Squarespace Print on Demand – Everything You Need to Know

Wondering how to sell print on demand with Squarespace? Squarespace is one of the most popular tools for building your own professional online presence. You can design a stunning website with Squarespace and use it to attract all kinds of customers. The question is, what are you going to sell?

Print on Demand services make it quick and simple to create a creative line of products for your brand. With print on demand, you get all the benefits of a dropshipping business strategy, including not having to hold your own stock, or manage fulfillment yourself. At the same time, you can also make yourself stand out from other companies by adding your own unique flare to your designs.

Today, we’re going to cover the basics of adding POD functionality to your Squarespace environment, so you can start selling more.

What is Print on Demand?

Before we cover the basics of how to sell print on demand products with Squarespace, let’s cover what it means to have a Print on Demand store. Essentially, Print on Demand is similar to dropshipping, as it allows you to work with another manufacturer or creator to sell products without having to stock items yourself.

Every item is created “on demand”, so you don’t pay for anything until a customer makes an order with your business. For instance, if a customer pays for a branded shirt with your business, the POD company will only start printing it when the order has been placed. This helps to reduce the risk of you paying for stock that doesn’t sell.

The biggest benefit of Print on Demand over standard dropshipping strategies, is you get to create a unique range of products that nobody else is selling. You’re not just selling the same items as everyone else – you have something unique. You can even give customers the opportunity to make their own personalized designs too.

Selling POD through Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the more popular website building solutions on the market today, particularly for creative professionals. With this service, you can design a beautiful, high-quality website, without spending a fortune on creative theme creation. Squarespace also has a host of valuable tools for helping you sell online, such as inventory tracking and order management.

For print on demand purposes, Squarespace also has plenty of flexibility to work with integrations and extensions. Before you choose which tools you’re going to use for Squarespace Print on Demand, however, it’s worth making a plan. Here are some steps to get you started:

1. Choose a Niche

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of products you want to sell, and to which audience. Although it’s technically possible to sell all kinds of products through print-on-demand, it’s usually best to start small, with a range of apparel items and accessories, or homeware.

Think about what your customers are most likely to want to buy from a business like yours. Knowing what you want to sell should also help you to figure out which POD extension you want to use for Squarespace. Although many POD solutions offer a wide range of products, some a more likely to offer certain things, like jewellery or accessories.

2. Know your budget

Knowing your budget will help with a lot of things when it comes to selling Print on Demand through Squarespace. First, it’s a good way to know how many items you can sell, and what kind of profit margin you’re going to need to use to break even. It’s also helpful when planning what kind of designs you’re going to use in your products.

Some print on demand companies will charge more to print on the front and back of T-shirts, for instance. When planning your budget, you’ll also need to consider the price of paying for Squarespace each month. There’s no free plan here, and ecommerce plans start from $18 per month.

The monthly cost of your dropshipping app will also come into play in some cases. Some print on demand solutions, like Printful, won’t charge you anything until your orders start coming through. Alternatively, Sprocket gives you a monthly plan you’ll need to add to your budgeting considerations.

3. Source or create your designs

Perhaps most importantly, successful print on demand selling through Squarespace will require you to create a selection of beautiful designs for your items. Though you can give your customers the option to customize items themselves in some cases, it’s a good idea to have at least a handful of designs to work with at the beginning, so you can make your products stand out.

You can create your designs yourself, making sure you stay away from any trademark or copyright issues. Alternatively, you can consider reaching out to creatives and artists to do some of the work for you. This is a good option if you’re not particularly artistic.

Creating your Squarespace Site

Once you’ve done some of the initial prep work for your print on demand Squarespace store, the next step is designing your Squarespace website. The good news is this is pretty straightforward. Squarespace makes it very easy to select a stunning website design and customize it to suit your needs.

Once you’ve created your account with Squarespace, sign in and click on the “Get Started” button in the top-right of the page. You’ll be sent straight to the template selection page, where you can sort through options based on things like niche. Squarespace is very well-known for its attractive range of templates. Although there aren’t as many options as you’d get from other store builders, most of them look fantastic.

You can use the preview option to examine what the site is going to look like from a visitor’s perspective. Once you choose a template you like, you’ll be able to customize it to suit your brand. Squarespace has a handy introductory guide to help with this initial process, and this covers the basics of editing your site too. The left-hand side of the editor page is where you’ll control all of the major elements of your website, like the pages and color schemes. If you click on the options in the sidebar, you’ll open a sub-menu where you can explore additional options. To add the content and images on your websites, click on the “edit” button in the top left, and you’ll be able to interact with the elements on your page.

Keep in mind that ecommerce features appear in their own separate section on Squarespace, within the “Commerce” tab. You’ll be able to click on this to explore things like “how to ship your products” and “adding products for sale”.

Connecting to Print on Demand Companies

Once you have your Squarespace website, the next step is building your POD integration. There are various tools you can use to access inventory management and fulfillment from a POD company. Remember, POD companies will simplify a lot of the work of running your Squarespace store by allowing you to design multiple different creative products to sell without the stress of fulfilment.

Print on demand services will also handle dropshipping, so you can avoid having to deal with the “shipping” part of the Squarespace website. When a customer purchases an item on your store, the integration with the POD provider will automatically begin the fulfilment process. The POD service will then handle packaging and shipping the order for you.

Some of your options for Squarespace Print on Demand selling include:


Printful is among the most popular POD services, offering a convenient way to sell a huge variety of products with very little effort. Printful manages your inventory for you, the production of your items, and shipping with zero upfront costs. You’ll only pay when you make a sale. With various fulfilment centers to choose from around the globe, Pointful can help you build an immersive global brand with high-quality products your customers will appreciate.


