Shoplazza Review (Feb 2023): Everything You Need to Know

Deciding which ecommerce solution is right for your business can be tricky and take a lot of research. So, here, we’re reviewing one such option: Shoplazza. We’re taking a deep dive into this eCommerce platform to wring out everything you need to know to make an informed decision for your online shops.

There’s lots to cover, so without further ado, let’s dive in!

Shoplazza Review: About

Launched in 2017, Shoplazza established itself as a marketing and eCommerce SaaS with a difference. Unlike many of its competitors, Shoplazza provides everything you need to create scalable DTC brands, and B2C ecommerce businesses accommodating corporate policies, training, and culture to fast-track your brand onto the global market. 

Its website lists a range of customers who sell many different types of products, including wellness accessories, tech, watches, and more. At the time of writing, over 360,000 online stores are powered by Shoplazza across more than 150 countries.

To date, Shoplazza’s enjoyed a fair amount of acclaim. For instance, it’s been featured in Forbes magazine and was awarded Best Shopping Cart Partner of 2020 by PayPal.

Shoplazza Review: Shoplazza’s Pros and Cons

Let’s review the platform’s most notable pros and cons:

Pros 👍

  • Shoplazza is an excellent option for pre-established businesses wanting to migrate their online stores from other eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify. Shoplazza offers a free migration tool that you can find in your dashboard that will import your products, comments, blog, and more.
  • All Shoplazza plans include its website builder, ERP, CMS, and marketing tools.
  • Shoplazza’s user-friendliness and wealth of features make it a great all-rounder for beginners and experienced business owners alike.
  • No coding or technical knowledge is needed.
  • You get one centralized dashboard.
  • It’s a good option for managing a larger team.
  • You can access free stock photos to add to your site.
  • Shoplazza offers a free 7-day trial before you have to commit to a paid plan.

Shoplazza Review: Pricing

Shoplazza offers several pricing plans. First, you can try a 7-day free trial; after that, you’ll have to choose from one of the following (billed monthly in USD):

  • Basic – $28: This plan is aimed at anyone who’s just starting out their eCommerce venture. Here, you can set up your eCommerce store and host as many products as you want. All plans come with 24/7 customer support, a free consultation, and access to all third-party integrations. All plans come with discount codes, gift cards, free policy templates, professional reports, website and content SEO features, and a Facebook Messenger live chat app. However, you can only create six staff accounts, and you’re charged a 2% commission on your sales. 
  • Advanced – $59: This plan is aimed at businesses ready to take the first steps to grow their store. You get everything above. However, your commission fee drops to just 1%.
  • Premier – $99: This is aimed at stores that have expanded and need more staff accounts. Again, you get everything listed above. But you can create up to 15 staff accounts, and you’re only charged a 0.6% commission fee.
  • Enterprise – $189: This package is ideal for bigger businesses looking to grow even further. This unlocks 100 staff accounts and a 0.3% commission fee.
  • Pro – $218: You benefit from everything above. However, the commission fee drops to 0.2%.

Shoplazza Review: Setting Up Your Shoplazza Store

Signing up with Shoplazza is simple:

  1. First things first, you need to register for an account via Shoplazza’s homepage. 
  2. Then, you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about your business.
  3. You’re then brought to your Shoplazza dashboard. From here, you can add your products, tinker with your store’s theme, adjust your shipping and payment options, etc. 
  4. Once you’re happy with your ecommerce store, congrats – you’re good to go!

Shoplazza allows you to choose from 26 free, contemporary, customizable themes. Once you’ve picked a template, you can change its layout, add your logo and images, and tweak the color scheme. You can also create product collections and checkout pages using Shoplazza’s drag and drop builder. 

The platform uses a card system. For the uninitiated, these are blocks you can drag and drop onto web pages to add extra functionality. You’ll find cards for social media, marketing, cart, navigation, and more.

You can also connect your Shoplazza store with a custom domain name.

Shoplazza Review: Manage Your Team

Shoplazza provides complete control over who makes changes to your site. You can set up as many as 100 staff accounts with varying permissions to ensure your store’s security and privacy.

You can even set up different ‘roles’ according to your team’s functions. For instance, you could assign a financial role to organize and control income and expenditures. Similarly, you could also have operational roles focusing on logistical concerns.

Shoplazza Review: Shoplazza a CMS and ERP

Shoplazza doubles as a CMS and ERP solution. 

As you may already know, CMS is short for a ‘content management system .’Amongst many other things, Shoplazza’s CMS enables you to:

  • Create and manage blog posts
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Create email templates
  • Track your mailing list
  • Manage your mailing list and email campaigns based on user behavior. For instance, you could automatically send content to specific customers depending on their product interests.

