Mighty Networks Pricing: The Complete Guide for 2023

Are you confused about Mighty Networks pricing?

Maybe you’ve been planning on designing your own online community for a while, but you’re not sure which Mighty Networks plan you should choose? We’re here to help.

Mighty Networks is a unique cloud-based platform, designed to help creators, business leaders, and educators build thriving communities on the web. With the tools offered by Mighty Networks, you can engage your audience with chat rooms, live-streamed video events, courses, and polls.

However, the exact features you’ll be able to access within the Mighty Networks platform will depend on the pricing plan you choose. The more expensive the plan, the more you’ll be able to experiment with things like courses, and white-labelled applications.

Let’s dive in for a closer look at the Mighty Networks pricing options.

Mighty Networks Pricing: An Overview

Let’s start with a quick overview of the pricing options on Mighty Networks. First, it’s worth noting that you can access a 14-day free trial for Mighty Networks with no credit card details required. The free trial will give you the option to play around with the features of the Community and Business plans, but you won’t be able to access any of the Mighty Networks Pro components.

Secondly, if you choose a yearly plan instead of paying for your subscription on a month-to-month basis, you’ll get a 20% discount on the fees. However, it’s still probably a good idea to start with a monthly plan until you’ve decided exactly what you need from your Community service.

Apart from the subscription cost you pay each month (or year), Mighty Networks also charges a transaction fee on all the payments you accept through the platform. The fee is 3% for Community plan users, or 2% if you’re on the Business plan, so keep this in mind when budgeting.

Now that we’ve gotten those factors out of the way, let’s look at your pricing options.

There are three available plans at the time of writing:

  • The Community Plan: $39 per month, or $33 per month (paid yearly)
  • The Business Plan: $119 per month, or $99 per month (paid yearly)
  • Mighty Pro: Custom pricing

The Community and Business plans are the two core options for most beginners on Mighty Networks. The Mighty Pro plan is the service you’ll use if you decide you want to create your own custom mobile app for your community members.

The Mighty Networks Community Plan

The Community plan is the cheapest membership option available for Mighty Networks, at $39 per month, or $33 per month (paid yearly). However, it does have a higher transaction fee of 3% per payment, which can add up to quite a lot as your community scales.

The Community plan provides access to most of the core community features available on the platform. You can support unlimited members, spaces, hosts, and moderators on this plan. Plus, you’ll be able to build your community for any platform, including iOS, Android, and desktop.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a “Pro” package, you can also move your community into your own Android or iOS app without having to switch to a new platform or lose any data.

The features of Mighty Network’s Community plan include:

Messaging and Chat:

  • Notifications for all members
  • Direct messaging
  • Small group chats
  • Chat per space

Native livestreaming:

  • Go live from any space
  • 5 streaming hours per month
  • 1 speaker (with multi-speaker options in development)
  • 50 viewers per stream


  • Free custom domain for a limited time
  • Native video uploading
  • Long-form articles and quick posts
  • Native polls and questions
  • Highlighting for featured content in spaces
  • Highlighting for featured content across the network
  • Photo posts
  • File uploads
  • 250GB of total storage


  • Charge for network membership
  • Charge for bundle of spaces
  • Charge for access to 1 space
  • One-time payments or subscriptions
  • Native token-gifting or NFTs
  • 135 currencies


  • Optional global feed
  • Optional global member list
  • Feed in any space
  • Member list in any space
  • Online events
  • Recurring events
  • In-person events
  • Zoom integration
  • Members near you
  • Member categories
  • Member profiles
  • Ambassador programs for referrals

Admin, services, and support

  • Mighty Insights Basic analytics
  • Priority customer support
  • VIP Access to Mighty Community
  • Discounts on the Community Design Program

Obviously, the Mighty Networks Community plan is pretty comprehensive, with a lot of great features to get you started with your own community. You get access to virtually all of the community features, and some fantastic unlimited hosting and membership options. However, your storage options will be limited, and there are no course options on this plan.

You also won’t be able to export member data, or access advanced analytics, which could be an issue if you’re looking for rapid growth opportunities.

The Mighty Networks Business Plan

Mighty Networks considers the Business Plan to be its most popular option. Available for $119 per month when paid monthly, or $99 per month (paid yearly), this plan comes with all of the features of the Community plan, as well as some bonus extras.

Specifically, you’ll get increased access to a range of admin features, and enhanced tools for analytics. You’ll also be able to store more content on the Mighty Networks cloud, and export your data from your community. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get on the Business plan that isn’t included with the Community package.

Native Livestreaming:

  • Up to 20 streaming hours per month
  • 200 viewers per stream


  • Add structured course material to any space
  • Support unlimited instructors and course moderators
  • Native video uploading in courses
  • Drip course content


  • Place a page feature in any space
  • 1TB of total storage


  • Sell access to one-time events
  • Reduced transaction fee (2% instead of 3%)


  • Mighty Insights Premium analytics
  • API integrations with Zapier
  • Exporting for member data
  • Google analytics pixel
  • Facebook ads pixel

The Business plan is likely to be better suited to individuals who want to take their online community to the next level, with engaging courses and educational materials. You’ll be able to offer online courses and memberships either within your community, or as a separate solution to the community experience. This gives you a bunch of great ways to create extra revenue.

Plus, you’ll have a lot more control when it comes to admin options, storing data, and exporting information about your community.

The Mighty Networks Pro Plan

The Mighty Pro plan, as mentioned above, is a little different from the standard Community and Business plans offered by Mighty Networks. It can essentially be added to either the Community or Business plan when you decide to upgrade your community. Additionally, there’s no transparent pricing, you’ll receive a quote from the team when you share your specific needs with them.

Mighty Pro allows you to build on your online Community experience by creating your own custom iOS and Android apps. These apps will be available for users to access in the Apple App store and Google Play store, and feature all of your own branding.

You can create a truly white labelled web and mobile app experience, and even send branded app notifications to users to keep them engaged. The team at Mighty Networks also helps you to build your app and migrate all of your existing data into it. This means you don’t need any specific technical knowledge to get started.

You’ll still get access to all the features of your other plans (Community or Business), but you’ll have more control over the branded experience you give to your members.

According to Mighty Networks, Mighty Pro also delivers about 10 times the engagement and revenue as their other plans. You’ll have complete control over customizing your app, and you won’t have to worry about any coding or maintenance, because Mighty Networks deals with all that for you. The solutions can also integrate with leading tools like Zapier, Mailchimp, WordPress, ConvertKit, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign and more.

Professional strategy support from Mighty Networks will also help you to develop a plan for growing your community and online presence over-time. There’s even assistance to help you maintain engagement and retain your community.

Understanding Mighty Networks Pricing

Ultimately, Mighty Networks offers business leaders a convenient way to build a community platform, and engage their audience without relying on Facebook groups and social media. While there’s no free plan, the product is still relatively affordable, when you consider all the tools you get for building landing pages, course creation, and designing customizable spaces. Just remember, the course builder isn’t available in the cheapest plan.

Entrepreneurs planning on investing in Mighty Networks to design their own community forums should consider all of the available functionality offered by each plan before diving in. While all of the plans will allow you to build a membership site, some options are less customizable than others.

The good news is that every plan does come with access to templates, webinars, and community building tools. All options also come with tutorials, guidance, and payment options like Stripe. If you want to learn more about Mighty Networks, you can read our full Mighty Networks review.

If you need an alternative, you can consider a range of options like Kajabi, Teachable, and Podia.

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