WiziShop Review: A French eCommerce Platform Gone Global

Have you heard of WiziShop and you’re unsure what it is? Want to know what all the hype is surrounding the platform? Well, you’re in the right place. In this WiziShop review, we’re taking a deep dive into everything this SaaS eCommerce solution has to offer. 

Many things make WiziShop stand out as a decent ecommerce solution for burgeoning store owners. So, with that said, let’s take a look…

WiziShop Review: An Overview

Launched in 2008, WiziShop is an all-one eCommerce platform that aims to make it easy for merchants to market their business and drive sales. The company values trust, transparency, goodwill, and innovation – so it’s no wonder it seeks to adopt a customer-centric approach.

Since its founding, over 270,000 entrepreneurs have subscribed to the platform. Fast forward to 2022, and WiziShop now looks to become a more international tool. Until recently, WiziShop was primarily a French solution.

In essence, WiziShop functions like an ERP – (an enterprise resource manager). It comes with built-in order management, shipping, and payment features, all from one space. You can also set up sales funnels that make it easy to control the customer journey and automate billing, delivery, and order notifications via email and SMS.

Primarily, two things make WiziShop a particularly good choice for new businesses. 

  1. Their impressive customer support service.
  2. Their wide range of in-built features and available add-ons

Both of which we’ll explore in more detail in this review…

WiziShop Review: WiziShop’s Core Features

What WiziShop does best is provide an integrated solution for managing your online business in its entirety. 

Thanks to WiziShop, you can take care of all of the following conveniently from one place:

  • Hosting
  • Analytics 
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Payment
  • Customer support

Since WiziShop operates via the cloud, users benefit from added safety, performance, and reliability. Cloud hosting ensures you don’t rely on a single server and enables you to scale your bandwidth as needed. 

Now that we’ve covered the WiziShop basics, let’s take a closer look at its individual features:

eCommerce Website Creation

With WiziShop, creating an impressive, fully SEO-optimized eCommerce website is doable within a few hours. To get started, choose from one of eight customizable templates. You can change your template anytime without losing any of your content. However, the designs are relatively minimalistic and don’t offer too much variation.

You can use WiziShop’s live editor to make changes to your site without code. However, unlike other website platforms, WiziStore doesn’t provide a drag-and-drop editor and, as such, feels a little restrictive. Instead, you can choose from various options within each theme, change the logo and choose your color scheme. 

The same goes for editing fonts; again, editing your fonts is somewhat limiting compared to other platforms. For example, you can only select between limited font options and small, medium, and large sizes. 

However, you can add “WiziBlocks” to your website anytime. These are content blocks, including image galleries, background videos, slideshows, product lists, product previews with zoom features, and more.

For more advanced customization, WiziShop stores allow you to freely edit both the HTML and CSS to create the look you want. But, of course, you’ll need coding smarts to make the most out of this option. 

All designs are fully responsive, mobile-ready, and regularly updated to remain compliant with GDPR and European legal compliance regulations.

You can also choose to offer customers a range of payment providers and delivery options, including: 

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Amazon pay
  • PayPlug
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • RoyalMail
  • lettreSuivie
  • Colissimo

You can also rely on WiziShop’s order management features to automate delivery notifications, process orders in bulk, and access detailed website analytics. The latter includes insights into which web pages are most visited, which products are top sellers, and which customers spend the most.


A major part of what makes WiziShop unique is its SEO tools. However, you don’t need to be an SEO expert to add valuable optimization to your site. Instead, WiziShop templates are specifically designed with SEO in mind. 

More specifically, they provide:

  • Sitemaps and pagination 
  • Caching for page speed
  • Automatic page redirects
  • SSL security certificates 
  • Search engine markup
  • 404 monitoring
  • 301 monitoring

…and more.

In other words, all technical SEO aspects are done for you, freeing up your time to tighten up your content and off-page SEO efforts.

Marketing and Analytics 

WiziShop empowers you to streamline your sales funnel from start to finish, including tailored sales funnels that respond to customer behavior. 

For example, you can feature product recommendations, promotions, and upsells in your customers’ check-out to drive higher conversions.

You can also generate limited-time offers, product discounts, and flash sales triggered by stock levels. These are just a couple of examples, but you get the gist!

Other WiziShop marketing features include being able to:

  • Generate promo codes
  • Set up loyalty programs
  • Send news and product highlights to customers via email
  • Upsell using banners and widgets
  • Launch segmented email marketing campaigns

That said, let’s dig deeper into some of these marketing features:

Email and Text

You can set up automatic follow-up emails for abandoned carts, pending payment reminders, and newsletters. 

You can also segment your audience to send content relevant to your recipient’s needs. More specifically, you can segment your list according to:

  • The number of confirmed orders
  • Products purchased
  • The date of last purchase or registration
  • Total amount spent
  • Demographics – for instance, age, gender, country, postcode, name, company
  • Loyalty points

You can apply more than one filter to further segment your list and manually add or remove customers from specific segments. 

