“WooCommerce Reviews” Add-on: Drastically Grow Your Number of Online Reviews

Think of the last time you purchased an item online.

Did any of the reviews sway your decision on whether or not to buy?

Although Amazon has been seeing its fair share of biased reviews, this doesn’t mean that the reviews still don’t work. In addition, you, as an independent ecommerce professional, still have some pull next to Amazon, due to no one ruining the system with free gifts for reviewers.

Therefore, when someone comes to one of these product pages they’re immediately blown away at how everyone else feels about the item. The shopper thinks, “This product must be better than what I’m using. Why not give it a shot?”

And that’s exactly what happens with credible reviews. Potential customers stop by, consider competitors, but then get swayed by quick testimonials and ratings from other people.

Seeing as how WooCommerce doesn’t have a reliable, built-in tool for customer reviews, it’s essential to find an add-on that does.

Well, the WooCommerce Reviews add-on was recently released by WPRichSnippets, so we’d like to explore it a little bit to see who should pull out their wallet to make the purchase.

WooCommerce Reviews Add-on Features

The Review Card

Each product page on your site has what the WPRichSnippet folks call a Review Card. This pulls together all of the reviews submitted for that particular item.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the review card shows off a decent amount of information from the reviews. For example, the user gets told how many other people have made reviews on the product, along with the average star rating for the item.

A total percentage rating is revealed, along with some little bar charts for a visual of what people liked most about the product. This is the bread and butter of the WooCommerce Reviews Add-on, considering it’s what most customers are going to make their decisions on. It’s a summary, a clean collection of reviews and a filterable history of other user’s thoughts.

Aggregated User Reviews

The review card shows up on each product page, but putting it right in front of the user’s face wouldn’t make much sense. Therefore, the primary item people are going to see is the aggregated review summary. It’s similar to the review card but with fewer details. I wouldn’t say it’s anything special, but it does the trick and resides in the same spot (below the pricing) for each of your products.

Customizable Criteria Fields

As you’ll see in the special submission form below, each customer that comes to your site can make a review of however many products they want. They’re given certain criterion to base their rating on. As a webmaster, you can name these criterion whatever you want and make an unlimited number of them.

Although I would recommend sticking to around four, it’s nice to have unlimited.

For example, a shoe store might have criteria like style, overall fit, comfort and durability. When another customer look at the review they’ll be able to see that other folks like the style, comfort and fit, but they’re not thrilled about the size. This may prompt the user to make a purchase one size smaller or bigger.

A Special Submission Form for Advanced Reviews

Customizing the review submission form is all up to the webmaster. You can make it as simple or complex as you want. When a customer fills in the review they can add everything from a headline to the full review. Not to mention, the optional criterion are there for specifying the exact things they liked about the product.

A Review Display You Can’t Beat

After checking out the Review Card, a user might meander on over to the individual reviews. The reviews display simple text, user photos, headlines and star ratings. The criteria ranges are also shown, for a consolidated look into what individuals are thinking.

WooCommerce Reviews Add-on Pricing

Seeing as how this is an add-on to the WooCommerce plugin, you won’t find anything out of the ordinary with the pricing. In addition, a review system on your ecommerce store if pretty valuable. Therefore, paying a one-time fee of $39 is a steal.

Here are the pricing plans for you. All features come along with each, yet pricing depends on how many sites you’re using the add-on for.

  • Single site – $39
  • Two to five sites – $62
  • Unlimited sites – $99

Support for the Plugin

The WPRichSnippets organization is on the ball with its support. First of all, it has a blog with updates on all of its products. You can also connect with them via the major social networks if that’s your style.

In terms of actual customer support, a large collection of documentation serves as your hub for completing your own research and correcting problems. The WooCommerce Reviews add-on has its own folder for configuring the plugin, troubleshooting and using all of the features.

A product demo is given on the primary WPRichSnippets website, and you’re able to send in a support email with a file, description of the problem and all of your other information. I don’t see a phone number, but that’s not exactly expected for a smaller add-on like this.

Who Should Consider Paying for the WooCommerce Reviews Add-on from WPRichSnippets?

Some extra bonuses with the WooCommerce Reviews Add-on include compatibility with all of the other add-ons from WPRichSnippets. So, for example, if you’d like to get some shortcodes or the location add-on from the company, you shouldn’t have any problems with that.

The add-on also gives you the WPRichSnippets core functionality, adding schema structured markup for a higher quality SEO approach. Along with auto updates, WPRichSnippets seems to have most of the features covered.

So who would I recommend the WooCommerce Reviews Add-on to? Considering the price is so low, anyone with a WordPress/WooCommerce store should at least consider it. There’s no alternative to solid customer reviews, and some of you might be frustrated with some of the other review plugins out there.

If you have any questions about this WooCommerce Reviews Add-on review, or if you’d like to state your opinion on the matter, please drop a line in the comments section below.


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