SellerSkills Review (Feb 2023): The Complete Guide to a Multi-channel Ecommerce App

Welcome to the complete SellerSkills review.

The number of apps required to run an eCommerce store effectively are a lot and it can get very tiring and frustrating to keep track of all their processes and details. For example, you may have a different app for inventory management and another for order management as well as one for your product listing. And all of these apps have different dashboards that you have to understand to effectively use them.

This is extremely draining and can cause you to lose focus on your core business practices and goals. So the perfect solution to such a problem would be to find a way to integrate all these separate apps into one centralized location and have them functioning from the same place. The approach would not only make your business practices and processes a lot simpler but will enhance your productivity.

This is where the SellerSkills solution comes in. SellerSkills is a one-of-a-kind product that helps enterprises and companies to effectively run their eCommerce and retail business across various marketplaces and shopping carts from one dashboard. The solution has helped thousands of eCommerce sellers amplify their daily processes and is integrated with some of the biggest marketplaces and commerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and Amazon to help ease your business operations.

So we came up with this SellerSkills review to help you know if this does exactly what it’s supposed to and how well it does it. To achieve this we will cover its features, pros and cons, frequently asked questions, customer support, interface ease-of-use, pricing plans, and lots more.

Let’s get started.

SellerSkills Review: Overview

Sellerskills was built to address a major challenge of eCommerce businesses, which is streamlining various aspects of their operations into one manageable system. The app simplifies multichannel business processes helping you to ease up the process and maximize your profits. With the solution, you can list and sell your products on numerous marketplaces from one location as well as integrate with eCommerce shipping carriers and shopping carts. SellerSkills unites eBay, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, Walmart, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Etsy, Shopify Plus, Shopify, Canada Post, USPS, Amazon Buy Shipping Services, and lots more into one powerful app to simplify your processes.

So with SellerSkills you are not only integrated with the leading eCommerce platforms but also shipping carriers for order fulfillment. And beyond these, the tool helps you not only to sell and to deliver but to manage your inventory and orders on all these platforms from this centralized location.

Seller Skills Review: Interface Ease of Use

SellerSkills is easy to use. However, if you are not used to such centralized tools it may take a little getting used to.

That said, to get started with the application you have to navigate to the website and then tap on sign up. Next, you’ll have to fill a very short form with basic information like your name, company, name, phone number, email, and then choose a password. Like most such tools you’ll have to confirm your registration by clicking an email sent to your inbox. Sign in and you’re all set to start using the application. So the registration process is straightforward even for complete beginners.

Regarding its dashboard interface, SellerSkills is very intuitive and offers powerful automation tools that help to simplify the listing of your products as well as integrate all the tools you need for business. Most other tools similar to this solution because of the number of functions they have available may look a little clustered. But what’s great about the SellerSkills dashboard is that it is very clean and you can easily find what you are searching for.

For the inventory, order, and listing features, for example, there are filters and a search bar that enable you to easily discover what you’re looking for within them as it can get real confusing without such functions.

The dashboard even has clear analytics and reporting statistics to help you keep track of how everything is going. Generally speaking, Sellerskills is very easy to use and understand even at first glance and there is little to no learning curve required to use the tool.

SellerSkills Review: Pros and Cons


  • Bulk product import is available.
  • There are no feature restrictions on all SellerSkills plans.
  • Customer support offers multiple channels to reach them and is available for all plans.
  • Two 30 minutes onboarding meetings with a manager to help you get started.
  • The paid plans are very affordable.
  • SellerSkills integrates with the top players in the eCommerce industry.
  • The app is easy to use and understand.


  • The free plan only works for a store with up to 50 orders. So larger stores are excluded from it and have to go for the paid ones.
  • Integration isn’t available for other eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce.

SellerSkills Review: Main Features

SellerSkills is a multi-purpose eCommerce app and because of this most of its features are diverse in what they help you achieve but all help to streamline your eCommerce processes. Let’s have a look at some of their primary features.

Listing Management

SellerSkills provides you with the tools to list and manage new products, import and update your existing product listing, as well as reprice, upload, and group products to boost your profit margin, all from a central dashboard. Their modules sync data across all your eCommerce channels in a couple of seconds without requiring your direct involvement. The number of listings permitted is also unlimited.

Inventory Management

If you still update your inventory on all channels manually when you get a sale or have to manage them separately this feature is the perfect fit. SellerSkills provides a smart approach for your eCommerce inventory management by providing a centralized online inventory system that syncs your data from multiple channels to one location. This feature helps to ensure that your multi-channel inventory stays as accurate as feasible enabling your business operations to run seamlessly and without flaws. The tool allows you to import your inventory right after you create a new account on Walmart, Shopify, eBay. or Amazon. There is also a feature that allows you to export your inventory to a new channel.

Order Management

SellerSkills gets all orders from your connected eCommerce marketplaces and automatically syncs and updates the details eliminating the stress that comes with that. With this feature, you can gain centralized control over your multi-channel orders. You also have access to your order history and sales details across all marketplaces that you’ve connected to SellerSkills for any period. It allows you to keep track of previous and current orders and craft selling strategies based on the details. The order management feature also includes a shipping software that enables you to use SellerSkills shipping options which are FedEx, Amazon’s Buy Shipping Services, and USPS, or to include fresh carrier accounts with the shipping rates agreed for your brand.

