MyRealKarma Review: Transfer Ecommerce Seller Feedback to Other Multiple Marketplaces

Let’s say you have a reputation built on eBay. Business is going well, and the reviews from customers are rather impressive. However, bringing this reputation to places like Amazon or Etsy is pretty much impossible. This is a incredibly unfortunate, because quite often the reputation you have online is the only reason people buy from you.

Why is it that eBay doesn’t find Amazon ratings and reviews credible, and vice versa? Well, it’s not that they don’t find them credible, but they are trying to protect their own business interests and make more money in the process. The sellers are thought about second in this case, so it’s up to us to find a tool that helps with transferring information from one platform to another.

That’s why the folks at MyRealKarma have developed a solution to this problem.

The goal is to allow for an easy switch between the many ecommerce platforms when needed.

If you are just getting started with eBay, there’s no reason you should be penalized by losing all of your customer feedback from Amazon. Any new customers you find on eBay are most likely going to skip buying from you because there’s not enough evidence that you’re a solid merchant.

The MyRealKarma interface sounds like it has huge potential, so we wanted to take a look and figure out what types of stores it’s most useful for.

MyRealKarma Pricing

One of the main reasons we like MyRealKarma so much is because it’s completely free. It only takes a few moments to get setup, with no need to type in your credit card information. In fact, the entire process is going to be free for merchants, so it’s a little unclear as to how the MyRealKarma company makes money from this whole ordeal.

Considering they also run a marketplace where merchants can sell inventory to each other, I’m assuming they just take a cut of those transactions.

MyRealKarma Features

Multiple Platforms to Choose From

Getting started with transferring your customer feedback isn’t that hard at all. In fact, you can connect MyRealKarma to places like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.

I’m assuming more solutions will come along into the future, but for now these four are pretty great. The most popular marketplaces to sell items on are Etsy, Amazon and eBay, covering that part of the spectrum. Also, Shopify has become one of the most popular options for building an ecommerce website. Therefore, you can drag customer feedback from the site, and bring it to other places like Amazon or eBay.

The Perfect Feedback Transfer Solution

We’ve talked about this feature above, but it’s worth discussing a little more, considering it’s the primary reason anyone would consider using the MyRealKarma tool. Basically, you have the chance to move feedback from marketplace to marketplace.

It all ties into your feedback account. So, if you just expanded from eBay to Amazon, your feedback account is completely empty on the new Amazon page. You’re starting from scratch even though you’ve been in business for a rather long time. Therefore, MyRealKarma assists with driving quality, targeted traffic to the new Amazon store, all with the help of transferred customer feedback.

The MyRealKarma Marketplace

Sometimes it’s easier to sell inventory to other vendors. Sometimes you need to boost your margins a bit by finding more unique buyers who are not only looking for consumer products on places like eBay and Amazon.

That’s the point of the MyRealKarma Marketplace. If one of your products isn’t cutting it on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, why not try selling it to another vendor? This marketplace connects sellers with high reputations so that some can streamline their inventory purchasing, while the others can make a little money in the process.

The key here is that all of the sellers on the marketplace have quality reputations. The scores are pulled from the information in the regular MyRealKarma accounts, making sure that all of the customer feedback is real. Basically, you get to go into a marketplace knowing that the person you’re working with is pretty darn trustworthy. There’s no need to worry about whether or not you’re going to receive your product on time.

Overall, the MyRealKarma marketplace benefits both buyers and sellers. Sellers get rid of inventory they no longer need (or inventory they’re having trouble selling). On the other hand, you must think of how buyers keep their costs down. Costs are kept low because vendors generally buy in bulk. So, the MyRealKarma platform presents a fast way to pickup quick bits of inventory, while also keeping the costs down. They can connect with traditional suppliers, or grab a one off item from another vendor.

MyRealKarma compares the process to a car auction, where everyone peddles their inventory after buying. Overall, the marketplace combines safety, speed and ease of use.

MyRealKarma Support

The support from  MyRealKarma is provided right in the dashboard. Basically, you get a quick feedback form for contacting the company about tech support, partnerships or suggestions. It’s nice that they break it up like that because you can see that they actually take suggestions from customers, while also quickly getting back to you if a tech problem arises.


The MyRealKarma system has been launched as a platform that allows sellers to share and display their consumer feedback virtually anywhere. Oh yea, and it’s completely free to do so. My favorite part is the marketplace, but it’s pretty clear that people are really excited about being able to transfer their reputation information.

The big question is: Who’s MyRealKarma best suited for?

This is an easy answer: Anyone who’s currently in the process of expanding to a new marketplace like eBay or Amazon. You’re going to find it rather annoying when you get there and look like a completely inexperienced seller due to the lack of feedback. Therefore, MyRealKarma solves all those problems for you and boosts your selling potential from the start.

If you have any questions, drop us a line in the comments below.

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