Sendinblue Review: All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform

Are you looking for a comprehensive marketing automation platform that can streamline your marketing communications? Sendinblue may be the perfect solution for you. With 12 apps under one umbrella, this platform offers a range of tools to help you automate your marketing campaigns, including Landing Pages, Inbox, Chat, CRM, Web Push, Email Campaigns, SMS, Conversations, Automation, Transactional Emails, Facebook Ads, and Transactional SMS.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

One of the most notable features of Sendinblue is its drag and drop email builder, which makes it easy to create custom email templates. They offer 20-30 workflow templates to help you set up things like abandoned cart and post-purchase email sequences. They also have an algorithm that sends emails based on the best time they think each recipient will open them.

Transactional Emails

Sendinblue takes transactional emails seriously and offers better deliverability and flexibility than many native transactional email interfaces. Their customers often switch over their transactional emails to Sendinblue, and you can see noticeable upticks in open and click-through rates from these crucial and frequently opened emails.

Integration with Shopify

Sendinblue is compatible with over 60 integrations, including adding your product feeds directly to your email and SMS campaigns. Most Shopify merchants move over their transactional emails to Sendinblue because of its better deliverability and flexibility.

All-in-One Automation

Sendinblue’s most notable differentiation factor is its “all in one” automation. All of its tools work cohesively towards the same goal: getting your customers to buy (and buy more) from you.

Metrics Improvement

Sendinblue aims to streamline your marketing communications, which will save your team time and free them up to do other tasks. This platform should yield stronger results from channels like email, SMS, Web Push, and Facebook ads, as your campaigns begin to interact more cohesively with your audience through their platform.

Who Should Use Sendinblue?

Sendinblue can work for merchants of all sizes, from starting stores to 1,000 retail outlet chains. They have customers from everywhere doing everything with their tool. They will be especially effective when you have a head of marketing or email marketer in the company full-time – so that you can really maximize the value you are getting out of your channels.

Setup Time

Setup time for a tool like Sendinblue, with so much opportunity for complexity, should be taken very seriously and fully invested in. Total setup time will vary depending on how many of the sub-apps you plan on utilizing. Email and SMS automations can take a few hours, while adding in Web Push, Ads, Conversations, etc. can increase the time needed.


In conclusion, Sendinblue is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that offers a range of tools to help you streamline your marketing communications. Its drag and drop email builder, transactional emails, and all-in-one automation make it a strong competitor in the market. Its compatibility with over 60 integrations, including Shopify, and the ability to improve metrics for your Ecommerce store make it a worthwhile investment for businesses of all sizes.

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