Automatic Synchronization

SellerSkills with this function saves users a lot of time as they automatically update your inventory details across all your marketplaces the moment you update it. So you won’t have to manually update your inventory data, send notifications to customers, or transfer product details across all channels by yourself.


SellerSkills features a reporting function that lets you know your best-selling items so you can know what products you need to buy more of and when to do so as well as calculate the correct cost per offer, so you can optimize profit margin and product pricing.

Shopify Integration

SellerSkills is one of the official 3rd-party Shopify partners and ensures that devoted sellers using the eCommerce platform can boost their experience.

To do this, SellerSkills features “the Shopify as a Main Store” offering that allows you to import your Shopify inventory or particular Shopify listings to the SellerSkills app then publish them on other major platforms like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay.

The Shopify integration also allows you to add more than one Shopify store to SellerSkills. This enables you to manage Shopify orders, stock, and product listings from several Shopify stores from a single location.

In general, with this feature, you don’t have to choose between Shopify and any of the big names like Amazon FBA or eBay. You’ll be able to sell your offerings on all channels from one place – SellerSkills.

This solution also allows you to import Amazon inventory to Shopify and vice-versa, and fulfill orders, manage listings and even compare Amazon FBA vs Shopify performance.


SellerSkills is integrated with the following marketplaces and carriers:

  • Amazon (US, CA, MX) for listing, order management, inventory, FBM, and FBA.
  • eBay (CA, US) for order management, inventory, and listing,
  • Walmart (CA, US) for inventory, listing, AND order management.
  • SellerSkills Shopify integration with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart to enable data sync between Shopify inventory and SellerSkills so all your data from Shopify can be connected to the other platforms via SellerSkills.
  • SellerSkills also offer integrations for the following shipping carriers; Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, USPS.
  • SellerSkills offers integrations that supports users selling with both Fulfillment by Amazon and Fulfillment by Merchant.

Shipping Rate Calculator

This app features a shipping rate calculator that doesn’t just create a label for your order but also assists you in arranging everything relating to label creation and printing in a couple of seconds. You also have the option of comparing shipping rates from different carriers in one location and then choosing the option that matches your budget and time requirements with a single click.

Feature Request

SellerSkills has a feature request function that allows you to let them know the desired function that you want to be added to their product and it may be included.

SellerSkills Review: Pricing Plans

SellerSkills has 3 plans, the first one is free and the other 2 are paid plans. All the paid plans have a free trial with no credit card required that is not limited by time but by the number of orders per month. Let’s have a look at them and the features for each one.

Free Plan

The free plan costs $0 per month and is for online stores handling up to 50 orders per month. You have the option of including unlimited sales channels, an unlimited number of SKUs, and listings. For the free plan inventory and price sync frequency is every 15 minutes. The same is true for order import frequency. You also have merchant fulfillment, listing, inventory, and support features available.

Monthly Plan

The Monthly plan costs $335 per month for up to 9999 orders monthly. The plan features everything in the free plan.

Annual Plan

The Annual plan costs $3350 a year or $279.2 per month for up to 9999 orders monthly. The plan features everything in the previous packages.

All SellerSkills plans have the same features but the difference comes with the number of orders per month that the plan can handle as well as reduction of the monthly cost for the yearly plan. So the value you get per price comes in your order capacity per month and not features.

SellerSkills Review: Customer Support

SellerSkills provides multiple support channels for users. For all plans, you’ll get access to chat support, which is available from 8 am to 5 pm ET and from Monday to Friday. There’s also Email and phone support available, which are both available to users in the same timeframe and days. Then there’s a knowledge center with in-depth guides on how to carry out various tasks using the tool. They even provide an onboarding session for 1 hour for fresh users. It’s also important to state that SellerSkills has a 30 minutes response rate for customer service responses.

SellerSkills Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does SellerSkills Count Sales Orders?

SellerSkills counts all new incoming sales orders from every connected marketplace as an order. They also reset your order count automatically on the first day of your billing cycle.

Does SellerSkills Charge Setup Fees?

SellerSkills does not charge anything for setup. Users can simply arrange two 30-minute onboarding sessions with their management and they’ll help out.

What Features are In the Free Plan?

SellerSkills does not place restrictions on features. But you can just handle 30 orders every month if you opt for the plan.

Is My Data Safe with SellerSkills?

SellerSkills takes data security very seriously. They host their servers in a top-notch data center that is secured by 24-hour surveillance and they ensure that their app is constantly up to date with current security patches. Every SellerSkills plan includes SSL encryption to safeguard your data.


SellerSkills is a multi-purpose eCommerce app that enables vendors on multiple channels to be able to streamline their data and processes to operate from one centralized dashboard. It offers a ton of management features as well as the ability to request fresh features that will improve your business capabilities. The tool is completely automated and simplifies complex processes into seamless tasks that you don’t have to bother with. Their pricing is also very affordable and they even have a free plan for small stores with all features included. All in all this app is easy to use and extremely powerful in helping simplify multi-channel businesses.

The Verdict

SellerSkills is best for eCommerce businesses on multiple channels that are searching for a way to run their brand from one centralized location.

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