Unbounce Review and Pricing (Feb 2023): Everything You Need to Know

In this Unbounce review, we’ll be introducing you to one of the better-known and most popular tools for boosting conversions in today’s digital world. Unbounce is a state-of-the-art landing page builder, with access to end-to-end intelligence for your campaigns.

As many online entrepreneurs know, landing pages are often critical to growing your business. These tools make it easier to collect essential lead information, so you can gradually nurture visitors and turn them into repeat customers. However, creating and managing your landing pages can be complicated without the right technology.

Unbounce offers an intelligent set of tools for landing page creation, so you can spend less time building and more time focusing on your business. With Unbounce, companies get more than just a drag-and-drop builder. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Unbounce? An Introduction

Unbounce is a dedicated “Conversion Intelligence Platform” and landing page builder created to help companies increase conversions and optimize campaigns. The technology is already popular among a host of leading brands like Later, Thinkific, and Earnworthy.

The Unbounce ecosystem officially launched in 2009 with CEO Rick Perreault at the helm. Rick wanted to create a convenient way for companies to build tools to improve conversions, at a time when landing page builders simply weren’t an option for most brands. The success of Unbounce has since inspired a number of competing companies to join the market too.

Unbounce started as a simple landing page builder, but as conversions grew increasingly complex over the years, the intelligence of the system involved. Now, the Conversion Intelligence platform pairs business owners with machine learning to help you make the most of your campaigns.

Unbounce Review: Features

The ultimate focus of Unbounce is on helping you to create intelligent landing pages and optimize your conversions. There’s a drag-and-drop builder so you can effortlessly create attractive campaigns with a couple of clicks. You’ll also have access to features like “Smart Copy”, for writing your copy, and smart traffic insights so you can boost your overall results.

Let’s take a closer look at the wide range of features Unbounce can offer.

Unbounce Review: Pros and Cons

Unbounce is a state-of-the-art landing page builder, ideal for publishing lead-generation and lead-nurturing content straight to your WordPress or custom domain. The solution competes with options like ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and Instapage for the title of “best landing page builder”, and provides a huge range of features, from AI-enhanced smart traffic to professional templates.

Pros 👍

  • Customizable templates look fantastic and are extremely easy to use
  • End-to-end AI enhancements add more intelligence to your lead nurturing and marketing campaigns.
  • Drag-and-drop editor requires no additional design experience.
  • Smart traffic available to remove the guesswork from your A/B testing efforts.
  • Customizable dynamic text replacement included for both landing pages and popups
  • Access to intelligent smart copy creation to enhance the messages on your page
  • Comprehensive reports and insights, including integrations to Google Analytics
  • Lots of integrations, including connections to Zapier
  • Ideal for beginners thanks to its ease of use

Conversion Intelligence Platform

At the heart of the Unbounce platform is the Conversion Intelligence Platform, where you’ll find a combination of machine learning insights and landing-page building tools to help you build and optimize your conversion strategy.

There are over 100 landing page templates to choose from when you start building, and each can be customized to suit the exact needs of your business. You can also set filters to only show relevant templates based on your industry when making your choice.

Other features of the Conversion Intelligence Platform and Smart Builder include:

  • Optimized page selections: Choose the ideal modules for each section of your page with pre-build elements you can mix and match to suit your business.
  • Style guide: An intelligent style guide gives you approved colors, typography, images, and other assets you can save into a kit for future employees to use.
  • Design assistant: The design assistant recommends templates specific to your audience and industry, so you can create the ideal pages as quickly as possible.
  • Copy Insights: The Smart Copy solution ensures you can get recommendations for the most high-converting copy based on your tone-of-voice, audience, and message.
  • Builder grid: If you’re struggling to ensure everything ends up in the right place, builder Grid will help you snap sections of your template into place.
  • Mobile responsive design: All of your pages will be naturally optimized with no additional technical know-how or work required.
  • Multi device page preview: if you need to see how your visitors are going to view your page, the Multi-device page preview can help with this.
  • Conversion goals: Set goals for your landing page campaigns and track conversions based on data important to each of your efforts.
  • Direct domain publishing: publish a landing page from Unbounce direct to any custom URL or domain and integrate seamlessly with your existing campaigns.
  • Built in Google fonts: Access a range of high-quality fonts approved by Google for legibility on any device, to improve your conversions.
  • A/B testing: Run regular split-testing campaigns to see how each variant of your landing pages resonates with your visitors and use your results to make informed tweaks.
  • SVG Images: Add high-quality SVG graphics to your landing pages without worrying about slowing down your website.

Notably, all the advanced intelligence features offered by Unbounce don’t detract from the simplistic and intuitive nature of the service. You can still easily use your drag-and-drop builder to make a host of convenient changes to your campaigns.

Unbounce Review: Smart Traffic Features

Once you’ve built your landing pages, you’ll want to make sure you’re leveraging the best possible results from your campaigns. While A/B testing from Unbounce can help with this, there’s also a range of other tools available from the company to help you out too.