Redbubble is a good option if you want to expand your sales strategy by offering your items through a range of platforms at the same time. You can sell your products through RedBubble, building a range of excellent products with more than 70 options to choose from. With Redbubble, all of the printing and fulfilment is handled for you, and you get extra support with customer service too. Redbubble offers things like free returns, exchanges, and more. You’ll even be able to access money-back guarantees in case your product isn’t up-to-scratch. 


Printique is a slightly different kind of POD company to Printful, specializing in professional photo prints and art, while Printful offers a wider range of products. When you connect your store to Printique, you’ll gain state-of-the-art printing technology and a host of high-quality materials for production. Printique prints products to order, handles inventory, and does most of the hard work for you, just like Printful. You can use this service to stay focused on the creative parts of running your store.


Merch38 is another popular product for selling POD solutions through Squarespace. The integration between this company and Squarespace syncs everything between your POD and Squarespace accounts automatically, so you can focus on building your business. Once an order comes through your Squarespace store, the Merch38 team will immediately work on manufacturing and shipping to get items to your clients on time. Like many leading solutions, there’s also a wide range of products to choose from.

Connecting Squarespace to Printful

Just like adding POD to a Shopify store, Squarespace allows you to connect tools for selling everything from custom stickers to shirts to your website.

For an example of what linking a POD solution to Squarespace might be like, let’s look at the link between Squarespace and Printful. Printful is one of the most popular POD tools on the market, To begin dropshipping through Printful, log into your Squarespace account, and click on the “Settings” option in the left toolbar within the editor.

1. How to connect Squarespace with Printful

Just like Shopify, Squarespace allows you to extend your ecommerce business functionality with access to add-ons and integrations. Aside from adding payment types like PayPal, you can also add new modes of selling. Select the “Extensions”, options, to see all the apps and plugins available to link to your Squarespace account. You can look for a specific POD like Printful in the search bar, or just search for print on demand. Once you find the extension you want, click on it and use the “Connect” button to add the application to your store.

You’ll need to provide permission for Squarespace to share information from your store with the account you choose for Print on Demand selling. For instance, both software solutions will need to know customer information and stock levels. Once you’ve allowed this sharing, you’ll be invited to create an account with Printful, or you can log in if you have an existing one. Next, answer the questions about what you want to use Printful for, and confirm the link.

2. Finding your products

Once you’ve connected your Squarespace store to Printful, you’ll be able to start selecting the products you want to sell. Click on the “New Order” button in the right corner to get started, and you’ll be taken to a pop-up where you can start a “basic” or “sample” order. The sample order option is what you’d choose if you want to get a sample of your products.

Click the “Basic” order to visit the catalog page and choose the items you want to sell. Printful has a huge range of options to choose from, including clothing for all kinds of people, accessories, and homeware. Choosing a product will take you through to the Printful mockup generator, where you can customize your item with your own art and designs.

Remember you can always add new products to your product catalog, and use things like vouchers and gift cards to generate new sales.

3. Creating designs

Now it’s time to create the designs for your POD store.

The important thing to remember here is your designs need to look professional and match with the sizing options provided by Printful. You can upload your own art, and experiment with existing designs. It’s also possible to switch between different color variations of the items you want to sell. Printing will let you know if you fall outside of its printing guidelines.

Once you’re happy with your chosen products and designs, you can choose which images you want to appear on your site for each item. If you’ve chosen more than one style or color of product, you can choose various pictures for each within the “Advanced Settings” section of Printful. After this, you can alter the description for the product and its title.

4. Setting prices

The good thing about Printful’s mockup generator is how transparent it is. You can see exactly what you might expect to pay for your base product when you’re editing the product description. When you see the wholesale price, you’ll then be able to choose your retail price by using the “Profit” section. Printful does automatically offer a pre-set markup, but you can always alter this too.

Setting pricing rules is a good idea if you want to sell multiple products, as this helps to keep your profits consistent if the price of the product changes. Without pricing rules, you’d need to make manual changes to the retail price of all the items you want to list, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. This way, you don’t need to worry about losing out on money.

Once you’re happy with your pricing rules, you can select “submit to store”, and this will cause your Printful account to sync with your Squarespace website. Don’t forget to consider shipping rates and transaction fees when deciding how much to sell for.

5. Market your products

Once your items are submitted to your Squarespace store, there’s only promotion left to do. You can share pictures of your products on social media, work on your SEO position with content marketing, and experiment with other strategies for bringing more shoppers to your website. You might even choose to get involved with influencers and partners who can help to promote you.

The great thing about using a POD solution with Squarespace is that promotion is likely to be the most challenging thing you’ll have to do. The rest of the work is mostly handled by the POD company, who will automatically start creating your orders and shipping them to customers as soon as they get an order from you.

Using Squarespace POD for Sales

For building an online store, Squarespace competes with the likes of Big Cartel, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Amazon and Etsy. A powerful ecommerce platform with extensive custom product options, API connections, and customer support, Squarespace has quickly become one of the market’s favorite tools for digital sales.

Squarespace is particularly appealing to beginners still working on their business plan. With Squarespace, you can design your commerce platform however you like, and choose from a range of ways to manage customer orders, including using on-demand drop shipping with a POD company. All you need to do is figure out which POD solution you’re going to use.

Alongside POD integrations and fulfillment service options, Squarespace also makes it easy to display and sell your merchandise, with a straightforward checkout and plenty of real-time tracking. Compared to other market leading tools, a Squarespace integration with POD could be one of the best ways to sell creative, customized items.

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