Pure Chat Review: Live Chat Software for Ecommerce Businesses

There’s no reason live chat shouldn’t be simple.

It’s all about connecting with your customers and giving them the best solution in a reasonable amount of time.

That said, many live chat extensions for online stores give you a far too intimidating interface with tools that are overkill for such a rudimentary support medium.

Pure Chat has a different approach.

Pure Chat is a live chat software that helps small businesses provide instant answers and convert more leads.


You’re not going to find anything crazy with this tool, but that’s the glory of it. The pricing is simple. The features are simple, and the overall interface makes it rather easy to communicate with customers who want answers fast.

So let’s take a deeper look into the live chat platform to understand who it’s best for and which of the features are most impressive.

Pure Chat Features

Chat Interface

The obvious start to this review is the actual chat interface. Does it feel usable for both beginners and advanced users?

It all starts by revealing a chat box to the new visitor. If they’ve been to your site before, the representative on the backend sees all of the customer information and interactions that have occurred in the past. It works just like an instant messenger, (where the chats come in real-time), but it also allows you to see previous transcripts and which reps have spoken to a customer in the past.”

Notifications are sent to you when a chat comes in, and you can schedule when you’re available for chatting so that customers know when you’re online.

Implementing a chat box on your site only requires a quick copy and paste of some code or the use of their Shopify, Weebly and WordPress plugins. After that you have the ability to customize what the chat box looks like before, during and after the conversation. Feel free to change around colors, set triggers for when the chat box pops open and configure the forms that you want people to fill out before talking to you.

You have the opportunity to go with the default stylings (which is nice,) but the design tools are easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for more advanced users.

Visitor Tracking

Starting chats at the right time depends on how well you can track your visitors. For example, if you’re sitting on the Pure Chat backend you have the ability to view which users are browsing your site in real-time. So if someone is looking at a pair of shoes you sell on your site, you know exactly what to start talking about, and you even have the tools for making canned responses for certain parts of your site.


The reporting is one of the strongest parts of Pure Chat, since it not only gives you the functionality for exporting reports, but it provides beautiful graphs and imagery for seeing chat metrics over time. You can track your customer satisfaction to make decisions about your staff or to figure out which unruly customers you might be spending too much time on.

Mobile Apps

Both iOS and Android apps are offered for those who would like to manage live chats while on the go. For example, if you have to leave the office but still want to give the best support out there, you won’t have to worry about it with a mobile app.


Pretty much all of the features you would find on the regular dashboard are carried over to the mobile apps. You have settings for actually carrying out the chats, along with setting your availability, managing transcripts and more. This gives you a little boost of confidence since it doesn’t matter where you are when viewing who’s on your site in real-time. Your customer support is constantly handled, since it works just like texting from your phone.

Pure Chat Pricing

Pure Chat doesn’t have a free trial. However, you don’t need one at all, because the company offers a solid free plan that you can continue to use for as long as you want. The paid plans are reasonably priced as well, and the monthly payments bring along a wide set of features that you don’t get with the free package.

Let’s take a look at what plans you can choose from:

  • Free – For $0 you get support for one user, one website, unlimited chats per month, a one day chat history and native mobile apps.
  • Starter – For $20 per month you get support for two users, two websites, unlimited chats per month, a 30 day chat history, native mobile apps, reports, visitor tracking, SMS notifications and integrations.
  • Business – For $50 per month you get everything from the previous plan and support for five users, three websites and 90 days of chat history.
  • Growth – For $100 per month you get everything from the previous plan and support for ten users, five websites, an unlimited chat history and the ability to remove the Pure Chat branding.

We like the Free plan for people just testing out the system, but the true functionality comes into play when you opt for the Starter Plan. The only gripe I have is that you have to get all the way up to the $100 per month plan to remove branding.

Pure Chat Support

The Pure Chat support outlets are far more impressive than some of the other solutions you’ll find for live chat. For example, a blog is provided for reading about updates and tips, while the Guides page is filled with information on how to sell online, how to handle rude customers, how to get more live chats and more.

The FAQ page gives you an idea of what other people are talking about with Pure Chat, while the primary Support page is a knowledge base with documentation for setups, integrations, chat boxes and more. I didn’t find any support modules for calling in or emailing, so it looks like you’ll have to complete most of the research yourself.

A chat box is provided on the dashboard, so quick interactions with the support team are possible and they also offer email support in-app and on the website for all plans.

Who Should Be Using Pure Chat?

Anyone with an ecommerce store could benefit from such an easy-to-use chat box tool like Pure Chat. It all depends on the pricing plan you choose. The Free Plan is great for testing and small operations with just a few products and one rep. The Starter Plan is probably the most common, while the Growth Plan gets up there for companies with large support teams.

If you have any questions about this Pure chat review, give us a comment in the section below!

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