Wix POS Review (Feb 2023): Your Complete Guide

In this Wix POS review, we’re going to walk you through all the benefits of using Wix for your point-of-sale technology. While most people have already heard of Wix as an ecommerce store-building tool, the company is still quite new to the offline sales environment.

Wix POS is a simple and effective way for companies to accept payments on-the-go and in-store. You can manage your entire inventory, access sales information, and track important reporting information across a multitude of channels. Even better, your POS solution will automatically integrate with your Wix website (if you already have one).

Let’s take a closer look at what you can accomplish with Wix Point of Sale.

What is Wix Point of Sale?

Wix POS is a solution designed to help companies manage offline purchases with ease. You can see in your brick-and-mortar store with a retail POS kit already built to suit your business. Wix POS solutions are designed to look great, and perform well, with minimal complexity. There are built-in stands, tablets with customer displays, compact card readers and more, so any kind of business can start selling more with Wix.

Wix POS includes options for physical stores, cafes, and boutiques. There’s also the Wix “mobile” POS, if you’re the kind of company that only sets up shop in the real world occasionally. If you tend to sell at pop-up stores, markets, festivals, and more, you can safely take chip, magstripe, and contactless payments, as well as money from digital wallets like Apple Pay.

All Wix POS devices also come with a 1-year warranty, a 30-day money back guarantee, and the added benefit of free shipping.

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Wix POS Review: Features

The Wix POS system aims to give companies everything they need to run a retail store in one convenient package. You’ll have immediate access to a fully integrated omnichannel environment, where you can track your inventory across multiple environments. Wix also allows you to access “Wix Payments” as a way to simplify payment processing in all environments.

Primary features include:

Omnichannel point of sale

Wix promises companies an opportunity to sell wherever their customers are, with a comprehensive omnichannel POS system. The solution covers not just your in-store sales, but any mobile transactions and online purchases too.

With a single product catalog, it’s easy to keep track of your inventory and re-order stock that might be running low. The inventory will automatically sync from one channel to the next, so you don’t have to worry about updating your online store every time you make an in-person sale.

The fully integrated Wix POS also ensures you can set up and start selling immediately. The software is pre-installed, and all you need to do is log into your Wix account to get started. Flexible delivery means customers can easily choose how they want to process their orders. There’s also the option to get local delivery and shipping options or save time with curb-side pickup.

Fully synced inventory

The fully synced inventory is one of the most appealing features of Wix POS, because it reduces the amount of time you spend tracking various parts of your store. You can access “live inventory status” to track and share real-time stock levels based on transactions made online and in-person. There’s also the option to update your inventory however you like.

Even though you’ve got a central catalog for tracking all of your inventory, you still have the opportunity to personalize experiences for customers. It’s possible for users to create separate, unique product collections for your store. You can choose where you want to sell each of your products, and access unlimited products and collections. Simply create and arrange your products by style, category, sale, and more.

Wix also supports unlimited product variants, so you can increase your potential offering with all the variations you like, including different sizes and colors, unique materials, and editing for SKU, weight, and stock.

Seamless checkout

When it comes to helping customers checkout on your POS, Wix offers a range of solutions. There’s the option to customize your checkout screen for easier access to the features you need most. You can add your top products, discounts, and sale items, as well as hiding products exclusively offered online.

Flexible pricing and discounts mean you can delight retailer shoppers with spontaneous discounts at your in-store checkout. You’ll also be able to set custom product prices on-the-spot with your POS tablet too. With automated sales tax calculations for your store, you can offer a more transparent experience to your customers. The Avalara integration means you can get more geo-specific tax rates, specific to your location.

For better loyalty experiences, you can even create branded digital gift cards for your business and deliver them to customers online. After that, you simply let your customers redeem their gift cards when shopping in-store and online.

Another bonus of the “seamless checkout experience” from Wix, is the option to save your customer’s shopping carts. Since today’s consumers don’t always make a purchase straight away, it’s good to know you can keep their products “added to cart” in case they come back and buy later. There’s even a customized receipts section where you can add your brand logo, business address, and custom messages to help improve the overall brand experience.

Wix POS Hardware

Every point-of-sale system needs a selection of hardware for managing your sales. Fortunately, Wix gives you the perfect combination of simplicity and style, thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies.

Wix POS ensures you can sell in your brick-and-mortar store with a comprehensive checkout environment, or you can create more simplistic, mobile solutions with Wix Mobile POS. You can order additional POS accessories according to your individual needs, with plenty of support for tailored solutions.