Whereas, Shoplazza’s ERP (enterprise resource management) lets you automate everything from inventory levels and billing to exports and shipping information. This comes in especially handy if you’re managing multiple stores because you can organize everything from one centralized location.

More specifically, Shoplazza’s ERP can be used to automate and manage the following areas of your business:

  • Accounting
  • Order management
  • Manufacturing and shipping

As such, you can track orders, shipments, and sales data from your ecommerce website’s backend. You can also keep an eye on inventory levels, monitor SKUs, and replenish stock. On top of that, you can even manage payment disputes.

Shoplazza Review: Marketing and SEO

With Shoplazza, you can synchronize your product catalog with your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. So, when you want to start a new Facebook ads campaign, you can pull products directly from your site into your Facebook ad. You can also autogenerate your Facebook store with content imported directly from your store. Not only is this a huge time-saver, but it also goes a long way to unifying your website and social media visuals. 

Where email marketing is concerned, Shoplazza integrates with popular email marketing solutions like MailChimpKlaviyo, Stream, and Mailcamp. Or, you can use Shoplazza’s own emailing tool to maintain and manage your mailing list. You’ll see a list of templates for different customer events from the dashboard, including discounts, subscription invitations, and abandoned cart emails. These templates are customizable, including inserting your own logo, images, and text. That said, if you want greater flexibility over your email designs, you’re likely better off with one of the aforementioned email marketing plugins.

Lastly, when it comes to SEO, you can integrate your store with Google Analytics. Shoplazza also enables you to add metadata for your homepage ( i.e., a meta title and description), which is a great place to insert the keywords you’re hoping to rank for.

Shoplazza Review: Customer Payment Options

When a customer purchases something from your Shoplazza store, customers benefit from all major payment platforms, including:

  • PayPal
  • World Pay
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Stripe 

…and more.

Not only that, but to ensure your brand is accessible to global consumers, you can also use niche payment options local to different countries, including Japanese, European, and Latin American markets. In fact, Shoplazza serves clients from 150 countries and territories. Your site will even automatically detect your visitor’s local IP address and convert your prices into their local currency. 

Finally, Shoplazza also facilitates ‘buy now, pay later’ integrations like Affirm and Atome.

Shoplazza Review: Print-on-demand

For the uninitiated, print-on-demand is a low-cost business model that enables you to sell custom products without hefty start-up costs. Typically speaking, when you work with a POD supplier, you provide your custom design. Then they’ll print it onto your desired product and ship it directly to your customers for you. So, rather than holding an inventory full of your stock, items are only printed and sent when your customer places an order. 

Shoplazza integrates with two print-on-demand services. Let’s take a quick look at each:


Unlike many other POD services, HugePOD comes with a 3D drag and drop design tool to provide a more realistic view of your product’s end result. You can add a custom design to your chosen product(s) wherever you want, including a full cover design that encompasses the whole item. 

Once you’re happy with your design, set a product price and sell it on your online store. Then, once you make a sale, HugePOD manufactures and ships the order directly to your customers. 

You can customize a wide range of products, including:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Bags
  • Mask
  • Hats

…and more, including a children’s range, household items, and eco-friendly products.

There’s no start-up cost, you simply pay when a customer makes an order from you, and the markup you charge is yours to profit.


Although this company specializes in dropshipping, they also offer a POD service that enables you to customize and sell:

  • USBs
  • Cups
  • Flasks
  • Phone cases
  • Bags
  • Wallets

…and more.

You can add your logo and other custom information to the product. For example, a customer’s name or a unique message. There’s no minimum order, so you can scale up or down to meet demand. 

CJdropshipping uses a laser printer and engraver to convert your logo onto different materials, including wood, metal, woven fabric, and plastic. You pay $1 for each item on top of the price for ink and labor, which varies depending on the item. 

Shoplazza Review: Customer Service

Shoplazza offers several self-help resources to help you build and manage your store. You’ll find the support section on their website has a blog, online help center, and partner center. These resources should answer most questions.

On top of that, there’s also a user community forum where you can pose questions to other users and the Shoplazza team. However, if you have an urgent issue, you can contact Shoplazza directly 24/7 by email or chatbot. 

When you first open a Shoplazza account, you’ll also get a free consultation with one of their experts (even with their cheapest pricing plan!).

Shoplazza: Our Final Verdict

Overall, given the depth and comprehensiveness of Shoplazza’s services, even with its commission fee, we would wager that Shoplazza is a solid investment. It’s a well-established company that has won prestigious awards and offers attractive, contemporary, and customizable themes.

Shoplazza’s versatility lies in its integrations. You can pick and choose from the integrations you need to help you create a fully operational store that offers you and your customers exactly what’s needed. In other words, Shoplazza is a complete ecommerce solution for launching and running your online business.

Are you ready to start using to run your online store? Let us know in the comments box; speak soon!

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