Squarespace Pricing in Australia (Feb 2023)

Calculating exactly how much you’re going to pay on your Squarespace Australian pricing plans is an important part of managing your budget in today’s competitive landscape. Choosing the right pricing plan will ensure you can build your business rapidly, without spending a fortune.

Squarespace offers a range of packages for Australian site owners, each with their own specific pros and cons to consider.

Today, we’re going to be diving a little deeper into the Squarespace pricing packages available for Australian customers, to help you find the plan best for you.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace offers a total of four pricing plans for Australian customers, as well as an Enterprise plan, for those who need specialist solutions. The packages start with an affordable AU$12 personal plan if you’re willing to pay annually for the Personal plan. If you want to stick with monthly payments, you’ll need to pay AU$22 per month.

The Squarespace pricing plans include (when paid annually):

  • Personal: AU$16 per month or $192 per year: Designed for individuals launching their first site.
  • Business: AU$25 per month or AU$300 per year: Intended for small business owners.
  • Basic Commerce: AU$34 per month or AU$408 per year: Allows online selling with zero transaction fees.
  • Advanced Commerce: AU$52 per month or AU$624 per year: Offers advanced sales features like abandoned cart recovery

Squarespace also offers Squarespace Enterprise, a custom-priced solution for Australian business owners looking for advanced customer support and rapid growth.

Squarespace Pricing: A Brief Overview

All Squarespace pricing plans for Australian customers come with a discount if you’re willing to pay for an annual plan, rather than paying on a monthly basis. If you can commit to a full year at once, you can get your “Personal” package for as little as AU$16 per month.

Squarespace pricing packages accommodate different kinds of site owners, from people who just want to build a basic website, to those who hope to sell a range of products online.

All of the Squarespace pricing plans also come with a 14-day free trial, so you can test out some of the functionality before you dive in. Notably, these packages will also all come with access to customer service from Squarespace, though some packages enable more “premium” support options than others.

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

Squarespace Website Pricing

The Personal Plan

The cheapest plan for Australians using Squarespace is the “Personal” plan, which starts at a cost of around AU$16 per month if you’re paying annually, or AU$22 per month for the monthly package.

This is by far the simplest package on offer by Squarespace today, intended to help you build a basic website where you can share blogs or showcase your work. You can’t sell anything, but you can use things like SEO to attract clients. You’ll also have access to a range of templates, the Squarespace site editor, and 24/7 support.

Squarespace personal plan features include:

  • SSL security certificate
  • SEO to boost your site visibility
  • Templates for all kinds of websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support for up to two contributors
  • Squarespace extension access
  • Squarespace video app
  • Mobile optimized sites
  • Basic site analytics

The Business Plan

If you need something a little more advanced than the basic personal plan from Squarespace, you can upgrade to the Business plan. This package will cost AU$35 per month if you want to pay on a monthly basis, or only AU$25 per month if you pay annually, so you can enjoy a pretty significant saving.

The Business plan is the next step up from the Personal plan, adding features which allow you to monetize your presence online. You can sell products from this package, but you will have a 3% transaction charge on every payment, which can quickly eat into your profits.

The Business plan also comes with a range of additional features, like professional email from Google, access to Google marketing credits, and the ability to accept donations.

Squarespace business plan features include:

  • All the features of the personal plan
  • A free custom domain
  • Premium integrations and blocks
  • Professional Google email
  • Customization with CSS and JavaScript
  • Advanced site analytics
  • Up to $100 in Google credits
  • Fully integrated ecommerce with 3% transaction fees
  • Promotional pop-ups and banners
  • Access to selling unlimited products
  • Accept donations
  • Gift cards

The Basic Commerce Plan

If you like the idea of being able to sell through your Squarespace website, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on transaction fees, you can always switch to the Basic Commerce plan. This costs AU$34 per month if you’re paying annually, or AU$40 per month when you’re paying monthly.

The Basic Commerce plan comes with all the features of the Business plan, including some added extras, like no transaction fees, integrated accounting, and mobile-optimized checkouts. You can even set up customer accounts and set up subscription payments.

The Basic Commerce plan is ideal for selling online if you don’t have a huge number of products to sell. You’ll also have access to things like Instagram products, so you can sell through social media.

Squarespace basic commerce plan features include:

  • All the features of the Business plan
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Customer accounts
  • Point of sale tools
  • Online checkout from your domain
  • Ecommerce reporting and analytics
  • Robust merchandising tools
  • Products on Instagram (For selling on social media)
  • Labels to show limited availability)

The Advanced Commerce Plan

The most expensive plan available from Squarespace, Advanced Commerce costs a total of AU$52 per month when you’re buying the annual subscription, or you’ll pay AU$61 per month on a monthly basis. The Advanced Commerce plan is all about helping you to sell more online.

With Squarespace’s Advanced Commerce plan, you’ll be able to reduce your chances of abandoned carts with recovery features, and you can sell a range of subscriptions and products for long-term profits and revenue.

The Advanced Commerce plan also comes with a variety of flexible integrations with leading tools like Xero and ShipStation. You can even set a range of flexible discounts for your products and services, to help boost sales.

Squarespace advanced commerce plan features include:

  • All the features of Basic Commerce
  • Abandoned cart recovery with automatic emails
  • Gift card creation
  • Subscription selling
  • Advanced shipping features
  • Superior discount options with automations
  • Access to limited availability labels
  • Commerce APIs

Squarespace Enterprise

If you have very specific needs as a growing business, there’s also the option to get a custom plan built for you by the Squarespace team. Squarespace Enterprise allows you to access all the best-in-class features from Squarespace, including leading security and premium support.