The Smart Traffic features from Unbounce give you the tools you need to learn more about your target audience as quickly as possible, so you can make intelligent changes to your landing pages. Some of the features available include:

  • Visitor Attributes: Data-science tested sets of high-converting visitor attributes are available from Unbounce to help you route your visitors to different versions of your landing pages. This allows you to create a more dynamic experience which adapts to your customer’s location, time-zone, browser, operating system or even device type.
  • Time to learn: If you need to develop a deeper understanding of your target audience, the Time-to-Learn solution allows you to set Unbounce up to learn about your page and visitor attributes via artificial intelligence.
  • Conversion mapping: The conversion mapping technology from Unbounce ensures you can automatically identify patterns in your customer’s behavior, and their strategy for making purchases. You can learn who’s converting on which landing page versions, and start optimizing for better results based on different segments.
  • Smart traffic insights: This relatively new feature allows business owners to learn how to get more conversions from actionable Smart Traffic insights. With this tool, you can unlock new audience and channel options with minimal guess work.
  • Smart traffic reports: The smart traffic reports ensure you can download easy to share performance reports highlighting the outcomes of each of your landing page variants.

One of the most effective ways Unbounce ensures you get the perfect flow of traffic, is with A/B testing. This might be a common solution in the landing page environment, but it’s something Unbounce takes very seriously. Unbounce is central to the company’s philosophy on data-driven, conversion-focused marketing. The classic feature allows users to split traffic between two variations of a landing page, so you can see which performs best.

Setting A/B tests up with Unbounce is very straightforward. Each test gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how visitors behave, and what convinces them to convert. There’s the option to A/B test with just a handful of clicks, and the process is easily repeatable.

Unbounce Review: Smart Copy Features

The smart copy features are an interesting addition to Unbounce, and something you’re not likely to see on most landing page tools. With smart copy, you can start with a host of templates to generate your copy, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a lot of experience creating the perfect campaigns. You can create everything from landing pages to product descriptions with ease.

The templates are split into segments, so you can choose whether you need help with headlines, feature lists, or meta-descriptions. There’s also a free chrome extension for smart copy, so you can use it anywhere. Other features include:

  • Expander: Input any pre-written text as a starting point and use the Smart Copy expander feature help you with writing the next paragraph or sentence.
  • Remix: Use the remix feature to turn existing copy into something new, for different campaigns or channels.
  • Writer: This beta feature offers a long-form writing canvas with no character limits, so you can edit, write, and save content directly in the app.
  • Multi-language: If you need help connecting with an international audience, you can generate copy in 6 different languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and German.
  • Profiles: By creating profiles for your company, you help the copy creator to understand the on-brand copy you most want to generate.

One particularly interesting feature is the “dynamic text replacement”. This allows you to essentially embed the name of visitors into your landing page copy or add other customized content. It’s a really intelligent way to make campaigns feel more effective.

Unbounce Review: Landing Page Builder

Now we’ve covered all of the intelligent functionality you can get with Unbounce, let’s move on to an evaluation of the more standard landing page building services. As you might expect, Unbounce has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder where you can add, remove, and adapt any part of your page without the need for any coding.

There are plenty of modules to choose from within the landing page builder, so you can add everything from CTA buttons to videos and lightboxes. Additionally, if you do know a little code, you’ll be able to implement custom HTML too.

To ensure you can get started as quickly as possible, the Unbounce builder also comes with the option to start building landing pages in minutes with templates. There are more than 100 templates designed to ensure conversions – and they’re extremely professional-looking.

Other features include:

  • Page duplication: So, you can repeat the same page across multiple campaigns
  • Copy/paste: Move existing elements from one landing page to another.
  • Custom scripts: Add custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You can also use the script manager to have custom scripts applied across various landing pages.
  • AMP pages: Excellent accelerated mobile pages with extensive customization.
  • Direct domain publishing: Instantly send your landing pages to any custom URL or domain.
  • Advanced design control: Pixel-level adjustments based on specific client needs
  • Unsplash images: Over 850,000 professional-grade free images
  • Speed boost: Comprehensive Google optimization to improve the performance of your site.
  • Built-in Google fonts: More than 950 Google approved typefaces.
  • Themeforest marketplace: over 240 customizable templates created by professionals
  • Automatic image optimizer: Automatic image balancing to make your page load faster
  • SVG images: High-quality SVG graphics which don’t slow the page
  • Video: Embedded video and video backgrounds

The list of capabilities goes on forever. You can even access things like lightbox popups to declutter your landing pages, and landing page scrolling to make your customers feel more immersed in the digital experience. For capturing additional leads, Unbounce also offers a host of two-step opt—in forms, and form confirmation pages. There’s also a handy content gating feature, so you can capture leads this way if you prefer.

