An In-depth Rewind Review – Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to our in-depth Rewind review. Have you ever thought about what you would do in the event that your store data, blog posts, and product listings were accidentally or maliciously deleted at this moment? While this may look like an unlikely possibility, it is a very plausible crisis that doesn’t just potentially threaten your online business’ proper operational functioning but ultimately its financial buoyancy.

For instance, when trying to make changes to your online shop to build a better experience for your customers there is the likelihood that you may make some mistakes like unnecessary additions of a code to make your platform look better, which ends up causing damage or that you delete a code either by mistake or on purpose.

If you end up regretting such additions or removals and have to restore the data for your store to work properly, the only way to achieve this is through an application capable of backing up your store’s data and restoring the same to the time of the backup.

The Rewind app is capable of doing this for you. The solution provides automatic daily cloud backups for your online store and this protects the most valuable assets of your business. The goal of Rewind is to save your store from huge disasters and tiny mistakes in a couple of minutes.

Now, while you may think that since your store is set up with perhaps BigCommerce or Shopify, in a situation like this you can simply contact customer support to have your website restored, that won’t work. E-commerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify do have backups for their respective solutions but it is only to be used in the situation of disaster on their end and isn’t applicable for use in individual store restoration.

So if you purposely or accidentally delete all or some of your online business’ data such SaaS solutions can do nothing to help you. To secure your end you have to come up with an effective and seamless way to backup your data on their platform, which is what Rewind provides.

That said, in this Rewind review we will look at this tool in-depth covering its ease of use, features, pricing, pros and cons, customer support channels, and lots more.

Let’s get started.

What is Rewind?

With regards to protecting your online business data, a cloud backup service may be exactly what you require. Cloud backup is a process of storing and copying your data to a server that is usually external to your brand and can then be accessed through the web.

So when the worst happens and a physical or digital mishap causes you to lose all or some of your data, you can then easily restore them via the cloud solution.

Rewind offers cloud backup service and specializes in aiding software-as-a-service brands to protect their data so they can run their business without disruption. They offer both copy and backup services primarily for accounting, development, productivity, and eCommerce software. It is important to state that since Rewind is a cloud-based service it does protect local data but only assists in safeguarding your company’s cloud-based data.

Here are 4 instances that Rewind works for:

  • When you are modifying or editing your theme’s code yourself and mistakenly make irreversible and unwanted changes.
  • When you install an application that conflicts with the other aspects of your store and this alters or completely wipes data.
  • When you operate more than one store online and constantly make time-consuming updates and changes to each store.
  • When you accidentally make mistakes such as not saving changes properly, deleting an entire collection or group of items, removing the wrong code, or clicking the wrong button. This is regardless of if it has to do with your entire store, blog, product listings, theme, or web pages.

Basically, Rewind aims to protect you from suffering major damage to a business due to mistakes made that result in you spending hours on end trying to repair, as well as, saves you the cost associated with getting a professional to put things in order after making an irreversible mistake.

Rewind Review: Pros and Cons

Every solution has where it shines and what needs improvements. So in this section we will be looking at the pros and cons of Rewind.


  • Rewind offers a broad range of pricing options starting at $3.
  • This solution provides enough customer support channels and personnel at every stage of the journey to help you get the best from the tool.
  • Backups are automatically created daily and you can access manual backups on demand.
  • Rewind provides flexibility to choose multiple or individual items to restore like a couple of products from your store or the whole store at once.
  • Your saved data is encrypted securely in the Rewind vault.
  • Real-time monitoring is featured on some plans and items are backed up as they are updated or changed.
  • You can easily browse through the Rewind vault that stores your data whenever you choose.


  • The Rewind app isn’t available for other eCommerce platforms other than BigCommerce and Shopify or other accounting software than QuickBooks Online and Xero.
  • The lowest pricing option offers very minimal features and does not include the ability to initiate backups whenever you choose.
  • The Rewind Shopify app service is the most developed option and includes a lot more features than the BigCommerce one.
  • You can’t view the backup progress in terms of percentage and time left.
  • The initial backup takes more time than subsequent backups.

Rewind Review: Backup App Overview

Rewind is a SaaS and cloud data protection solution that automatically backs up your vital data on SaaS platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce including product images, customers, orders, product details, products, themes, and lots more.

After installing Rewind through your online store on Shopify or BigCommerce, you can seamlessly undo unwanted errors in a couple of clicks. This eliminates the need to deal with complicated and time-consuming CSV export for data restoration, third-party apps that can cause software conflicts which damage your files, malicious attacks, and innocent mistakes that alter, break or delete your files.

Beyond these, Rewind helps you remain compliant with data security regulations. This is necessary, as if your cloud data is lost without hope of restoration it won’t just lead to business destruction but costly fines and failed compliance audits.

The great thing is that Rewind doesn’t just work for ecommerce SaaS platforms but even accounting ones. The tool enables you to backup and restore everything from all your customer files to individual aspects like expenses report, attachments, and lots more.