A secure card reader even allows users to check customers out anywhere they choose, with compact, wireless performance. Simply pop the mini card reader in your pocket and take it with you when you’re planning on running your next pop-up store at a festival or event. There’s support for safe contactless payments, as well as magstripe transactions, and digital wallet payments with Google and Apple Pay.

The Wix POS solution looks great in any environment, with a built-in-stand, customer-facing display, and card reader to ensure a smoother checkout experience. Customers can enjoy a 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping for all of their purchased devices. There’s also the option to reach out to the Wix team if you have any issues, so you can easily get extra support when you need it most.

Native payment provider

The Wix POS comes with access to Wix Payments perks, including an excellent onboarding experience, integrated dashboards for tracking sales, and even fixed fees for processing. The Native payment provider offers a host of benefits, including the opportunity to simplify payment management by using a single payment provider for all of your transactions.

The Wix native solution will ensure you can oversee all of your in-person and online transactions, whatever, and wherever you’re selling. There are no hidden fees to worry about, with one fixed processing cost for every in-person payment (2.6%), and there are no additional fees charged at any time. What’s more, you get the extra benefit of knowing your business is protected, with end-to-end encryption delivered to the highest standards.

Companies can use Wix to offer a variety of checkout experiences with data-encrypted solutions for processing. On top of that, you’ll also be able to manage everything you do on a single desktop environment. There’s even access to analytics to help you learn more about your sales.

Smart analytics

Speaking of analytics, Wix POS can also help with that too. For companies who want to learn more about what really prompts their customers to make a purchase, Wix gives you unified store analytics where you can easily monitor business performance, and view crucial reports on a PSO tablet, or Wix app. The service allows you to analyze sale patterns over time, looking for top-performing products, and more. There are even custom reports so you can choose what important data you should see.

The Wix analytics solution comes with professional team management tools, so you can add all the staff you like to your POS system and give each person individual PIN codes for security. There’s access to custom permissions and roles, schedule reviewing, performance tracking and more. You’ll also get an advanced marketing suite, where you’ll find a full suite of professional tools to help you increase your conversions.

If you’re trying to improve conversions fast, you can use your smart analytics to determine who should get coupons and special offers among your audience. You’ll also have the option to develop loyalty programs and exclusive offers for your target audience, improving your chances of an incredible business reach.

Smart ad campaigns can increase brand awareness with automated Facebook campaigns too. If you’re struggling to attract attention when you most want to, Wix can help.

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How Wix POS Works

Wix POS is a pretty straightforward tool.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge to get started. Just create your standard Wix account, then use the Payments section of that account to create a Wix payments account. You’ll need to get verified by Wix to accept in-person payments, so make sure you follow the instructions from your POS expert when you sign up for the service.

Once you’re verified, you’ll be able to start shopping for the hardware you might want. The hardware selection is pretty extensive, so you can start small, or build an entire system. Once again, you can talk to a Wix POS expert for extra guidance if you need it.

Finally, Wix will ship the full POS kit to you, with everything you need included. To ensure it’s easy for anyone to get started, the Wix hardware is plug-and-play compatible, with no complex configuration.

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Wix POS Hardware Options

No matter your business requirements, Wix has a host of hardware option to suit your need. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Wix Retail POS package: Everything you need included in one solution. Wix’s POS package comes with a customer display, Wix POS software, a compact card reader, sleek receipt printer, and a barcode scanner and cash drawer. Prices start at $750.
  • Retail essentials: This kit features a tablet with a customer display, compact card reader, and Wix POS software. There’s a charging dock, and the option to purchase additional POS accessories when necessary. Prices start at $550
  • Card reader: Take payments in-person wherever you are with the Wix card reader. This solution attaches to the Wix app, so you can sell everything on the spot with minimal stress. Prices start at $49.

There’s also the option to purchase various aspects of your Wix hardware requirements A la carte, with things like a barcode scanner for $79, a cash drawer for $58, a receipt printer for $108, and a card reader dock for $19. Everything comes with a one-year hardware warranty for peace of mind, and the Wix team is on-hand to answer questions when needed.

For more info, check out our Wix Ecommerce review and Wix Ecommerce pricing guide.

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Wix POS Review: Finishing Thoughts

Wix POS is an easy-to-use and reliable payment processing solution. Designed by the team at Wix to be just as flexible and intuitive as the company’s website builder – it’s a great choice for any brand. You can order the hardware you need to set up your store and learn how to use the software in no time. There’s also access to a host of great bonus features outside of payment processing, like smart analytics for tracking your sales and peak demand times.

While there are more advanced point of sale solutions on the market, particularly if you’re looking for something to suit a specific industry, Wix POS will appeal to a lot of beginners designing their own store. Check out the software to see what you think.

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