Tips for Hosting Successful Giveaways & Competitions

It is no secret that everyone loves to win things, just look at the lottery, even though the chance of winning is minimal, people still spend a lot of money on tickets, hoping they get the winning ticket. Hosting a good giveaway can boost your visibility as well as your brand awareness among your customers.

Giveaways can be a great way to get more traffic in the door of your store so to say, they are also great ways to get more twitter followers/ facebook fans.

Reward your supporters and fans through a giveaway or a competition

Since you will most likely want to promote your store, you can gift off one of your products.  Clients are pulled in to giveaways when they are as easy to enter, and what sort of prize is on offer. In other words, don’t force people to answer a 40 minute survey just to enter the giveaway. Be that as it may, keep in mind to promote the giveaway as much as possible, or else you will end up presenting a prize without getting anything out of it..

How long should your giveaway run?

Obviously its a well known fact that each giveaway is distinctive. Be that as it may, for a normal  giveaway, we’d propose running your giveaway for around two weeks. This will permit your giveaway to pick up footing in online networking without going on for so long that individuals disregard your giveaway. Odds are you will see most entries during the begiining phase, and after that a stoppage around the halftime marker,  and after that then a crazy number of entries toward the end of the giveaway.

Follow Through With the Winner

Don’t ever host a giveaway without actually giving something away, it is bad for business, and people will feel ripped off. Once you have a winner announce it on your site, and make sure to get in touch with the winner as soon as possible. Respond to his e-mails quickly, get the package out immediately, and let him know that the item has been shipped.


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