Xsellco Fusion Review: A Revamped UX With Plenty of Cool Features

The Xsellco team has been on our radar for quite some time now, as you can see based on our review of the Xsellco Fusion system a while back.

It turns out that Xsellco has recently updated its user user experience and added quite a few new features, so we wanted to take a look at how things have improved over at Xsellco and show you a few screenshots of the clean new interface that customers are raving about.

As a reminder of what Xsellco does, it turns your marketplace messaging into a more fluent process. So, if you’re selling items on places like a website, eBay and Amazon, you don’t have to worry about messaging your customers from multiple platforms. It’s actually one of the more simple, yet brilliant, systems we’ve seen, since customer service becomes far more complicated when you begin selling on those other sites.

Xsellco Fusion allows you to improve your customer satisfaction and boost sales without making that many changes to your overall business process. Messaging templates are provided, along with automatic language translations. All of the customer order details are right at your fingertips, and you can prioritize your replies to send them a little quicker than you generally would.

Along with access to Xsellco Fusion anywhere you go, the original feature set got us rather excited about getting to review it again. So, without further ado…let’s take a look at some of the areas that have changed.

Xsellco Pricing

The Xsellco pricing has changed a little bit, so we’re going to outline some of the new plans and rates below. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re not completely satisfied with a plan for your particular company, you can speak with someone at Xsellco to see if something else can be worked out. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to simply lower the prices just for you, but they understand that lots of unique online businesses are trying to use the system. Therefore, I would recommend reaching out to them if you can’t find a pricing plan that works for your budget.

  • Starter – For $79 per month you receive 500 support tickets per month, unlimited users, unlimited sales channels, unlimited response templates, unlimited smart tags, email support and language translation.
  • Small – For $189 per month you receive 2000 support tickets per month, unlimited users, unlimited sales channels, unlimited response templates, unlimited smart tags, email support and language translation.
  • Medium – For $299 per month you receive 4000 support tickets per month, unlimited users, unlimited sales channels, unlimited response templates, unlimited smart tags, email and phone support and language translation.
  • Large – For $459 per month you receive 8000 support tickets per month, unlimited users, unlimited sales channels, unlimited response templates, unlimited smart tags, email and phone support and language translation.

Also, you receive a 14 day free trial if you’d like to test out Xsellco before committing to one of the plans.

New (and some old) Features From Xsellco

One of the more interesting recent releases from Xsellco is a “Sales” tab, which allows users to proactively reach out to customers who have made orders on your website. The goal with this feature is to help you make the first contact with a customer based on specific orders. You’re able to connect with your customers before something goes wrong and they have to come to you for help. It all happens from the moment an order is completed, and it allows you to always keep customers in the loop, making for a pretty transparent operating process.

The Xsellco Fusion product also now integrates with Linnworks, which is a multi-channel order management platform. The app basically lets you manage your orders, inventory and other items in a single location. With the integration, you get a highly requested feature from the Xsellco user base, and it brings together your workflow a little more.

As for some of the old, yet updated, features, I’m fond of the messaging templates, since they cut down the time you would have to spend writing a new one for every customer. Prioritizing your inbox is still as easy as ever, and using the smart tags helps out with searching for past customer support messaging. Along with labels and the various multi-channel integrations, things are looking up for Xsellco.

A Look at the Revamped Xsellco UX

Analyze your Message Flow:

The shot above covers exactly what you would see when it comes to analyzing where your messages are coming from and where they’re going. A feedback module outlines how much of the feedback is positive and negative, and you can see how many tickets come in from each channel.

Measure Performance:

I like this shot because it’s all about your internal performance. Check out how fast your support reps are responding to messages, and view what types of tickets are taking longer than others.

See your Support Stars:

Playing off of the previous image, this one is more focused on the people in your organization. It has a long timeline measuring how well people are doing with their responses, giving you a chance to reward the best performers.

Optimize your Support Hours: 

One of the best ways to improve your organizational support is to evaluate how many support hours are going into different query types. You may see that contact form queries are taking up too much time, but your company is great with order queries.

What’s the Support Like at Xsellco?

The Xsellco blog is one of my favorite parts of the support over there. They are pretty darn good with sending out new feature updates, along with tips on how to improve how you use the program. A help center and contact form are listed on the website, so you can reach out to them whenever you want and try to complete your own research based on other problems people have had in the past. You’ll notice that a support phone line is provided from Monday through Friday.

Only two of the pricing plans are given phone support, but it seems like they have no problem answering sales questions if you’d like to give them a call. That said, I wouldn’t expect much technical support through the phone if you’ve got a plan below the Medium pricing option. Overall, they’re very responsive to user needs, and although they don’t offer 24/7 customer support, I’ve always found this to be a good thing. Why? Because they actually have a legitimate support team that comes into the office during the workweek. They know the system like crazy, and it’s a pleasure to speak with them, unlike many of the other support teams we’re all too familiar with.


There you have it! Xsellco has been making all sorts of changes over the past few years, and the company doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you have any questions about how to get started with the Xsellco program, feel free to drop a line in the comments below, or give the company a call to get started.

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