Squarespace Enterprise allows for the creation of a wide range of different websites, from internal business sites to bulk websites, and marketing sites. You can also access internal tools for collaboration with your teams, and advanced integrations.

With a dedicated account manager, you’re protected if anything goes wrong with your technology, and you’ll have full access to unlimited storage too. Plus, the Enterprise account comes with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Pricing is given via quote.

Features of the Enterprise plan include:

  • Bespoke product training
  • SSL certifications
  • Single sign-on
  • Comprehensive enterprise account dashboard
  • Security evaluation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Design advice and guidance
  • SEO training
  • Premier technology support
  • Product training

Squarespace AU Pricing Plans: FAQ

Running an online store can be quite confusing at first. While Squarespace is a relatively easy-to-use website builder, it’s easy to get confused about things like pricing requirements and contracts.

How long is a contract from Squarespace?

In Australia, customers can pay for their Squarespace account access on a monthly or yearly basis. As with most of the competitors on the market, each Squarespace plan will be a little cheaper if you’re willing to commit to an annual purchase. The good news is you’re free to cancel your business or ecommerce plan whenever you choose.

Does Squarespace come with web hosting?

Yes. You can save a little money in Australia when using Squarespace compared to some other ecommerce store builders, because hosting comes included. All hosting is fully managed, flexible, and secured on the cloud.

Can you download Squarespace sites?

Some ecommerce platforms allow you to access downloadable elements so you can adjust the code of your we design. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Squarespace. As a fully managed website building service, Squarespace aims to save you the hassle of downloading. You can export certain pieces of content if you need to move them to a new website, however.

How do you accept payments with Squarespace?

Before you start your Squarespace subscription, it’s important to check you can easily take payments on your new website. Squarespace integrates with a range of tools for online and offline selling. You can link your account on Squarespace.com with tools like Square for offline POS access, or link to PayPal, Stripe, or Apple Pay.

Notably, while the commerce plans from Squarespace eliminate all unwanted transaction fees, there are some extra costs to consider when you’re on the standard Squarespace “Business” plan. If you’re using Squarespace in Australia and taking payments offline, you may need to contact the team to learn more about processing fees.

Is it easy to switch plans?

Yes, you’re not tied into a specific plan for longer than you might like. Squarespace knows businesses might change, so you can upgrade or downgrade your package to suit your needs. However, you may need to pay a pro-rated charge if you’re upgrading. If you’re downgrading, you might be entitled to a small refund.

What does “Unlimited” mean on Squarespace

Squarespace doesn’t limit access to resources for regular (reasonable) usage. However, you might be asked to pay for a more expensive package if you’re using extensive resources. It might be worth checking out the “Acceptable Use Policy” on Squarespace to learn more.

Which countries and currencies are supported by Squarespace?

If you opt for one of the Squarespace Commerce plans, you’ll be able to charge your customers both using AUD, and a rang of other currencies. Squarespace supports a wide number of countries and payment options, from NOK and EUR, to GBP, and RUB.

Are there Any Additional Costs with Squarespace?

With any site builder or online tool for your ecommerce business, it’s crucial to read between the lines to ensure there are no hidden costs you’re not aware of. The good news, as you’ll see in many Squarespace review pieces, is Squarespace is generally quite transparent with pricing.

Here are some points you’ll need to think about when calculating the full price of Squarespace.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial tool for any business hoping to develop relationships with your target audience. Squarespace will automatically give you access to a professional Gmail account and G-Suite for up to one year when you sign up for a “Business” plan or above.

If you want to integrate email marketing from an external tool like MailChimp, you will need to pay for the price of your add-ons, just like you would with Shopify or WordPress. However, MailChimp has email marketing already built in too, with Squarespace email campaigns

Alongside access to useful marketing metrics and SEO features, built-in email marketing can help you to connect with and convert your customers.

Website domain name

A website domain name is available for free for the first year in some ecommerce packages. With Squarespace, you’ll need to buy your domain name through Squarespace itself or using a different hosting provider. Though buying a domain name means an extra charge on your credit card, it’s often an important part of making the right impression online.

Squarespace Pricing Compared to Its Competitors

Compared to competitors, Squarespace has a lot of unique benefits to offer, and a reasonably affordable set of pricing packages. Squarespace starts at $16 to $46 AUD, alternatively, here are some competing prices for other companies:

  • Shopify: $29 — $299 per month.
  • Weebly: $0 — $25 per month.
  • BigCommerce: $29 — $299 per month.
  • WordPress: $0 — $45 per month.
  • Wix: $0 — $24.50 per month.

Squarespace might not be the cheapest product on the market for building your own website, but it’s not the most expensive either. It’s worth noting Squarespace also has some unique additional benefits, like excellent website design features, whereas other sites offer their own advantages:

  • Shopify is a leading ecommerce store builder
  • Wix is great for ease-of-use for beginners
  • WordPress is ideal if you have knowledge of markup and scripting language
  • BigCommerce is perfect for mid-sized businesses looking to scale
  • Weebly is great for building ecommerce stores using HTML or CSS

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How Much will You Spend on Squarespace Pricing?

The exact amount you spend on Squarespace will depend on a number of factors. It’s best to check the pricing in real-time when you’re buying your package, as you might be able to access a coupon code or discount at various points in the year.

The good news is that no matter which package you choose for web design with Squarespace, you’re going to get an excellent experience. This website design solution might not have an extensive free plan like some alternatives, but it gives you great value for money.

Users can access exceptional customer service, great templates, and a range of other features on any plan. Plus, there’s the option to save if you’re willing to pay for an annual package.

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