Shoprocket Review: A Simple and Affordable Tool to Turn Your Existing Site into an Online Store

Have you ever wanted to sell products or services from your blog, website or even Facebook page? Shoprocket is a fully-featured ecommerce platform that you can install in literally 2 minutes in all of these places. One of the great features of Shoprocket is that you can do so without having to redevelop the entire website.

If so, the options for turning your current site into an online store are rather limited. For example, if you turned to Shopify or Bigcommerce, you’d have to create a completely new site and try to migrate all of your current content to the new platform. Quite frankly, that’s a pain in the butt. You could also go with WooCommerce, but you’re forced to use it with the WordPress platform forever.

If, instead, you’re looking for something with more flexibility, simplicity and a large feature set, Shoprocket is your best bet. With only a 2% transaction fee, easy installation, industry-leading basket abandonment rates, and outstanding customer service, Shoprocket surpasses its competitors.  

Yes, this tool seems similar to competitors like WooCommerce and Shopify, but after taking a deeper look, Shoprocket provides some interesting tools for those who want to get up and running in minutes. In fact, I would argue that it’s the simplest of methods if you want to start selling anywhere from 10 to 10,000 products from your current website. All you have to do is upload your products, add the code to your website or blog and you’re ready to start selling.

If this intrigues you, keep reading to learn more about what Shoprocket can do for you.

What Do You Have to Pay to Use Shoprocket?

Pricing is one of the greatest aspects of the Shoprocket system. They only have one price and no surprises. In fact, you can setup your store for free. In addition, you don’t incur any fixed or hidden fees.

The best part is that you can create and sell an unlimited amount of products for free. The only payment you make to Shoprocket is a 2% transaction fee.

This is a pretty darn good deal, considering you can test out your store and not pay a dime if you don’t have any success. Also, you aren’t required to make any changes to the design of the website to add the ecommerce platform.

What are the Best Features from Shoprocket?

Quick Product Adding

Right from the start of your setup, the system guides you through everything you need to do. For example, they request that you add your first product, which is as easy as typing in a product name, putting in a price, selecting a category and uploading an image. They even have a quick description box for showing people what the product can do for them.

Embeddable Buttons, Lists and Widgets

Each element of your product selection can be placed anywhere throughout your website with the help of embeddable buttons, lists and widgets. If you’d like to sell a single item at the end of a blog post, go for it! It you’d rather see a list of your most popular products towards the top of your homepage, simply copy a different code snippet and it works immediately.

Solid Payment Integrations

The screenshot above shows an example of the code snippet you need to paste into your site to enable Shoprocket. It’s recommended that you paste the code into the footer section so it’s included on every page. Once that code is implemented, you have the ability to make unlimited changes instantly from the Shoprocket dashboard.

Stripe and PayPal are the primary payment processing integrations (plus they also offer Bitcoin via Stripe). The basket widget, and see an order summary in the cart modal before paying, which includes shipping options, a discount/offer code field, taxes and the payment gateways available.

Useful Discount Codes

Are you having a promotion or giving away discount codes? If this is the case, customers punch in a particular code upon checking out with Shoprocket. All of your discount codes can be created in the dashboard, so all you have to do is tell users what they need to type in the field. The discounts are then automatically calculated into the final price.

Support for Multiple Currencies and Shipping Options

Are you planning on selling to people in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe or the UK? If so, you won’t have to worry about processing different currencies, since all of those regions are supported through Shoprocket, with more being added regularly. It’s also nice because you can change around your shipping options. For example, if you plan on selling digital items, all you have to do is setup a download link for your customers.

What’s the Support Like from Shoprocket?

Before you commit to using Shoprocket on your existing website, you can play around with the free demo provided. In addition, a FAQ and blog are offered for you to learn about the system and understand what other people have been asking in the past. We like the support page because it has buttons for chatting with developers, completing your own research in the documentation and a spot to check the system’s health. Additionally, Shoprocket offers a live chat, which allows its team to respond quickly to questions or issues.

Who is Shoprocket Best For?

It’s pretty clear who should work with Shoprocket. If you’re already running a website and would like a simple tool for implementing a sleek and stylish online store that’s feature packed, Shoprocket is for you. It’s extremely affordable and seems more intuitive than similar products like WooCommerce. Unlike Woocommerce etc, Shoprocket will also work with any website, blog or Facebook Page. Plus, if you prefer lower basket abandonment rates and quick customer service, Shoprocket is undoubtedly the perfect match.

Startups, inventors and blogs that are interested in monetization should have a look at Shoprocket because it just might turn your site into something more. If you have any questions about Shoprocket leave us a comment in the section below. To get started with the system, click here!

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