The Most Popular Ecommerce Product Is Consumer Packaged Goods

So what do you think was the one category of goods that saw the biggest increase in sales in the past year? Books, clothing or maybe electronics…all are wrong, consumer packaged goods (CPG) saw the biggest increase in sales with an increase of 42%, this according to estimates from 1010data.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this increase was the fact that Amazon is introduced their Subscribe and Save feature (SNS,) which allows consumers to sign up for a subscription for the products they purchase the most, according to the report this accounted for over 20% of all growth in the sales of CPG.

And not just any consumer packaged good, but it turns out the fastest growing category was Laundry Detergent which saw an increase of 85% compared to the previous year. Toothpaste took the second spot with an increase of 75% compared to the year before.

It can’t really come as a surprise that CPGs are seeing such an increase in popularity, this is a product where you don’t need to touch and feel, furthermore, most people tend to stick with the same brand because they know they prefer this brand.

It is interesting to note that ecommerce is still less than 10% of total sales for the most important CPG manufacturers such as P&G, J&J or Unilever.


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