Shogun Review: A Sleek Drag and Drop Page Builder for Shopify

Shopify has an incredible number of features, themes, and selling options; all coming together to deliver an easy eCommerce experience for both merchants and buyers.

However, many eCommerce professionals notice that Shopify’s platform isn’t the easiest to customize. The visual composer provides a few interesting tools for the beginners, but for merchants who want a more custom online store, it’s usually necessary to hire developers or Shopify experts who know how to write code.

For Shopify merchants who are looking for a way to customize their shops without the help of a developer, one of the more popular apps on Shopify’s platform is a drag and drop page builder and editor called Shogun.

The app is billed as a drag and drop tool for constructing beautiful custom pages in Shopify, and has an overall five star rating, along with lots of great reviews. Shogun works just fine with any of the Shopify themes, and has a page importer for making edits to existing pages.

Shogun works for any marketing pages on a Shopify store: homepage, FAQ, About Us, Contact, other landing pages, promo pages, etc., as well as Shopify Blog pages.

Now that we have a general idea of what Shogun does for Shopify users, let’s take a deeper look into the app.

Standout Shogun Features

Expand the Building and Design Capabilities of Shopify

If you’ve worked with Shopify before, you know that customizing items like social media buttons, logos, colors and some other simple items are pretty rudimentary tasks. You get a Preview button and a step-by-step guide on how to configure your site design. That said, your site is generally stuck with the theme or standard structure that you chose.

Shogun provides page elements for things like videos, images, blogs, accordions and more. Moreover, the styling options in Shogun’s editor are incredibly robust; offering limitless options for page design and structure of all Shopify store marketing pages and Shopify Blog Pages.

Integrate with Any Shopify Theme

This feature is pretty simple, but it’s nice to know that the drag and drop builder is going to work with whatever theme you select, be it a free or premium theme.

Take a Previously Designed Shopify Page and Import It

Let’s say you’re not particularly tech-savvy. You like how many of the Shopify themes look, but you’re not all that interested in customizing them past their original designs. With Shogun, you can import and edit previously designed theme pages. This means you can open up a preset Homepage, Contact Page, or Blog Page, and adjust it for you own brand.

Mobile Responsiveness with Previews

Google wants it, and so do your customers. Mobile responsiveness means a better interface for everyone involved, so it makes sense that your drag and drop page builder elements are going to snap right into place when viewed on tablets, phones, and desktop or laptop computers.

The Shogun page items do just that. You won’t have to worry about how a product image or button looks like when someone is shopping from a phone, because you can preview in the editor beforehand.

Next Level Features for Developers

If you know how to code, Shogun become even more powerful with its “Custom Templating” feature. Developers can build completely custom elements in Shogun by writing their own Liquid, HTML, and CSS.

Shogun Support

As you’ll see in the pricing below, email support is given for all of the plans. That said, you receive priority support with the Basic Plan and the Pro plan. From our experience, and the many reviews online, Shogun responds quickly to your inquiries, with knowledgeable people who know how to walk you through any problems that arise.

Along with a blog, social media accounts, and FAQ, the Shogun developers seem to be on their game when it comes to connecting with customers and showing them the best ways to use the app.

Finally, Shogun has made a large list of video tutorials for customers to access. These are going to become some of the most important parts of your Shogun support, since you can quickly sift through them and learn anything about topics like adding video to a page, data collections and custom templates.

Shogun Pricing

The Shogun app has a 7-day free trial for those who would like to try it out without paying a dime. Keep in mind that Shopify offers a free trial as well. So, if you’d like a full online shop with a nice drag and drop page builder for a free week, it’s completely possible.

As for the monthly pricing, you can opt for the following plans:

  • Starter – For $9 per month you get the drag and drop builder, a full responsive design, solid email support from Shogun and live preview functionality.
  • Basic – This plan goes for $29 per month, providing everything from the previous plan, a page editor for the Shopify blog, custom templating for developers, and priority email support.

Pro – At $49 per month you receive all features from the previous plans, custom data collections and priority email and live chat support.

Who Should Be Using the Shogun App With Their Shopify Store?

I’ve always felt like the Shopify editor is pretty straightforward, but also quite limiting in terms of customization. A powerful drag and drop page builder like Shogun opens up all sorts of new possibilities for Shopify beginners and professionals alike. Therefore, I would highly recommend Shogun for ecommerce professionals that don’t have the technical know-how to customize every little element on their site. This way, you can avoid the high fees that come along with hiring a developer to complete the work for you.

That said, we also like Shogun for developers with Shopify clients. The drag and drop features are enough to speed up your design process, and the custom templating/coding feature makes it incredibly powerful in terms of limitless customization. It’s also a great way to conclude a project with the client, and even if you didn’t use Shogun to build it, you can simply import your client’s site once it’s done!

If you have any questions about this Shogun review, feel free to drop a line in the comments below. Also, share your thoughts if you’ve tried it out in the past.

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