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Unbounce Review: Popups and Sticky Bars

While landing pages are definitely an important part of what Unbounce can offer – they’re only one option. You can also create targeted sticky bars and pop-ups to help capture leads too. Similar to the landing page builder, the popup functionality on Unbounce is accessible through a drag-and-drop builder. You can also access the same dynamic text replacement included in the landing page builder, so you can easily adapt pages to suit specific customers.

All pop ups come with access to two-step forms, and there are action triggers in place to determine when your popup should appear on a page. For instance, you might decide to show the popup when someone shows intent to leave your page, or when someone scrolls to a certain position.

Popups and sticky bars from Unbounce can run on any page or even a group of pages within your site’s domain, with access to UTM codes for tracking. Plus, there’s various customization options, like determining how often an offer should show up, or scheduling a popup in advance if you’re planning for a seasonal campaign.

One of the things that really sets Unbounce apart here is the dedication to getting the right message to the right customer. Aside from dynamic text replacement, you can also create segmented offers for visitors based on where they’re visiting your site from, or target people based on cookies your website leaves on their browser. There’s also location targeting, if you have specific geographic offers.

Unbounce Review: Analytics and A/B Tests

Making the most of any landing page builder means using analytics, tests, and metrics to determine how you can increase your conversion rates. Using Unbounce for A/B testing is relatively straightforward. You can create various versions of the same page in a couple of clicks, duplicating everything you want for your tests.

The Unbounce landing page builder also allows users to set the “weight” of each variant. For instance, you can decide how often a certain web page will appear for your visitors. We’d recommend splitting the weight evenly between variants, so you can get a more balanced insight into which versions are sending you the most ecommerce conversions and sales.

Unbounce’s analytics section is excellent for showing you which pages to use in your marketing campaigns. There’s a “confidence” column in the analytics page which should help you to decide which of your campaigns is the most effective.

If you don’t want to run A/B testing options manually, you can also use the “Smart Traffic” feature. This automatically sends your visitors to the highest-converting page version based on the data gathered by your small business or enterprise.

The smart traffic feature is a real game changer for your digital marketing, because you don’t have to micromanage a number of tests to get the most out of your marketing tools.

If the Unbounce features for analytics and testing aren’t enough, remember you can also integrate Google Analytics for more insights from there too.

Unbounce Review: Integrations

As mentioned above, Unbounce, like many landing page builders, recognizes you may need to use multiple tools together for true conversion optimization (CRO). Aside from giving you all the tools you need to build your custom landing pages, Unbounce also allows you to integrate multiple parts of your lead generation strategy into the system.

For instance, you can connect your email marketing tools like MailChimp, so you can easily import lists of subscribers for your latest webinar landing page straight to your email campaigns and so on. With integrations, you can control the full end-to-end lead generation and conversion strategy, from the SEO or PPC campaign, through to social media, email marketing, and even your sales SaaS solution (like Salesforce).

Unbounce integrates with everything from Google Ads to your CRM environment from leading brands like HubSpot, so you can keep track of customer relationships. If you can’t find the tool you need among the native integrations offered, you can also leverage Zapier integrations, for an end-to-end automated workflow.

Unbounce Review: Unbounce Pricing

Pricing may only be one component of your overall decision-making process when choosing a landing page builder – but it’s one you can’t afford to ignore. Unbounce’s pricing packages fall into two different sections, one for the Smart Builder, and one for the “Smart Copy” function.

All of the three pricing packages offered for the Smart Builder come with excellent customer support, though you will get more guidance from the support team on later plans. You’ll also get access to the classic landing page builder, A/B testing, Unlimited Landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars on all plans. The three options include:

  • Launch: $90 per month: Including 1 domain, support for up to 20,000 visitors, and 500 conversions.
  • Optimize: $135 per month for up to 1,000 conversions, 30,000 visitors, 5 domains, and up to 30% more conversions with access to smart traffic.
  • Accelerate: $225 per month for up to 2,500 conversions, 50,000 visitors, 10 domains, and 30% more conversions with access to smart traffic

You can also reach out to the Unbounce team if you need a dedicated Enterprise package, and you’ll be able to save 10% on all packages when you pay for them annually.

To add Smart Copy to the mix, you can pay monthly, or switch to yearly for 49% off. There are two options here, the “Starter” package is free, for up to 5 generations per day and one profile. The Growth package is $49 per month with unlimited generations, unlimited profile, and access to the latest “Writer” beta feature.

Unbounce Review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a new landing page builder to help you convert more customers, connect with your target audience on a deeper level, and improve your advertising campaigns, Unbounce is an excellent choice. One of the most compelling landing page tools on the market today, Unbounce brings a new level of intelligence to the way you design your lead nurturing campaigns.

For many, Unbounce definitely will be one of the best landing page creators around. However, there are a number of alternative options out there if Unbounce doesn’t work for you. As an affordable, convenient, and smart software, Unbounce accomplishes a range of goals for

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