SPOD Print on Demand Review: Everything You Need to Know

Shopify is a popular avenue for sales for a lot of reasons. It’s one of easiest to use platforms on the market, intended to help people of all backgrounds sell quickly online. Shopify also has a fantastic community to help you with your store. One of the biggest benefits of all is the Shopify app market.

The Shopify app market is an excellent tool for adding new capabilities to your Shopify store. You can find everything from tools for SEO, to drop shipping services, and you add them to your site with a single click. SPOD, or SpreadShirt Print on Demand, is the POD app created by leading POD company SpreadShirt, for use with Shopify.

If you already have a Shopify store, you can use SPOD to add SpreadShirt print on demand functionality to your website in seconds. There are tons of great features to explore, including 48-hour development of your POD products. Let’s take a closer look.

What is SPOD? Shopify Print on Demand

SPOD is a print on demand application for Shopify stores, powered by the Print on Demand company, SpreadShirt. The solution allows users to upload their own designs and print them on a range of products. Alternatively, you can choose designs from SPOD’s free library of more than 50,000 designs.

White label means SPOD won’t put its own branding on your product when you’re trying to build a memorable brand. The packing and shipping components are even brandless too. SPOD is a fantastic product because it allows you to sell customizable items through the web, without having to stock up on your own products, or deal with fulfillments.

You don’t have to handle production or shipping, do test runs of new products, or handle the behind-the-scenes stuff yourself. You can even create a website with no reference to SPOD at all and run your entire site from wherever you choose.

What Makes SPOD So Great? 48-Hour Turnaround

There are a few things that SPOD offers to set it apart from other POD tools. For instance, with SPOD, you get great quality products, fast shipping, and an easy interface. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the promise of 48-hour production.

The 48-hour turnaround offer from SPOD is the best in the industry, and it ensures that you can get your products to your customers much faster than most competitors. Around 99% of SPODs products will ship out to you within 48 hours or less. More than half of orders take less than a day to ship out. Compared to other providers who take days or weeks to manage an order, this is a huge bonus.

SPOD offers a 48-hour turnaround because of their connections with various production facilities in Europe and the United States. You’re connected with regional assortments of products, so you can get items faster in your area.

According to SPOD, such a rapid turnaround is only possible because of how careful and strategic the company is. Once you’ve chosen the best print for your solution using the customization tool, SPOD can offer a fast and strategic shipping experience which competes with the best suppliers in the industry. You choose where you want to sign up with the platform, so you can take advantage of the closest possible resources and facilities.

Compared to most print on demand service solutions, SPOD can be an excellent solution if you want to build a great customer service and brand image with your merch.

Other Benefits of SPOD

48-hour turnaround is among the biggest selling points for SPOD, but there are other benefits to consider too. For instance, whenever you get linked to your regional supplier, you can rest assured that you’re going to get amazing quality products for your customers. SPOD delivers sensational quality, with a return rate of less than 1%. It’s hard to find a similar POD supplier with the same quality of products.

The SPOD solution also comes with a very user-friendly application. You can easily check through your product creations and examine different items available in your region. Everything is smooth and straightforward, and there’s no limit on creativity either. More than 50 thousand designs and over 130 products to choose from makes your life much easier.

Although there’s a free library of thousands of designs, you’ll still have the freedom to create your own designs if you prefer too.

Your customers can also use the “customizer” tool, within the SPOD application to create their own versions of products. This is a really impressive extra feature because it allows you to give your customers complete control over the designs they want to build.

SPOD supports sample ordering, so you can check what an item might look and feel like before you invest. Plus, you get a competitive pricing structure, so the profit margin for you and your team can be as high as possible. After all, you want to make as much money as you can with your Print on Demand solution.

As ecommerce companies continue to work on their t-shirt designs, and other creations, Spod.com can also offer guidance and assistance – more than you’d typically get from Amazon or Etsy. The solution, backed by Spreadshirt, gives you an experienced and international customer service team to work with, so you can access support if you’re struggling with anything.

Similar to tools like Printful, SPOD will go above and beyond to make sure that you can make the most of your new store and transform your white labelled product.

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SPOD Review: Is it Worth It?

SPOD is one of the best print on demand providers in the market, ranking alongside top solutions such as CustomCat, Printify, and many others. With up to 50k free designs to explore, and a handy customization service, SPOD makes building your own brand image quick and easy. This print on demand service for your online store will have you designing and publishing mock-ups in no time.

If you want to offer quick and reliable customer service to your customers, while still unlocking the benefits of print on demand apps, SPOD has you covered. This company can give you over 130 products to choose from, and there’s even the option to give your customers access to the customizer tool. The customization tool, which has won numerous awards, allows customers to build their own unique products through you.

As a print-on-demand provider, SPOD has plenty to offer, from fast production times to low shipping costs, and sensational competitive prices. The order return rate is less than 1%, because the company offers such high-quality products. You can also order as many samples as you like at a discount price, so you can test things like shipping times and print quality for yourself.

The competitive pricing structure also means that you can achieve a pretty great profit margin compared to some other print on demand products. Once you start advertising your products on social media, you’re sure to get plenty of purchases in no time. This is particularly true when your customers discover how fast your delivery is.

Should You Use SPOD?

SPOD currently stands out as one of Shopify’s fastest print on demand suppliers. The SPOD app helps you to add the print on demand benefits of tools like Teelaunch and Gooten to your existing Shopify store, and begin experimenting with sublimation prints and templates in no time. Low prices mean you can achieve more profit on your SPOD orders, and the fast turnaround time keeps customers happy too.

On top of the affordability and speed that you get from SPOD, you also get the benefit of excellent ease-of-use. It’s extremely simple to start choosing and customizing your products with a simple back-end environment. If you do have any concerns about shipping and creating your SPOD orders, there’s also an FAQ and playbook on the SPOD website, where you can learn more about using your own designs, exploring the design library, and sharing designs on social media.

Thanks to the added support of the SpreadShirt back-end, you’ll have no problem mastering https://www.spod.com, and discovering all the benefits of extra fast deliveries and shipping. SPOD will help you not only build your own brand image, but delight your customers through extra convenient shipping experiences that you just can’t get from most dropshipping suppliers.

All you need to do is press the button to add the SPOD app to your Shopify store to get started. There’s no lock-in for plans, so you can always leave the service and start using something else whenever you choose. 

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