So Rewind provides backups and a copy function for Shopify, BigCommerce, and QuickBooks Online accounting software. The application also provides backups for Trello and GitHub. Brands like Xero, GitLab, Bitbucket, Zendesk, Jira, Weebly, Hubspot, Asana, Confluence, and Microsoft Office 365 are also in the works for integration with Rewind.

Rewind Review: Registration Process

The registration process is very simple. You will just have to fill in your basic details on a short form.

After you log in you’ll be invited to link the account you intend to back up.

You then have to put in your account details of the secondary solution, for instance, Shopify or QuickBooks Online. And then you can begin the backup process in a couple of minutes.

Rewind Review: Ease of Use

Concerning ease-of-use, the Rewind application is very seamless in function. Once you install the Rewind backups app on the Shopify platform, for example, by linking your account and signing in, the next thing you’ll see is a plan picker that enables you to choose a payment structure for access to particular features relevant to your specific needs.

On this page, you will also see a live chat function that’s there for you in case you have questions during the setup process or which plan is best for you. After you choose a plan you can tap on the start trial button (this is for a 7-day free trial) and you’ll be redirected to the tool’s dashboard where the backup process will begin immediately.

It’s important to note that Rewind does not feature a progress bar so you’ll be able to see that your backup process is ongoing but you can’t see how much time is left or the percentage of backup done. This factor is a major con with this tool especially if you want to set a time frame for the entire process. However, the first backup is usually completed in about an hour or more depending on the size of your data but subsequent backups are faster.

After this process, the solution is ready for use and it is recommended that you try out some damages to test out how efficiently it works. To be safe, ensure that the changes that you make in the trial process are irrelevant ones that are easy to fix.

Here’s how you can carry out a test of the solution. Navigate back to the Shopify admin and begin making changes. You can delete random aspects of your theme code. To do this go to Online Store and themes. Next, choose actions and edit code, then delete random sections and templates. If you go back to the website you’ll see the damage done.

So to really see how easy it is to use the tool, go back to the Rewind app and fix it. To do this navigate to apps, pick Rewind, and when on the dashboard tap on account Rewind.

With account Rewind, you can restore all items in a particular item type or your whole store back to a specific time and date. So simply select the particular ones that require recovery.

For recovery you can choose from custom collections, pages, products, blogs, product images, customers, themes, and smart collections. When you get to the time and date section first you have to pick the date that you want the items to be restored to. To do this you’ll just have to tap on selected dates and pick the number from a calendar. The time you want to restore to is also picked from the drop-down menu. When this is done you just have to confirm the restore and the process begins. After the account data restoration begins you’ll receive an email when the process is completed.

Next, you just have to tap on done and you’ll be taken back to your dashboard. It’s also important to note that Rewind’s customer service states that the furthest you can restore to is the initial backup you took when setting up the app. If you try to go farther than that you’ll achieve nothing.

With this trial of the solution, it’s clear that Rewind is very easy to use and straightforward. And even beginners who haven’t used a solution like this can get a hang of the process right away. There are also little to no hiccups on the way and all actions can be done with a single click.

Rewind Review: Features

Here are some of the primary features of Rewind:

Data Backup

With the brand’s focus on assisting businesses on SaaS and eCommerce platforms to secure their data, Rewind’s primary features are the best fit for this audience.

Rewind will help back up your data from popular SaaS and eCommerce solutions. This is done on an individual file level by scanning your account every day to discover and save all changes. The kind of data backed up is dependent on the solution the data you intend to back up is from. For instance, if you intend to backup your Shopify account, Rewind will save customers, customer orders, collections, tags, product images, and products amongst other data. This is a very powerful feature for sales and e-commerce businesses who want to have peace of mind regarding data security.

Data Restoration

With regards to data restoration, Rewind offers users 3 options. You can either restore a particular single item at a time, restore your whole account to specific points, or restore a category of data. The restoration of a category of data and a particular item per time can be used to correct mistakes made during data upload or transfer, for example. Instead of having to overwrite your entire data set, you can simply restore the category of data that has been affected.Data Copying

Rewind also provides a copying feature that allows you to transfer your data from one online store to another. Currently, Rewind Copy only supports BigCommerce and Shopify. This feature can cater to product metadata, product barcodes, product prices, and product images. You can even copy collections, themes, blog posts, and pages. This is a very powerful feature if you intend to run more than one store with similar products, for example. Also, you can copy your QuickBooks Online data if you have to transfer the same to another account.

Rewind Vault

All the data that you backup via the Rewind app are saved in the Rewind vault which is an encrypted and secure area that you can browse through, whenever you choose, to find the backup that’s the best fit for what you are searching to restore. The Vault stores the complete history of your data including old versions that aren’t active anymore.