Wizishop also provides a host of customizable templates to help you create professional-looking email designs. 

You’ll also receive detailed statistics about your email campaign’s performance, such as:

  • How many emails were sent
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Sales
  • The number of emails blocked or moved into spam folders.

Please note: Sending newsletters by email costs extra. For example, you can purchase a pack of 400 emails for five euros or 10,000 emails for 39 euros. However, packages of up to 1,000,000 emails are available. 


WiziShop comes with a built-in content management system. From here, you can create your own blog, including post categories, optimize content for keywords (including meta descriptions), and add an author to each post. You can even:

  • Customize blog post URLs
  • Schedule posts
  • Add social media sharing buttons to pages and posts to encourage visitors to share your content.  

You can also enable/disable blog comments and respond to comments as you see fit. Nonetheless, overall, the blogging features are reasonably basic, especially compared to blogging giant WordPress. Not least because you don’t have any control over your blog’s layout. 

Ads and Analytics

You can also launch Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads and monitor them from your WiziShop dashboard, including metrics on:

  • Sales
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Visitors

…and more.

WiziShop Review: Integrations

WiziShop was explicitly designed to provide the majority of tools you need to launch your store without third-party integrations. With access to batch processing, pre-built automations, and a smart CMS, it’s easy to manage all your business operations from one central dashboard.

But unfortunately, if you find WiziShop’s native features insufficient for your store, your options are pretty limited. While you can access the API to create your own app integrations, this requires coding knowledge and can be tedious. 

WiziShop Review: Shipping and Payments

We’ve already mentioned some of the payment and delivery options WiziShop integrates with above. However, it’s worth noting that you can manage your couriers from the convenience of your WiziShop dashboard. From there, you can set up label creation, pickup points, and automate order tracking. 

It also provides the tools to manage deliveries effectively and calculate shipping costs. In addition, WiziShop provides 30 different payment methods. You can set up your own payment terms, allow customers to pay in installments, or pay via check and bank transfer.

WiziShop Review: Customer Support

WiziShop’s mission statement is to go the extra mile for its customers. They offer a resource page where you’ll find their own SEO eBook, video tutorials, and blog to help get you started. In addition, each subscriber has access to video tutorials on using WiziShop’s interface and features. 

On YouTube, you’ll even find hour-long webinars going through the features and how to set up a store. However, most of the in-depth videos on YouTube are in French, and the resource page feels a little limiting. In addition, some articles are very short and don’t answer all your questions about the features. 

However, users get complete onboarding and training on using their platform. Every customer receives a business coach to help them through the process and grow their business. Aside from this, 24/7 support is also available via live chat from your WiziShop administration area. 

WiziShop Review: WiziShop Pricing

WiziShop offers a 15-day free trial. Afterwhich, you can choose from one of its three paid plans.

All WiziShop plans include their SEO tools, analytics, CMS, and marketing features. You can also create a custom eCommerce store with integrated payment and shipping options. Lastly, from your WiziShop dashboard, you can manage orders, products, and content.

While plans are billed monthly, you can choose from a committed or uncommitted program. You’re tied into a one-year contract on the committed plan, which gives you a discount on your monthly payments.

Below we’ve listed the uncommitted pricing option:

Standard – 37€ a month (27€ when paying anually)

With this plan, you get a professionally hosted website, free training, and access to a business coach. You can also expect:

  • API access
  • Some automated features – abandoned cart follow up
  • Site security – an SSL certificate
  • Two product filters that can be applied to your site search (this feature isn’t available yet, but is coming soon)

But with this plan, you pay a 2% commission on all your sales.

Pro – $97 a month (77€ when paying anually)

With this plan, you benefit from everything in the Standard plan, plus:

  • All automated features
  • Predictive search – when customers enter a search term, the search bar populates potential queries as it does on Google.
  • Multilingual sites – You can add versions of your site in other languages, including French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch
  • Eight product filters
  • A 1% commission charge on sales

Advanced – $347 a month (277€ when paying anually)

Lastly, the advanced plan comes with:

  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • A dedicated IP address
  • 20 product filters
  • Priority support with more direct access to business coaches
  • 0.5% commission on sales

WiziShop Review: WiziShop’s Pros and Cons:

Before wrapping up this WiziShop review, let’s take a quick look at the platform’s pros and cons:

Pros 👍

  • Access to an easy to use interface
  • WiziShop is an all-in-one eCommerce solution
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • You can create a fully customizable store
  • Access to over 400 in-built features
  • Access to responsive and mobile-friendly designs
  • Full training and excellent self-help resources provided
  • Business coaches support

WiziShop: Our Final Verdict

All in all, we think WiziShop is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a one-stop ecommerce solution. Thanks to its suite of features, it’s as scalable as it is versatile.  

You enjoy all the basics necessary for launching your eCommerce venture, from marketing to shipping to automation tools. The UI is easy to use, and the training offered is far more comprehensive than what most eCommerce solutions offer by comparison.

Over to you – what are your thoughts on WiziShop? Tell us all about it in the comments box below!

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