability, MailPoet is extremely effective in this regard. The company boasts a 99% global delivery rate, and ensures all emails arrive in the inbox, rather than the spam box. The plugin also functions extremely quickly, handling anywhere up to 50,000 emails per hour without slowing down your other features. You can even remove inactive subscribers automatically.

MailPoet also has its own SMTP service, so you can keep on top of your WordPress site transactional emails too. This guarantees all email services from and to your website can operate as smoothly as possible, with minimal interruptions.

MailPoet Review: Email Analytics

MailPoet stands out as an extremely effective tool for email marketing. However, like any email marketing service, it’s difficult to know whether you’re actually getting the right results unless you dive into some advanced analytics.

MailPoet, fortunately, has a lot of insights to offer. You can find out exactly how well your email campaigns are performing and collect essential data on things like click-through and open rates. This should also give you a bigger picture of what’s really going right with your email marketing.

MailPoet can integrate into Google Analytics, to give you a more significant overview of what’s happening with your subscribers, and how well they’re engaging with your site. This gives you more details to segment and target your audience effectively with bespoke emails.

MailPoet Review: WooCommerce Integration

If you’re a freelancer using MailPoet for your WordPress website, you may also be trying to connect with customers of your WooCommerce store. Fortunately, MailPoet is just as much a WooCommerce integration as it is a tool for WordPress. You get more or less the same features when reaching your WooCommerce customers with MailPoet as you would when connecting to WordPress customers.

MailPoet allows you to target customers at every stage of their journey, celebrating their first purchase, or sending a follow-up email after they haven’t purchased for a while. You’ll automatically add all new subscribers on your landing pages to your WooCommerce list by default too.

The email marketing tool allows companies to configure a range of automated emails for their customers list, with access to a host of personalization features within the email designer to make your customers feel special. You can also arrange for your automated emails to send at the best possible time, so you get the best deliverability rate.

Another benefit is the ability to use the unlimited emails you get with MailPoet to send abandoned cart messages. These help to convince new subscribers to come back to your website and go through the checkout process if they forget to buy something.

Even if your subscriber isn’t logged into your site, you can still use MailPoet to identify the address and send your abandoned cart emails.

MailPoet Review: Pricing

Pricing will always be an important factor when looking for a tool to send your WordPress and WooCommerce emails. There are two sets of pricing plans for the MailPoet plugin, depending on whether you want to include the “sending service”.

All features of MailPoet are free to access for up to 1000 subscribers, and you can send unlimited emails through the plugin. This is ideal if you’re a blogger or ecommerce store owner trying to keep your costs low. You can also track the emails you send and get customer support when needed.

If you’re using MailPoet with over 1000 subscribers, the price varies from 15 euros to 350 euros per month. If you have more than 70,000 subscribers, you’ll need to reach out to the MailPoet team and get a quote directly from them.

All packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not using the sending service, you can choose from one of three packages:

  • Blogger: 1 website for 149 euros annually
  • Freelancer: 4 websites for 249 euros annually
  • Agency: Unlimited websites for 499 euros annually.

MailPoet Review: Verdict

When it comes to email automation, there are plenty of options out there for business leaders, from Mailchimp, to SendinBlue. However, few solutions give you quite the unique experience you get from MailPoet. This plugin makes it easy to customize your emails, and integrate with a range of social media, form building, and web page building tools.

The segmentation features of MailPoet are great, and there’s tons of great customer support without having to commit to a premium plan. The email marketing plugin also gives you all the analytics you need to keep an eye on your target customer and learn more about how to earn conversions.

While there are some limitations, like no split testing, and a limited range of customization options, MailPoet definitely has a lot of great functionality to offer.

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