Manual and Automatic Backups

Rewind carries out automatic backups daily at midnight in your local time zone, so you don’t have to bother about remembering to backup your store manually. However, you can choose to manually backup your store at any point. For instance, just before you want to make an update or change. So in case anything goes wrong you can easily and quickly revert to your previous settings from moments before. Such flexible backup options allow you to take control of your site data without having to plan for it or remember to do it. It’s also important to note that Rewind offers real-time monitoring, which means that your backups will be updated automatically and instantly when there are changes or updates. And all their plans except the Basic plan offer this feature.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Rewind isn’t just available on Shopify but also on BigCommerce, QuickBooks Online, Trello, and more. This means that if you have a store on either of the two or need to backup any SaaS based data, Rewind can cater to that need.

Rewind Review: Pricing Plans

Rewind offers two types of packages for Shopify. The first one is a backup package and the other is a copy one. Let’s have a look at the pricing for the backup and copy package.

Backup Package

There are 6 backup plans segmented by the number of orders your store receives:

  • Basic Plan: This plan is for online stores that receive up to 20 orders per month and it costs $3 monthly. The plan includes multi-user support.
  • Growth Plan: The Growth plan for Shopify costs $9 per month and works for online stores that receive up to 200 orders per month. The plan includes real-time backups, multi-user support, and the ability to backup whenever you choose.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan costs $39 per month and can backup an online store with up to 600 orders monthly. The plan includes the ability to back up whenever you choose, multi-user support, and real-time backups.
  • Business Plan: The Business plan costs $59 per month and works with an online store that receives up to 1000 orders per month. The plan features all the functions of the previous ones plus a multi-store ready function.
  • Plus Plan: This plan costs $99 per month and can cater to stores that receive up to 2,000 orders per month and includes the functions of all the plans before it plus backups for metadata (SEO, etc).
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan costs $299 per month and it is for online stores that have over 2,000 orders per month. This plan features all the above abilities plus priority support.

Copy Package

The Rewind Copy solution for Shopify is charged with a pay-as-you-go model and costs $0.20 per item copied with a minimum of $3. However, if you don’t want the pay-as-you-go option there is an unlimited plan for $99 per month. But if you intend to copy more than one store they cost $29 per additional store. The unlimited copy plan features automated copies and supports up to 100,000 items. All Rewind Copy plans include email support and help center as well as a 7-day free trial.

Rewind Review: Customer Support

Rewind provides adequate customer support through numerous channels such as email support, a knowledge base with frequently asked questions, and product-specific questions like how to copy for BigCommerce or QuickBooks Online. They also have a live chat on every page that you can click to ask questions, especially during the sign-up or setting-up process.

Rewind has an average rating of 4.7 and 4.8 on the Shopify and BigCommerce app marketplaces, respectively. Rewind received the BigCommerce Merchants Choice Award in 2020, and is the only data backup and recovery app accepted into the Shopify Plus Certified App program.

Rewind Review: Security

Rewind takes data security very seriously. And this is extremely important when your brand’s important data is in their custody. One of the features that enhance the security of your data in their vault is the two-factor authentication requirement which is required when you want to backup systems that utilize this protocol. Also, Rewind staff are only able to access internal systems using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) on a least-privilege basis. This means they are only able to view your data when it’s completely necessary.

Encryption is also utilized for sensitive items such as platform access tokens and system communication credentials. Plus, the physical data is saved on servers managed by Amazon web services which have been proven to have high digital and physical security in one of 3 major locations (Canada, United States, or Europe).

Rewind is GDPR compliant and SOC 2, Type 1 compliant. They expect to receive SOC 2, Type 2 compliance in early 2022.

Rewind Review: Who is it Best For?

Rewind is for all eCommerce business owners and accounting services. So if your website is up and running and you sell products, serve customers, and make sales then you need to have a solution like Rewind integrated into your online store as a preventive measure to secure the longevity of your shop’s information and data. This app is also for anyone who wants to avoid the potential future hassles that come with data loss. The customer support teams at BigCommerce and Shopify can’t help you in the event that vital data is stolen, deleted, or lost from your store so it’s your responsibility to safeguard such assets.

Rewind Review: Conclusion

Rewind is a great choice for online businesses that want to have peace of mind regarding their data security. By backing up your eCommerce or accounting data to the cloud using this service you can be certain that your brand can bounce back very fast if there is a data disaster. The tool is also very easy to use and understand and offers ample help both with a knowledge base and staff support so you can make the right decisions using the solution effortlessly.

With regards to the scope of functionality, Rewind only works with Shopify, BigCommerce, QuickBooks Online, Xero,  Trello, and more. While other options are in the works it means that if you have an eCommerce store on other platforms or an account on other accounting solutions Rewind is unable to help you backup your data. However, for the platforms it does work for it provides stellar functionality and does exactly what it is supposed to do effectively. You get access to data restoration, data backup, data security with their vault, and even a data copy function.

So generally speaking Rewind is a great app for cloud data backup.

The Verdict:

Rewind is the perfect fit for Shopify, BigCommerce, Trello, and QuickBooks Online users who don’t want to always bother about data security but need an easy to use solution that’ll automatically safeguard their data as well as help them undo damaging mistakes easily. But if you don’t have a store on either, this isn’t the tool for you.

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